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      4 2020

#   4/2020

New Embedded PCs in AdvantiX Series: from AI to Data Acquisition

The article discusses the latest offerings of the Russian industrial computer manufacturer AdvantiX, LLC, presented in 2020. The update also affected several of the most popular models – the company's bestsellers. Readers would be wise to pay close attention to the ER-8100 fanless embedded system, which can operate in a wide temperature range, and their latest development, the ER-G800, designed for edge computing.

      2 2020

#   2/2020

Embedded systems for data-intensive computing

High-performance computing is becoming more and more popular in the market, which is due to IoT/AIoT gaining momentum. A powerful graphics subsystem provides additional advantages to an embedded computer when solving computer-intensive tasks of intelligent image processing, neurocomputing, real-time device control. ADLINK offers an original concept of embedded fanless platforms with NVIDIA graphics subsystems.

      1 2020

#   1/2020

The future is born today

Over many years of operation, domestic consumers of industrial electronic solutions have become convinced of both the high quality of FASTWEL products and their compliance with the latest requirements. Year after year, FASTWEL engineers master new hardware and software platforms and successfully implement advanced domestic developments and technologies. In this article, the reader will find information on the latest updates in the CompactPCI, PC/104, MicroPC board series.

      4 2019

#   4/2019

SIL 4 platforms for critical applications

Electronics is ubiquitous today. It is required for both trains and planes. How can a computer be built so that it can be certified for use in critical applications, what are the obstacles to this, and is there a way to make a computer like this a modular, typical product? The principles of building reliable circuitry solutions for critical applications are described in this article.

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Workstation with convective cooling based on “Elbrus-4С” processor

The article discusses the architecture for "Elbrus" family processors, of the history for their creation and of their prospects. The process for development of a fanless workstation based on "Elbrus" processor by AdvantiX is also described. The overview of the line of all industrial PCs of this company based on CPU "Elbrus" is provided.

SMARC 2.0 ADLINK computer-on-мodules

The computer-on-module is a comparatively new solution designed to simplify the implementation of embedded systems. However, a number of competing standards exists today and the article deals with one of them - SMARC. Some modules of ADLINK, which is among SMARC standard authors, were described.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

Embedded solutions based on RAID 1

The increase in the volume of information processed by embedded systems makes information backup in these systems more important than ever. The simplest backup method is the construction of disc arrays based on RAID 1. The article highlights a number of challenges in the implementation of RAID 1 in embedded systems, as well as hardware RAID-solutions for this sector.

Horsepower for artificial intelligence

IEI Integration Corp. is one of the leading suppliers of industrial computers. Recently, IEI has introduced flexible and highly integrated solutions for smart cities in the field of transport systems, home automation, intelligent retail management and telemedicine. The article provides examples of IEI hardware and software solutions.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Standard for maximum reliability: Rugged COM Express

The embedded computer system development trends remain the same for many years: the performance of such devices is continuously growing, while the device size continues to shrink. Although there are many developments in this area, it would be hard to find a more versatile and general-purpose standard than COM Express. The Rugged COM Express standard has been developed to integrate all the advantages of this type of printed circuit boards into the sphere of electronics for critical applications. This standard opens up new perspectives for developers.

APLEX explosion-proof equipment: design features and certification

The article describes the APLEX AEx series explosion-proof equipment certified for use in Russia and the Customs Union. Also discussed are the advantages and design features that provide the successful use of the explosion-proof equipment in harsh environments for different industrial applications.

      4 2018

#   4/2018

Spoiled for Choice: CompactPCI Serial or VPX?

The article reviews the current popular and most attractive standards, namely CompactPCI Serial and VPX standards that are used to build high-performance modular embedded systems. Also discussed are their comparative advantages and disadvantages, as well as their prospective development.

Industrial PC: must be bought, impossible to assemble

The article discusses pros and cons of buying the industrial computers and assembling them yourself. Also included are examples of embedded systems from AdvantiX, a domestic manufacturer.

      3 2018

#   3/2018

With FPGAs towards functional safety

The article addresses an issue related to the functional security of embedded systems for mission-critical applications. Also discussed is MEN's approach using the FPGA matrices. Such an approach has a number of undeniable advantages compared to traditional solutions.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Avionics systems: from black box to full transparency

The article describes the use of standard catalogue equipment to build systems for aviation and offers an overview of the basic standards and requirements for the electronic equipment intended for use in this area. Also discussed are alternate approaches to solve the automation tasks in avionics based on standard components.

Making embedded storage fault-tolerant

The article addresses the issues in building a fault-tolerant data storage system for small-scale low-power embedded systems and suggests solutions employing Innodisk RAID controllers and SSDs.

      1 2018

#   1/2018

The importance of protecting embedded computers

The article addresses issues related to the importance of design features when building robust and rugged embedded computers using MEN’s solutions as an example. The primary objectives are to provide moisture resistance and heat dissipation.

Out of the frying pan into the fire: the stringent tests for embedded systems

As industrial computers are sometimes used in the most severe and hostile environments, they need simply to be reliable. The article shows how the AdvantiX embedded computers are tested for operation safety at extremely high and low temperatures.

Weintek CloudHMI technology

The article outlines the key capabilities of the innovative CloudHMI technology from Weintek Labs. Also included is the description of the design features and benefits of CloudHMI architecture.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Bringing 16-core server grade support and 10 GbE to COM Express

With advances in IoT and cloud services, embedded compact server platforms are becoming increasingly popular. The new COM.0 Revision 3.0 Type 7 specification offers the possibility to build a computer-on-module with support for 16-core server grade processors and 10 GbE ports. The article discusses the features and benefits of the new standard illustrated by the example of ADLINK products.

AdvantiX embedded computer family

The industry is facing increased demand for robust and functional embedded solutions. Consequently, the market has plenty to offer, but not all offers are equally good. The article provides a review of AdvantiX embedded computer family whose specific feature is a good balance between performance, extensibility and operation safety.

      3 2017

#   3/2017

FASTWEL embedded computers based on the Russian microprocessors

The article describes the FASTWEL embedded computers employing new Russian processors. Also discussed are the technical features and benefits of the Baikal-T1, a new Russian microprocessor, based on two MIPS processor cores.

Perfectron embedded systems using the PCIe/104 and StackPC standards

The article discusses the industrial embedded systems from Perfectron employing the PCIe/104 and StackPC standards. Also included is an overview of various peripheral modules as well as opportunities for developers to use embedded systems based on this solution.

      4 2016

#   4/2016

New embedded modules with Intel Atom E38xx processors

Intel Atom processors have already shown good results in embedded solutions, and their development continues. The article describes the key benefits and features of the Intel Atom E38xx processors as well as this processor familybased products from FASTWEL, a domestic manufacturer.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

Stack Rack PC – a general-purpose onboard computer for harsh operational environments

Perfectron's Stack Rack (SR) series embedded computers (Taiwan) are designed for use in extreme environments, including defense applications. The article provides an overview and a comparative analysis of the most interesting products of this lineup. Also discussed are their design features.

Customized embedded systems ex warehouse

The article examines on the example of MEN, a new trend in the embedded and industrial systems market – customized systems ex warehouse. The clients can order an embedded computer customized for solving the particular client's tasks using a website configuration tool and receive it in two weeks. Such an approach will minimize the project's time-to-market (TTM) and save both time and money of the clients.

      4 2015

#   4/2015

Made in Russia. FASTWEL rugged embedded computers

The article discusses embedded systems, presents basic types of industrial embedded computers, provides examples of products from FASTWEL, a Russian-based manufacturer, and offers recommendations on the use of embedded systems.

GRIFON platform to meet challenges of special purpose embedded systems

The article provides some basic information about GRIFON, a domestic multiple-purpose high-performance heterogeneous computing platform in association with general approaches to building high performance embedded computing systems.

Embedded systems for transport related issues

The article contains information about the use of embedded computers in transportation. Also discussed are the MEN's rugged compact solutions, their key advantages for motor vehicle driving and their functions.

      3 2015

#   3/2015

Сharacteristic features of conduction cooled on-board systems

The article covers issues relating to the design implementation of the conduction cooled on-board computer controlled information complexes based on the domestically produced FASTWEL computers.

AdvantiX ER – shockproof unattended computers made in Russia

The article focuses on a line of the AdvantiX ER embedded computers, describes the technologies used to build the computers of this lineup and shows the characteristics of each product. Also discussed are possible applications of the products with consideration of the design features typical of the AdvantiX ER line.

      1 2015

#   1/2015

Functional safety in CompactPCI 3U standard

The article proposes a new approach to building the functionally safe systems based on the MEN F75P processor card comprising three processors. This card meets the criteria of the highest safety integrity level - SIL 4, and it comes with a full set of documentation required for the certification of the finished system. This approach reduces the cost and time taken to bring ready-made solutions to the market.

      2 2014

#   2/2014

Reliable hardware platforms – Advantech’s concept

This article highlights the fundamental principles and methods that Advantech follows when designing and manufacturing embedded systems for operation in harsh environments with an optimal price/performance ratio in the market.

      1 2014

#   1/2014

Computer-on-modules – a new era in the field of embedded solutions

There are many excellent standards and form factors available for embedded computers. They offer fast and efficient solutions for different applications in virtually all industries, telecommunications, security, transportation, medicine, etc. The article discusses the development of COM-solutions particularly, through the example of ADLINK equipment.

      3 2013

#   3/2013

CompactPCI conduction-cooled modules for defense-related applications

The strict requirements that military customers place on control systems determine the use of special solutions when building military computing complexes. The article describes the ADLINK conduction-cooled CompactPCI processor modules and offers examples of their use in defense systems.

Five Steps to Improving Security in Embedded Systems

In today's increasingly interconnected world, security issues are becoming more prevalent with escalating complexity challenges. This paper outlines five steps for building additional security assurance into embedded devices by considering the whole product life cycle - from design and inception, through development and testing, to delivery and maintenance.

      2 2013

#   2/2013

Advantech MI/O interface extension system and its benefits

The article gives a brief overview of a new concept for building embedded systems based on the Advantech MI/O extension bus interface. Also included is a description of the technical aspects and new features which would interest designers of small-size computers.

      4 2012

#   4/2012

Achieving Agility in Embedded Device Testing

The article addresses why iterative development is needed in today's market and outlines the major benefits it delivers. It looks at one example, the test driven development (TDD) model and its companion technique, continuous integration (CI), and how TDD can be adapted for the embedded industry.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Safety: make software a part of the solution

The cost and complexity of safety compliance continue to spiral upward. The list of safety regulations, standards, and government mandates is growing, and the result is more pressure on already tight schedules and budgets, and less time to add new functionality to equipment and devices. This article describes three steps manufacturers of control and process automation systems can take to leverage the power of new embedded software solutions to reduce costs, remain compliant with safety requirements, and gain a new source of competitive advantage.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

AdvancedTCA for building systems in defense and aerospace industries

Many defense and security tasks involve high-performance embedded processors of server-based architecture. Radar data processing, encrypt/decrypt server, system that aids the decision-making process based on the analysis of graphic information in real-time mode, automation of the situation center - this is an incomplete list of tasks which can be successfully solved using the systems based on the modular ATCA platforms.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

ADLINK Technology CompactPCI hardware. Part 2

The second part of the review is devoted to ADLINK platforms and processor modules for 6U CompactPCI systems. The article provides the brief characteristics of the PICMG 2.16 specification intended to build robust redundant systems.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Choosing an embedded OS for your project

The article gives an overview of typical embedded software project requirements and constraints, and provides a mapping between them and major characteristics of embedded OSes. A unified set of embedded OS comparison criteria is suggested, with a few examples of OS selection for a particular case, giving VxWorks, QNX, Wind River Linux, Windows Embedded and RTOS-32 as possible OS choices.

ADLINK Technology CompactPCI Hardware. Part I

Part I offers an overview of the basic model range of the 3U CompactPCI processor modules from ADLINK Technology, Inc., a Taiwan manufacturer. The article describes the main characteristics of solutions based on the CompactPCI architecture and gives a historical background of the company.

      1 2011

#   1/2011

Halfway to the future, or PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI PlusIO specification

The article provides a brief discussion of the progress trends in the architecture of the system bus of the trunkmodular systems based on the CompactPCI specifications. Taking into account the current state of development of high speed serial interfaces and the demand for intensive exchange of large data streams between modules in the system which should be provided in industrial applications, it becomes evident that modern technologies and timeproven standards should be integrated. The adopted PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI PlusIO standard allows for a smooth transition from classical PICMG parallel bus systems to hybrid systems, where the possibility exists of involving the available arsenal of developments based on high speed serial interfaces.

Industrial computers for embedded systems

The article describes industrial computer systems and industrial computers based on singleboard computers in standard form factors. There is an attempt to classify industrial computers by type of system architecture as well as applications. The article details embedded panel and rugged computers for industrial and transportation use, operation in harsh environments and which support the possibility of expansion of functionality.

PC/104 – standard for harsh operating conditions

The article describes basic PC/104 form factors and presents the key benefits of the standard for operation in harsh environments and critical applications. Also discussed are the most interesting brand new PC/104 products from leading manufacturers.

      1 2010

#   1/2010

Graphical tools of the PC/104-Plus products

The article describes the specific features of embedded systems designed in accordance with PC/104 standards, with emphasis on the organization of graphical input and outputin such systems. Also compared and discussed are the main video interfaces for the embedded solutions. The article presents a new FASTWEL VIM301 video processor moduledeveloped in PC/104-Plus format and designed for heavy-duty operation, e.g. transport.

      3 2009

#   3/2009

CompactPCI and PXI: they do not compete, they complement each other. Part 2

The article is based on the materials of the regular seminars "Embedded Systems: PromisingSolutions for the Critical Tasks and Harsh Operating Conditions" and is dedicatedto the CompactPCI and PXI systems. Also discussed are the fundamental principlesof construction and architecture of the systems of these standards. The article offers,as an example, a brief overview of the relevant products from ADLINK specifyingtheir potential applications. Particular attention focuses on the 3U format products.

      2 2009

#   2/2009

CompactPCI and PXI: they do not compete, they complement each other. Part 1

The article is based on the materials of the regular seminars "Embedded Systems:Promising Solutions for the Critical Tasks and Harsh Operating Conditions" and isdedicated to the CompactPCI and PXI systems. Also discussed are the fundamentalprinciples of construction and architecture of the systems of these standards. Thearticle offers, as an example, a brief overview of the relevant products from ADLINKspecifying their potential applications. Particular attention focuses on the 3U formatproducts.

Strategy and development of Windows XP Embedded in Russia

The operating systems of the Windows Embedded platform have proved themselvesreliable in various embedded applications. Microsoft continues developing theplatform expanding the capabilities of the new operating systems and improvingtheir advantages. Along with the dedicated ОS Windows Embedded NavReady andPOSReady which have already been released in the market, the similar applicationsof the Ready products might appear for the automatic process control systems.