Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      4 2013

#   4/2013

SINUS PENTA frequency inverter for industrial application

This article examines the SINUS PENTA industrial drive from Santerno, its main characteristics and application.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

Explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment based on the sliding monitoring

The current international standards specify the explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment. A risk of explosion can occur when the drive and the output device of the system are interlocked. The article analyses the potential consequences of such interlock and evaluates the potential ignition sources. Also discussed are the explosion protection solutions based on the rotational speed monitoring in order to identify the signs of sliding, an indicator of occurrence of a dangerous situation. The article covers the commercial modules for implementation of such solutions.

      2 2008

#   2/2008

Lexium PAC: automation technologies and motion

The article describes the Lexium PAC servosystems offering the ready combinations of motion control and automation products which enable the design of applications and the implementation of all motion control functions.

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      3 2007

#   3/2007

Advanced automation technologies. The LEXIUM servosystems