Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2020

#   3/2020

The Future of Airports: SCADA-Aided Digitalization

The article presents the latest tendencies in the automation of international airports using smart SCADA made by ICONICS. The authors give an overview of the projects implemented using GENESIS SCADA, and detail the software components underpinning the development of the software.

      4 2018

#   4/2018

Automation system of serial bench testing for aircraft engines

The article describes an automated system for aircraft engine bench testing designed and implemented by the Ufa Engine Industrial Association at its own plant. The distinguishing feature of the system is that its core is based on the domestic components.

      2 2017

#   2/2017

Stand for ground testing of the rotor system of an unmanned coaxial rotor helicopter

The article focuses on the experience of building an automated stand for ground testing of the rotor system of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helicopter (drone). Also discussed are the structure and functions as well as the applicability of the hardware and software of the test stand.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

Multi-purpose helicopter flight research test bench Berezina

The article presents the multi-purpose helicopter flight research test bench Berezina and shows its principles of operation. This test bench is the basic structural component during the development and research of algorithms of the automatic control systems and helicopter flight simulators.

      4 2015

#   4/2015

Panasonic in the air

The indispensability of mobile and tablet rugged PCs is vividly demonstrated by their use in aviation, which requires a high level of protection from vibrations, falls and shocks, and an ability properly to fix laptops and tablet PCs using docking stations in cockpits and other places. The article will describe the practical application of the Panasonic devices in aviation.

      2 2014

#   2/2014

Experience in using RTOS-32 in aircraft operation monitoring and emergency recording system

The article discusses the experience in using the RTOS- 32 operating system (OS) in the aircraft operation monitoring and emergency recording system (OMER). This article shows the conditions for building OMER air/ground systems as well as the special features of their software and hardware implementation. Also included are the principles of selection of software and hardware implementation of the systems as a whole and the operating system in particular in order to minimize the OMER life cycle cost. The new functional capabilities of RTOS-32 system implemented in type KARAT OMER are also covered.

Features of implementation of a processor module for a scalable crate

The article discusses the experience in designing a 3U VITA 46/48 processor module with PCI Express interface for use in a scalable crate. Also included is a description of the special features of implementation of the processor module with the PCI Express system bus bar based on the FASTWEL CPB906 COM mezzanine module with the PCI bus bar.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Use of QNX 4 in bench test automation projects at UMPO JSC

The article describes an automated information and measuring system functioning at the stands of UMPO JSC (Ufa). The system is designed to adjust and test the SU-family aircraft engines.

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      1 2012

#   1/2012

Compact onboard measuring system for flight tests of small aircraft

The SibNIA specialists developed a working model of an automated compact onboard measuring system for the small aircraft in order to eliminate the defects and operating constraints of the onboard measuring systems used earlier. The system allows for shortening time required for flight test preparation, performance and test data processing. Also, this system makes it possible to analyze flight data during an experiment and present the current information immediately in test modes.

      3 2009

#   3/2009

Automated control system for the operation of the MAP-2 Unit for ion-plasma coating in vacuum

The article describes the control system of a unit for the protective coating for jet aircraft turbineblades. Also discussed are the benefits of the automation of the unit and the needfor the unification of the hardware/software solutions to allow for its replication.Particular emphasis is given to the implementation of the upper level of the systembased on GENESIS32 SCADA components.

Firing test stand for pulse detonation engines

The article describes the experience of designing a stand for testing pulse detonation engines.Also discussed are the architecture and functions of the stand and the capabilitiesof the employed hardware and software devices.

      1 2002

#   1/2002

Aircraft engine testing unit

This article reviews the specific issues involved in building a vibration testing unit for gas-turbine aircraft engines and the use of such a unit to test engines on an aircraft production line.

Automated control systems for testing gas turbine engines

The authors describe the implementation of an automated control system for testing series-produced gas turbine aircraft engines at the Saturn Scientific Production Company. The article discusses the challenges in implementing and operating such systems.  

      1 1999

#   1/1999

An Automated Control and Measurement System for the Aircraft Engine Tests

An Automated Control and Measurement System for the Aircraft Engine Tests is described. Selection of the hardware and software is grounded; the programs' structure and functioning principles are described.

      1 1997

#   1/1997

Endurance Testing of MI-8 and MI-17 Helicopter's External Load