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      3 2021

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      2 2021

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Open Source Vein Recognition Platform. Part 2

The first part of the article describes palm vein biometric authentication and explores related software tools. Its second part places greater emphasis on how to apply this technology and offers some case studies of contactless authentication implemented in different sectors.

Advantech’s Wireless Solutions for IoT

The debates on whether the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is helpful or not are over since a well-designed IIoT system could pay off many times over its lifetime and ensure equipment efficiency, predictive maintenance, monitoring and substantive oversight. As demand for data and analytics increases, manufacturers and users must understand that IIoT is emerging today, and they should be ready to tackle any related problems.

Li-Fi as Future Technology

The article discusses Li-Fi - state-of-the-art wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data. It explains how it works and what makes it different from conventional Wi-Fi and outlines areas of application where the technology would be most required. It also describes the technological partnership between pureLiFi and Getac in the realm of secure mobile devices.

      1 2021

#   1/2021

Open Source Vein Recognition Platform. Part 1

An affordable toolkit for vein vascular bed pattern recognition is one of the main requirements in industrial applications and research. Currently, the most complete toolkit for limb vein recognition is available in the PLUSOpenVein Toolkit software package.

      4 2020

#   4/2020

Big Hopes for Big Data

IoT and Big Data are increasingly moving from the commercial sector to industrial automation. The article discusses the reasons behind the need to integrate IoT and Big Data functionality into industrial automation systems and how this can be done using the products and systems available today.

Epidemic Insurance: Advanced Technologies Help Businesses Cope with Crisis

The spread of COVID-19 increases the need for state-of-the-art automation and accelerates digital transformation. The article discusses examples of modern software and hardware solutions from Siemens and Advantech to increase the flexibility and efficiency of key industrial enterprises.

      3 2020

#   3/2020

Industry 4.0: Communications Essential

Extensive communication between smart devices is the cornerstone of the Industry 4.0 concept. In the article, Pepperl+Fuchs share their ideas and projects that could make building up-to-date automation systems much easier and cheaper.

Face Recognition in Access Control, Management and Others

Biometric identification methods have more or less permanently entered our daily life. The article analyzes the latest tendencies in face biometrics development and presents various ways of implementing them. The authors also describe the major areas of their use, including Russia, using the Biosmart Quasar biometrics terminal developed by Prosoft-Biometrics as an example.

      2 2020

#   2/2020

Facial recognition technology development main trends

The article presents global trends in the development of facial recognition technology that will form the landscape of the biometrics market in 2020. The review contains a list of the best technologies and providers of face recognition, describes the impact of artificial intelligence on identification methods, provides an overview of markets and dominant scenarios for the use of technologies in 2019-2024. The best facial recognition tools have been developed and implemented in China, India, the USA, the EU, Great Britain, Brazil, and Russia. Modern requirements for security systems and for the observation of biometric data confidentiality are presented in this article. The author considers both the vulnerability of facial recognition technologies to hacking and the process of transition to hybrid solutions.

      1 2020

#   1/2020

AI + IoT: what is behind the abbreviations

Fashionable abbreviations and expressions such as AI, IoT, AIoT, "smart building", and "smart city" have recently flooded the pages of magazines and popular science sites. But the problem is that many authors interpret these concepts too freely, misleading inexperienced readers about the current capabilities and prospects of these technologies. The article attempts to bring some clarity to this issue.

      4 2019

#   4/2019

RFID in action

Fast data collection, improved detailed inventory tracking and the reduction of labour costs are just a few of the many benefits achieved through RFID technology. The article deals with the basics of this technology, its basic capabilities and industrial applications using Pepperl+Fuchs products as an example.

Advantages of biometric methods of human identification

Biometric methods of human identification are already quite tightly integrated into our everyday life. The article describes the advantages of various biometric identification methods compared to conventional RFID cards and pin codes. Based on the example of the BioSmart equipment from Prosoft-Biometrics, a fairly new and increasingly popular method centered around a unique pattern of subcutaneous veins in the palm of the hand will be illustrated.

ADAM-3600: support for the Node-RED programming environment

Cloud technology has become much more attractive for industrial automation applications, both economically and in terms of functionality. However, there is a question of implementing the possibility of working with cloud services. Thus, the support of the Node-RED software platform by Advantech's ADAM-3600 controllers is a promising direction of development, which allows to accelerate and reduce the cost of automation system deployment, as well as minimize the labor costs of designers and programmers.

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Modern trends in development of Industrial Internet of Things

A number of huge technological transformations took place lately. Developers, analysts and business communities in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G networks, artificial intelligence, blockchain, computer-aided learning, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and in many other fields pay great attention to these transformations. The article contains the materials of studies and analytical data, where different aspects of IIoT, the prospects for its development in the next several years and traceable trends are discussed.

Heterogeneous platforms for artificial intelligence advanced systems

Provision of IoT devices with the artificial intelligence elements is considered as one of the most promising development trends of all automation areas. The Taiwanese company ADLINK, which is the leading member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions alliance, presents modern scalable solutions based on heterogeneous computing platforms. The approach proposed by ADLINK accelerates and makes deployment of the intelligent devices cheaper, facilitating the work of the system designers, engineers and programmers.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

Biometric technology as a key driver for digital economy development

This article describes cutting-edge digital methods used in the banking sector, which should provide the highest requirements for the security of customer personal data processing and storage. Consumer trust in the market of banking services is the most important factor and competitive advantage. Further improvement of information security systems, the introduction of up-to-date solutions to protect customer personal data will enable commercial banks to establish themselves as a leading choice in the digital market of banking services.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

ADLINK and Intel power IoT vertical integration in manufacturing

For some time, leveraging smart manufacturing to boost production quality has been a common goal for manufacturing operations around the globe. IoT integration can enable production lines to process production data and respond in real time, maximizing production efficiency. ADLINK, with years of experience in production line integration, delivers a highly compatible IoT solution that can acquire and manage information while connecting all legacy machines. The resulting highly flexible and cost-effective solution allows operators to enjoy the benefits of smart manufacturing, gaining a considerable competitive edge in the global market.

Evolving manufacturing connectivity Part 1. Challenges to brownfield development

In the arena of manufacturing, emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology has ushered in the Industry 4.0 initiative, departing from conventional automated production to IoT-based intelligent automation, improving on semi-automated or standalone automatic machining to network-connected process based on M2M (machine to machine) and M2P (machine to person) communication. This, in combination with corporate information systems and analytics, creates endless possibilities for the smart factory model. Through IoT-driven intelligent process, smart factory operations can reduce dependence on manpower, improveprecision, accuracy and efficiency, optimize throughput and quality, and reduce costs, increasing corporate competitiveness.

      4 2018

#   4/2018

Quo vadis, data center?

Humanity is on the verge of a sixth wave of innovation. Fantastic technologies are emerging and being developed so fast that it is hard to predict even the near future of civilization. But one thing we know for sure is that we are being overwhelmed by the wave of digital information. There are currently no viable alternatives to the concept of data centers that serve as a breakwater. Thus, it is crucial to prepare them for this new reality. The article discusses the ways to improve data center energy efficiency, security and performance.

Six Sigma: What? Why? How?

The article focuses on the Six Sigma process and product quality management concept. Also discussed are the key principles of this methodology as well as the basic formulas to calculate the process quality factor. Dataforth specialists have shared their experience in using the Six Sigma quality control program that has been successfully used in their own projects for many years.

      3 2018

#   3/2018

IoT Security

The growth of IoT is now moving at a very fast pace, and it is becoming uncontrollable. In view of this, the article addresses issues related to security and countermeasures against cyber-threats in IoT networks. Also discussed are the basic requirements for the design of secure IoT systems. The article proposes a comprehensive approach to problem solving after the example of the Eurotech concept.

Hardware-software complex based on AdvantiX servers and MasterSCADA platform

The article provides rationale for the development of new hardware-software systems for the industrial automation market. Also included is the description of a new import-substitution concept developed by InSAT and AdvantiX.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Neo-industrial development priorities

The second article in the series first published in CTA 3/2017 continues the discussion on how to meet the requirements of the Industrial Revolution in real modern manufacturing. Also included are studies of leading experts in the field of development of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation technologies for modern enterprises. The article investigates the ways of integrating the advances in artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things and cyber-physical technologies into real economy.

3D NAND technology and its impact on the industrial solid state drives market

The article provides an overview of 3D NAND technology and discusses the features of manufacturing the three-dimensional (3D) memory chips supplied by various chipmakers. Special emphasis has been placed on the impact of 3D NAND technology on the industrial SSD market.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

QTS Gateway – a ready-to-use solution for the Industrial Internet of Things

The article presents a solution used to create a private industrial cloud service based on IEI IPC integrated QTS Gateway operating system (OS). This system offers big data storage and processing and provides a secure connection between devices and cloud services. This solution saves money on the development of automation and control systems and ensures independence from any other service providers.

      3 2017

#   3/2017

Conditions and factors of neo-industrial development shaping the world economy

The article describes the effect of the neo-industrial, or the new industrial revolution on changes in production. The article also examines the impact of the Internet of Things and additive technologies on changes in economy. Particular emphasis is placed on the major trends in the enterprise transformations in neo-industrial conditions. The key directions for improving the management and strategy of companies are discussed based on assessment of the development of a new industrial technology known as Industry 4.0.

Industry explores the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things is the latest wave of technological changes that will offer unprecedented opportunities – along with new risks – for business and society. The article focuses on the benefits and problems that are in store for the manufacturing companies who have chosen to follow the path of the new management technologies.

New hardware technology – a modular industrial cloud architecture

Modern Industrial enterprises cannot afford to have the equipment that stands idle. However, they need high reliability and flexibility in operation. To address this challenge, a modular industrial cloud architecture has been developed by ADLINK Technology. This new technology offers the distribution of computer resources on demand, and it also meets the key requirements of cloud computing.

Total recall: the state-of-the-art digital data storage technologies

The article is about state-of-the-art methods for storing data in general-purpose and industrial computers. Also included is the comparison of technologies, advantages and disadvantages of hard disk drives (HDD) with solid state drives (SSD). The article gives the examples of the modern storage devices available in our IT market today.

      2 2017

#   2/2017

An architectural foundation of the Internet of Things

The article examines the current architectural solutions for the Internet of Things. Special emphasis is placed on the Eurotech's complete off-the-shelf solution and the key benefits of using this solution. Also discussed in detail are the components of this solution such as gateway software and cloud platform which are the open source software products hosted by Eclipse Foundation.

Big Data technology enhances the automated process control system

Traditional information processing technologies no longer keep pace with its galloping growth. The specialized solutions and technologies included in the catch-all term Big Data are now taking their place. The article shows what is at the back of this term and whether Big Data solutions can be used for the automated process control system.

Examination of industrial Big Data tools

This article examines how to process Big Data in the automated process control system and what hardware resources can be used to process such data in industrial enterprises. Also discussed are the typical structures of Big Data and solutions for working with these structures based on the state-of-the-art information technologies.

      4 2016

#   4/2016

Cloud technologies in automation: Eurotech’s integrated approach

The article discusses specific Internet of Things (IoT) applications for automation tasks through Eurotech's integrated approach. Such an approach covers both hardware and software as well as cloud services that enable customers to reduce project development costs and timing. Eurotech's proposal includes IoT/M2M gateways with pre-installed software for acquisition, processing and transmission of data into the cloud services.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

Current trends in building safe and secure cities

The article addresses the organizational and technical issues related to an increase in the efficiency of systems within a safe city ecosystem. Also discussed are the basic lines of development of public safety and security in megacities, the principles for improving smart city technology solutions, systems approach and comprehensive integration of the distributed security, video storage and processing subsystems in the unified systemically important situation centers.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

      4 2015

#   4/2015

IoT technology for a smart city

The article focuses on the aspects and perspectives of M2M technologies to tackle smart city challenges within the IoT concept. Also included are the examples of how to deal with such real-life challenges.

      2 2015

#   2/2015

Internet of Things and cloud technologies from Eurotech

The article describes an innovative information technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Also discussed are its potentialities and applications as well as the Eurotech cloud services and their place in the concept of the Internet of Things. The article provides some examples of practical solutions for the distributed automation tasks.

Architects of the smart cities

Contemporary civilization is rapidly developing. This is evident from the changes occurring in the rhythm and quality of life in big cities whose size and population density increase steadily. These changes go hand in hand with multiple problems such as the scarcity of various resources, transport collapses, environmental pollution, etc. In most cases, these are the comprehensive problems emerging at the crossroads of many factors which seem unrelated at first glance. Effective problem solving requires coordination and optimization of all aspects of city life. The technologies that form the foundation for smart cities are already under development. Read about some of them in this article.

Smart City – city of the future

Rapidly growing cities become economic and cultural centers which encourage changes in the global economy and environment. The integration of technologies, government and public institutions helps people to build safe, environmentally friendly and economically competitive cities. This article describes current trends in the construction of urban infrastructure collectively known as the Smart City.

Communication technologies of a smart enterprise within the concept of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

The article discusses the advent of the fourth stage of the industrial revolution associated with use of the cyber-physical systems. A gradual transition toward a new concept of technological process automation will have a significant impact on the traditional approach to the functionality of process equipment, process control and interaction of all elements of the system. The communications infrastructure will be one of the key components of the system and hence, will undergo drastic changes. This article focuses on the evolution of communication technologies at the industrial enterprises in a new era of the Internet of Things.

      3 2014

#   3/2014

Solution to ensure the continuous availability of information systems

The article provides an overview of the information system availability levels and the ways to achieve the continuous availability. Also discussed is a general method of determining the required level of fault tolerance. The article offers AdvantiX solution to ensure continuous availability and describes its architecture and the key benefits.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

AdvantiX Intellect high availability solution

The article provides a general overview of high availability of the information systems, its importance for the systems which serve modern production processes, an impact on the total cost of ownership and methods of achievement. Also included is a description of a fail-safe system based on the AdvantiX Intellect solutions ensuring its high availability as well as the main features and benefits of this solution.

      2 2013

#   2/2013

Cloud technologies: development trends and examples of implementation

The article addresses the issues concerning the systematization of terms and concepts used in cloud technologies. Also discussed are an economic benefits assessment and cloud technology development predictions, including those for the Russian IT market. The article provides examples of the equipment under AdvantiX trademark for building cloud-based systems.

      4 2012

#   4/2012

Automation technologies in energy and resource saving lighting systems

The article covers the existing and advanced energy and resource saving control technologies for street lighting networks as well as vital issues related to network automation for different control techniques. Also included are the classification of energy and resource saving control technology options and their economic evaluation. The article offers a multipurpose technology platform for a smart lighting system.

Remote phosphor LED lights: theory and reality

The article describes the methods for generating white LED light utilizing remote phosphor technology and analyzes its benefits and features. Also included is a brief review of the main trends in using retrofit lamps and the application potential of remote phosphor technology to give LED lamps the filament lamp form factor and capability to replace them.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

Modern visualization tools as an instrument for business

The subject of the article is a review of modern information display tools and their applications. Special emphasis is placed on visualization solutions and tools most commonly used in Russia.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

DART Fieldbus: intrinsic safety without power limits

The article offers a new DART Fieldbus solution - a FieldConnex DART fieldbus. It describes the advantages of the DART intrinsically safe technology which features the capability to supply more power to the hazardous area, use the long-distance communication lines and more field devices in the industrial network segment. The article shows that with the said benefits, the DART Fieldbus is simple and reliable and has the required components for use in the PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 industrial networks.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Use of light emitting diodes in lighting solutions: history, current reality and future

The article is devoted to the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) as light sources for lighting applications. The article describes historical aspects of the development of LED technology and gives an overview of stateoftheart products from key producers. Also discussed are results of the introduction of LED lighting in various facilities. The article provides an assessment of the efficiency of such implementations and the potential to use the LED solutions in lighting systems.

      3 2010

#   3/2010

Applying multi-core and virtualization to industrial and safety-related applications

Multi-core and virtualization provide the opportunity to improve device performance, reduce costs through hardware consolidation and upgrade applications more cost effectively throughout the product lifecycle.

      4 2009

#   4/2009

Dynamic detection and interruption of the electric discharge — the new concept of intrinsic safety

A new concept of explosion protection called DART (Dynamic Arc Recognition andTermination), offered by Pepperl+Fuchs (Germany) is presented in the article. DARTeliminates strict restrictions on energy levels in existing applications with explosionprotection class "intrinsically safe electric chain", allowing the transfer of effective power upto 50 W into the hazardous zone.In addition the new technology is an alternative in cases where explosion protectionwas realized only at great cost and compromise.

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      2 2009

#   2/2009

What is Digital Signage?

The subject of the article is a review of the modern systems displaying informationfor advertising and informational purposes. Particular emphasis is placed on theinnovative solutions in the sphere of the Indoor/Outdoor Digital Signage networks.

      1 2009

#   1/2009

Unified system architecture

The article shows how to reduce costs and increase flexibility by specifying an open automation system for a building.

      4 2007

#   4/2007

Current state and prospects of the automation systems at the concrete plants

The article addresses the basic approaches of the Russian designers to the development of the state-of-the-art automated control systems for the concrete mixing units at the concrete plants and gives the examples of their practical implementation, including those employing the digital microwave sensors for measuring moisture of the concrete mix.

      4 2006

#   4/2006

LON technology

Building automation is a specific area of automation that combines technological advances with architectural features. Among the currently available approaches to designing control systems, many are dedicated for building automation, the LON technology being one of them.