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      4 2020

#   4/2020

Benefits of Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

Remotely controlled interactive systems often require provision of real-time video feed to the operator. Without this, in particular, it is impossible to effectively control drones, robotic complexes, autonomous deep-sea vehicles. Unfortunately, the real-time video transmission can be limited by the low bandwidth of communication channels. This article discusses the capabilities and benefits of hardware video stream compression.

Touchscreen Kiosks: Classification and Prospects

The article discusses touchscreen kiosks, which have become common equipment that have come into our lives. The current classification of these devices, the main growth factors and development trends of the Russian and Western markets for this equipment are given; the prospects of using biometrics, which will make it possible to move to a fundamentally new level of services provided, are also discussed.

      3 2018

#   3/2018

AU Optronics: technologies of the leaders

The article covers AU Optronics display solutions, shows some technological features of the product family and provides an overview of liquid crystal display applications. Also discussed is the AU Optronics operation in the green energy industry.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Industrial video interface of the future

The article briefly describes basic modern video data transmission interfaces, requirements for 4K UltraHD LCD displays or larger format LCD displays and the stages of development of Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) as the best interface for ultra-high definition display applications. Also included are examples of equipment with eDP-interface from the leading display device manufacturers.

Modern Advantech HMI as a mirror of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The widespread use of personal electronics transforms the concept of the industrial operator interface. The proper industrial HMI can become a central element of intellectual production, an optional tool to increase the efficiency and capacity of an enterprise. The new HMIs from Advantech have taken this transformation into account.

      1 2018

#   1/2018

Litemax: LCD displays and LCD monitors

The article describes Litemax liquid-crystal displays and monitors. Also discussed are the key features of DURApixel high brightness displays, ultra-wide SPANpixel displays and NAVpixel marine monitors. The article gives a brief overview of technologies improving the perceived quality of images (high brightness, color and contrast enhancement). It also contains the description of a form to order Litemax monitors specifying all items.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Interactive displays in automation and not only that

The article focuses on interactive displays, their features and applications in various spheres of human activity. Also included is a description of the benefits that can be employed after their implementation.

      2 2017

#   2/2017

Review of solutions on group displays in dispatch rooms at fuel and energy facilities

The article offers an overview of modern hardware and technologies as well as the software solutions for the group data display systems in dispatch rooms at oil and gas facilities. The review investigates both positive and negative aspects of the various solutions and shows some specific features of equipment installation in dispatch rooms.

      3 2009

#   3/2009

GOT1000 operator terminals: from the simple control panels to the platform solutions

The article presents the new models and the benefits of the GOT Series operator terminals from Mitsubishi Electric.

      1 2009

#   1/2009

New ruggedized LCD displays from i-sft for industrial applications

I-sft GmbH develops and manufactures the TFTdisplays for industrial applications and is one of the leading European producers of the modern TFTdisplays for the extreme conditions. In 2008, isft GmbH considerably renovated its product line. The company offered to the consumers the displays designed for the extended temperature ranges. They are environment resistant and feature a long MTBF andhigh brightness of the screen.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

New players in the Magelis XBT graphic terminal family

The article describes a few series of the graphic terminals from Schneider Electric: an early version – Magelis XBT GT and two recent versions – Magelis XBT GK and Magelis XBT GTW. The fundamental difference between the early version of the product and those newly launched is that they have been built on a new technological platform.

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      1 1998

#   1/1998

Device for the integrated display of radiolocation and mapping information

The authors describe a device for receiving and displaying radiolocation information as part of an automated dispatcher workstation.