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      4 2018

#   4/2018

Ark steel melting furnace control system

The article describes the automatic power control system for an arc steel making furnace based on SIEMENS equipment. Also included are the average data on the operation of arc furnaces upon implementation of the automatic power control system.

      2 2017

#   2/2017

Control system for the rotary charging unit of blast furnaces

The article describes a hardware-software complex to control a new charger of blast furnaces having a rotary unit for charging burden materials. The complex includes a system to control the charging route train using modern programmable logic controllers, computer simulation model of the charging process, burden surface profile control system based on the periscopic principle of level measurement by a radar level gage that allows for monitoring the surface shape of the blast furnace burden on the computer display.

Specific features of the software-hardware complex upgrade project for the automated process control system of converter gas exhaust duct

The article presents the structure of the software-hardware complex for the automated process control system of the gas exhaust duct at the #2 converter with full combustion of converter gas and wet gas cleaning system in the Oxygen-Converter Shop at the Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Ilyich, PJSC. A feature of this complex is that it maintains the safe modes of operation even when the main controller fails. For this purpose, a protection controller with the appropriate software has been added to the programmable logic controller of the automated process control system.

      4 2016

#   4/2016

Industrial hot steel markers

The article describes the components of the automated process control system for commercial marking machines for stamping on the surface of hot rolled products. Such elements are based on the SIEMENS equipment - the FM 352-5 Boolean coprocessor.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

Modernization of the cylinder filling plant using RFID-technology

The article looks at the solution on automation of the oxygen cylinder filling and metering process in the No. 1 Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station at MMC Norilsk Nickel JSC. The article offers an approach that improves safety of cylinder filling and use, reduces the labor intensity of accounting the gas cylinders and provides control of their condition, relocation and operations performed.

      2 2013

#   2/2013

DUO-850 reversing hot rolling mill automation

During the upgrade of the hot rolling mill, the specialists of the Kiev Institute of Automation built an automated process control system employing their own developments and the state-of-the-art hardware-software from Siemens, Advantech, Rittal, Balluff, Bosch Rexroth, SKB IS, etc. The article contains a description of the structure and the basic functions of the automated control system and movable hydraulic roll, the strip thickness control schemes and an analysis of the results achieved by the automated process control system.

Electric arc furnace control complex

The article describes the control complex for the equipment of the modern super power electric arc furnace. This complex is automatically adapted for operation with scrap metal of different quality levels, and this is particularly important now as the quality continuously goes down.

Description of silicon steel normalizing annealing line upgrade

The article discusses the development of an automation system for a project to modernize overall equipment and provide the possibility to implement heat treatment of transformer and dynamo steel. The goal of the development is to upgrade the control system and improve its parameters as well as providing automatic reports on the performance of silicon steel normalizing annealing line.

      1 2013

#   1/2013

Automated process control system for gas exhaust duct of converter

The article presents an automated system to control a wet gas scrubbing process in the revamped gas exhaust duct of no. 2 converter in oxygen-converter shop at Enakievo Metallurgical Plant. This system was developed, manufactured and commissioned by SE UkrRTC Energostal.

      4 2012

#   4/2012

A few words about the control system of anode process stage at “Nadezhda” metallurgy plant

The article describes an automated control system of the anode furnaces at "Nadezhda" metallurgy plant. The introduction of the system ensured continuous trouble-free process and enhanced reliability of equipment operation and efficiency of personnel actions as well as decreasing the probability of an adverse effect of the human factor - all contributing to reducing the equipment operating costs.

      2 2012

#   2/2012

Distributed data collection and processing system for AVO-7 unit

The article describes the distributed data collection and processing system of the AVO-7 unit. This system is designed to collect and process the values of process variables and process events that occur during metal treatment at the straightening annealing unit (AVO-7). Also, this system transfers the integrated data to the control system of the cold-rolling shop - the MES solution from PSI Metals. The task facing the designers was to provide a modern, reliable and replicable solution ensuring high accuracy of metal accounting and tie-in of values of the process variables to the metal strip length.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Cathode deposit cut quality control and monitoring in the Electrolysis automated control system

The article discusses the implementation of an optimization algorithm for improving one of the quality parameters of production of rare refractory metals by electrolysis in molten salts as a part of the Electrolysis automated control system.

      1 2011

#   1/2011

Automated control of the dividing shear section in the 2800 rolling mill at JSC Uralskaya Stal

The article provides a description of the dividing shear section in the 2800 rolling mill, covers automated control tasks, shows the structure of the hardwaresoftware control complex and discusses hardware implementation based on Siemens equipment. The implementation of the said control system allowed for provision of the required capacity of the section within the rolling mill revamping project.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

System for measuring temperature and oxidation and melt sampling in an electric steel furnace through the working door

The article describes one of the options for designing an automation system which is intended for contact measurements and melt sampling and replicated for various process facilities at the Cherepovets Iron and Steel Plant. Also discussed are the special features of the manipulator control system. The article gives reasons for preference of the SIMATIC controller, discusses the operating principles of the measuring instruments, shows the software capabilities and specifies the development tools.

      2 2010

#   2/2010

Automatic control system for the rolling mill stopping

The article describes an automatic control system for the rolling mill stopping. An optical camera is used to determine the position of the rolled metal. The controllers employ a special algorithm for the control the driven rolling tables. Also, the article discusses the principles of determination of the rolled metal position and drive control.

Specific features of the automated control system for a two-strand billet continuous casting machine at the Omutninsky Steel Plant

When revamping the twostrand billet continuous casting machine for the Omutninsky Steel Plant, the CJSC NKMZ engineers upgraded and partially replaced the mechanical equipment, made modifications in the casting process and designed and implemented the automatic process control system employing powerful industrial automation equipment, highspeed and safeguarded network solutions and new motor drives. The article describes the architecture of the process control system and shows its extensibility and software features. Also discussed are the key functions, modes of operation and functionality of the individual subsystems.

The software complex for the control of industrial facilities

The article provides a description of the software complex designed by the Research and Development Center Privodnaya Tekhnika (Chelyabinsk) for the industrial facilities control systems. Also included in the article is a review of the hardware used when implementing the complex at the steel works in the Chelyabinsk Region.

      4 2009

#   4/2009

Design and fulfillment features of converter gas escape channel process control system

Creation of mathematical model (MM) of technological processes is described. The MMis used for the design and fulfillment of converter gasescape channel (GOT) process controlsystem in the oxygenconverter unit of Nizhnetagilsky Metallurgical Industrial Complex.The thermodynamics and dynamics of processes, material and power balances, and phasetransformations of a working body (watersteam) are considered in the MM. The softwareof the system works with MM as if it were a real object of control and it allows detailedsoftware fulfillment in all GOT working conditions at UkrGNTTS "Energostal" test benchand the reduction of the process of control system startandadjustment cycle at the plant.

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      3 2008

#   3/2008

Automated pitch dosing control system for the mixing stage at the electrode plant

The article describes an automated control system for the coaltar pitch dosing process during the preparation of mass for press forming the electrode feedstock. Also discussed are the basic requirements for the system, its architecture, functions and modes of operation as well as hardware and software. The implementation of the system considerably improves the pitch dosing accuracy and increases the information content and flexibility of the control.

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Automated control system for the working and back-up rolls disassembly-assembly stand

One of the objectives of the revamp of the plate mill 3000 at the Alchevsk Integrated IronandSteel Works was to reduce time and improve quality of the rolls repair. To accomplish this, the working and backup rolls disassemblyassembly stand was designed at the NovoKramatorsk MachineBuilding Plant. The article describes the design of the stand, its performance characteristics and work procedure. Particular emphasis is placed on the stand control system based on the SIMATIC hardwaresoftware platform.

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Automated control system for the reversing mill 400

The article shows experience in constructing the automated process control system for the reversing mill 400 designed for operation with the feedstock made of the metal alloys. Also discussed are the architecture and functions of the system, capabilities offered by the system to the user and the individual aspects of integration of the products made by various manufacturers via the OPCserver.

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Automated process control system for making the copper anodes at the Almalyk Mining and Smelting Works

The article covers the problems and experience in constructing the automated process control system for the pouring and weighing process when making the copper anodes. The system is equipped with the advanced process variables transducers and highly reliable programmable logic controller. Also, the article discusses the task of minimizing a deviation of the anode weight from the norm and ways of solving it.

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      4 2007

#   4/2007

Automation of a steel giant

The article provides an example of the efficient implementation of the state-of-the-art automated process control system at a steel foundry, with emphasis on the creation and development of the competitive smart enterprises of the industry. The article discusses the necessity for utilizing such systems in a vertical chain - from the ore processing to the transportation of the end products to the buyers.

Press control system based on ADAM-5510

The article illustrates a reliable and efficient solution for the low-budget automation projects by the example of the control system for the press employed in the production of the refractory bricks for the metallurgy applications.

A measuring probe for the automatic determination of the melting parameters in the converter

In circumstances where the converter steel production is intensified, the use of a probe with an automatic recharge of the replaceable blocks and hence a possibility of repeated measurements of the steel parameters allows the converter operation without turndown. The measuring probes installed at the converters at OJSC Severstal have successfully passed the tests. The tap-to-tap cycle was reduced by four minutes.

      1 2007

#   1/2007

Process control system for the foundry equipment of Revda non-ferrous metals processing works

The system described here makes possible monitoring of process parameters, on-line display of sample analysis results, generation of databases, and equipment failure prevention; thereby, it serves to improve the product quality. The features of the technological process, as well as hardware/software solutions used in designing the system, are described.

Control of ingot cutting on a blooming

A system of ingot cutting control on a blooming is described. It uses image correlation velocimeters to trace the ingot position before cutting. The possibility of integrating the system into a network consisting also of accounting and process monitoring systems is discussed.

Laser Doppler meters in a hot-rolled metal accounting system

General information about laser Doppler meters of the rolled-metal velocity and length is given. Updating of LI803M meters and the operation of the hot-rolled metal accounting system using these meters at the Nizhnii Tagil metallurgical works (OAO NTMK) are described.

Process control system for the copper concentrating mill at Almalyk mining-and-smelting works

Problems and experience in designing a selective flotation control system are described. The system is equipped with advanced sensors of process parameter and a reliable programmable controller. Algorithms for calculating the density, solid consumption, and other parameters of the pulp flow using signals from the sensors are presented.

      3 2006

#   3/2006

Information and control systems in metallurgy

Local automation systems with extended functionality and their integration into the unified production control system are demonstrated with the advances of the DONIX Co. in the field of control systems for main electric drives of reversing rolling mills.

Control system for electrode material baking process

The design and functionality of a system controlling the electrode baking process in the Novocherkassk Electrode Plant are described. The introduction of this system has made it possible to raise the quality of electrodes and cut the fuel consumption.

Automated control system for vertical dries of ladles

The basic stage in preparation of ladles for steel casting is lining drying, which must strictly follow a given temperature chart and consume energy resources as little as possible. In this article, we describe the operating conditions of a ladle vertical dryer and its components with emphasis on the control system. Its potential and operating efficiency that is based on field-test data are reported.

      4 2005

#   4/2005

Automated heat shields control system

Installation of heat shields at the intermediate mill table is an efficient energy saving measure at hot rolling mills. This article describes such equipment, its features and modes of operation. The main consideration is given to the heat shields control system based on SIMATIC hardware/software platform. System performance capabilities submitted to the user are shown as well as system efficiency data based on its implementation results.

Dry charge dosing automated system in electrode products manufacturing

The system described in this article was developed without manufacturing process suspension. Its implementation allowed to considerably increase the dosing accuracy and productivity due to application of modern automation equipment, frequency controlled drives and construction modifications. The project completion also improved the manufacturing process information support and its controllability.

Process variables automated monitoring system for the main electric drives of a continuous billet mill

The article describes the automated monitoring system for the main electric drives of a continuous billet mill. This system provides persistent milling process monitoring in common timescale and stores the logged process characteristics. This allows to detect deviations in the course of the technological process, to select the most efficient rolling schedule in case of technology changes, to recall the preceding history of emergency situations, to reduce the faults tracing time in case of a failure in electric circuits of the main electric drives.

      4 2004

#   4/2004

System of direct digital control

The article describes development and implementation of direct digital control system for the main electric drive of Blooming rolling mill 1300 at the "Krivorojstal" metallurgical plant. Analysis of technological requirements to operating characteristics of the electric drive is presented, hardware and software approaches that meet the requirements, are described too.

Computer-based equipment monitoring system for continuosly bar mill

The article reports on development and embedding of computer-based equipment monitoring system for continuously bar mill 900/700/500 at the "Krivorojstal" metallurgical plant. System's functional capabilities and details of its hardware implementation are described.

      2 2004

#   2/2004

Software and hardware solution for the automatic process control system for gas purification of ferroalloy furnace

This article describes a software and hardware solution for the automatic process control system for gas purification of ferroalloy electrical furnaces #11 and #12 at Aksu Ferroalloy Plant (part of the transnational company Kazchrome). The process control system was put into operation in December 2002.

      1 2004

#   1/2004

Automated control system for conveying ingots

This article describes a control system for conveying hot ingots for a four-strand continuous billet caster, built using RASTR contactless optical meters. This solution is intended to improve the ability of the meters to withstand high temperatures. The authors discuss the networking capabilities of the system and appraise the stability of the technical process for continuous casting of steel based on the rolling speed spectrums created by the system.

      1 2003

#   1/2003

Measurement unit for determining the tension in rolled sheets

This article describes the IND-7681 measurement unit, designed to determine the tension of rolled sheets in series 1700 cold rolling continuous mills. The inclusion in the unit of unique magnetoanisotropic sensors and industrial controllers from Fastwel made the IND-7681 system highly accurate and reliable, producing considerable savings after its implementation.

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      3 2001

#   3/2001

Automated control system for heating ingots in the furnace of a cogging mill

This article discusses the controlled unit, a group of regenerative furnaces. Particular attention is devoted to the issues involved in setting up a bi-level automated control system for heating ingots in furnaces in a cogging mill. The article describes the capabilities, components and software used in the system.

      1 2001

#   1/2001

Control system for technology monitoring and control of rolling mill's speed modes

This article addresses setting up an automated control system for high-speed milling on the cogging mill at the Donetsk Metallurgical Factory. The article describes the rolling technology and the features of the system that relate to the technology. Particular attention is paid to setting up a local computing network in conditions where there is strong electromagnetic interference. The system's structure, hardware and software are covered in detail.

Information system for a slab cutter in a cogging facility

This article describes the experience of setting up an information system for a slab cutter in a cogging facility at the Zaporozhstal Factory. This system is intended to provide information to the cutter to ensure proper cutting for the burnishing tools on the cutters.

      3 2000

#   3/2000

Automated Control of Drying And High-Temperature Heating of Casting Ladle

The described system helps to control the process of drying and high-temperature heating of steel teeming ladles at metallurgical plant. In the article are also some issues of programming of different technological operation modes considered.

      1 1999

#   1/1999

Informational Support of the Rolling Mill

Experience of designing an automated informational support system for the rolling mill's manufacturing methods is described.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Temperature Monitoring System for the Smelting Furnace

PC-based temperature control system for a furnace for raw bath smelting, with a lot of measuring channels.

Development and Implementation Experience of a Measured Cutting Section Control System

The experience of development and implementation of a measured cutting section control system of PGA 2-7*80-500 profile bender in the bent profile workshop of the Zaporozhstal integrated metallurgical works is described.

      1 1998

#   1/1998

Automated process control system for a thermal electric furnace for smelting silicon-based alloys

The authors describe an automated process control system for a thermal electric furnace for smelting silicon-based alloys. The use of reliable equipment and advanced software, using original control algorithms and know-how, permitted the investment in creating the system to be recouped in one year.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Automated process control system for manufacturing aluminum

The authors describe the TROLL automation system implemented at the Sayansk Aluminum Factory, with particular attention to the technical aspects of the use of MicroPC controllers in a large automation project. The project was implemented by the firm ToksSoft in 1996-1997.

Process control system for coke batteries in the byproduct coke industry

This article describes the automated process control system for coke batteries based on the Delta hardware and software solution.

Program and temperature control system in gas ovens

The author examines the development, basic features and functions of a system for controlling a multizone gas oven.