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      2 2021

#   2/2021

AI as Healthcare Assistant

Since the early 2010s, under the impact of impressive successes in the application of multilayer neural networks (primarily, convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks), artificial intelligence has commanded keen attention among academia and engineers, as well as investors. Currently, no industry leaves the implementation of such systems unattended. Thanks to the joint efforts of SmartCow and Aetina, AI is applied for the benefit of humankind in efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

      4 2020

#   4/2020

Video Surveillance and Video Analytics Systems in Transport Infrastructure

The article discusses the main directions of video surveillance in the transport infrastructure: video surveillance at stations, as well as on ground and rail transport. The basic requirements for the software and hardware complex for building a video surveillance system are discussed, and examples are given based on Vivotek and AdvantiX equipment using Revisor Lab software.

      4 2019

#   4/2019

Video surveillance system at an industrial facility

The article considers the hardware-software complex of video surveillance in an industrial plant. There are examples of equipment for installation at the facilities, as well as video analytics modules for faster response from the Russian developer Revisor Lab.

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Principles for implementation of trusted load software module

To provide protection against unauthorized access to information at the stage of initial start-up and operating system loading, certified hardware and software trusted load modules shall be used at automated workplaces processing confidential information. However, use of such modules in the products used in embedded systems does not always seem possible, due to strict requirements to the product's overall dimensions, power consumption and heat emission. The principles for the implementation of OS trusted load software modules designed for protection against unauthorized access to information are considered within the framework of this article.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

Industrial revolution and cybersecurity

He who owns the information, owns the world", this Nathaniel Rothschild's popular quote is more relevant today than ever before. Today's world provides more and more data, and the winner of the competition is not only the one who is capable of proper collection and analysis of information, but also the one who is able to secure the data, using reliable systems of protection against cyber attacks and network malware. The article describes up-to-date technologies applied in automated process control systems and automated production management systems within the concept of current industrial revolution, about options for protection against cyber threats within these technologies, as well as recommendations for the protection of industrial facilities provided by the leading players of this market – ICONICS and Kaspersky Lab.

Turnstile access control systems and applied identification methods

Turnstiles have long been a part of automated access control systems. In modern access control systems turnstiles are fitted with various means of biometric identification. The article addresses the shortcomings of such means and provides an example of a promising Russian development, that is an automated access control system (ACS) based on a gateway turnstile with multimodal biometric identification and verification.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Video surveillance and video analytics in retail

The article focuses on the video surveillance and video analytics systems in retail. Also included is a description of recommended hardware and software to analyze the performance of a retail chain. Emphasis is put on the advantages of using GeoVision hardware-software solutions as well as their characteristics.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Implementing an access control system in an enterprise

The article discusses the arrangement of an access control system (ACS). Also included is a description of the existing physical access control systems, their components and the identification technologies used. Much attention has been paid to the advantages and operation aspects of the solutions based on BioSmart access control system for enterprises.

      1 2018

#   1/2018

Various biometric person authentication techniques

Biometric technologies for personality identification have long been in use in our world. The article describes a fairly new identification method through a unique hand-vein pattern which continues to grow in popularity throughout the world. This is illustrated with the example of Prosoft-Biometrics equipment.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Video surveillance systems for transport: challenges and capabilities

The article addresses the key challenges that video surveillance systems face in various types of transportation, both public (buses, trolleybuses, tram cars, subway trains) and commercial (taxis, heavy vehicles). Also included is a description of the capabilities of modern video surveillance and analytics systems for use in transport.

Integrating video surveillance with GENESIS64 SCADA

Recent trends in the industrial automation market raise a question about the integration of video surveillance and SCADA. The article provides the most important criteria for choosing video equipment, special aspects of the use of VMS ProVisor software as well as an example of how the video surveillance system is integrated into GENESIS64 SCADA.

      4 2016

#   4/2016

Video analytics: possibilities and solutions

The vigorous growth of video surveillance systems has driven the need for an increased security service staff to control a constantly increasing stream of information. But sooner or later the increased staff would no longer be able to keep pace with vast amounts of information, and the personnel would be unable to respond quickly to emerging events. The introduction of intelligent video analytics is one way to minimize human error and improve security.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

Review of GeoVision CCTV products and solutions

The market for security systems is swamped with various video surveillance devices offered by manufacturers from all over the world. Such a variety of security devices often perplexes even specialists. The article presents the GeoVision CCTV systems and shows how to build a video surveillance system, avoid overpaying and get exactly what you want.

      2 2016

#   2/2016

State-of-the-art video surveillance systems

The security systems industry has been steadily growing over the past 20 years, and it constantly presents new challenges for manufacturers and solution suppliers. One of the professional solutions to such challenges is a variety of products under the ProVS brand name. The article gives a brief overview of these products.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

Use of FPGA-based dedicated computers to solve information security tasks

The article provides an update on the information security issues in today's world. Also included are a review and analysis of foreign solutions on the FPGA to build supercomputers and the description of the domestic BVR-01 dedicated computer for use in hybrid cluster systems.

      3 2013

#   3/2013

High performance computing systems with FPGA-based reconfigurable architecture

The article describes the features of high-performance systems based on the latest generation of FPGAs. Also discussed in detail are organization issues of complex architecture which notably outperforms domestic and foreign analogs and significantly expands the range of tasks.

      2 2009

#   2/2009

Control systems and cyber security

The article discusses the ways of solving the problems concerning the securitythreats and vulnerabilities of the monitoring and control system of an enterprise. Thearticle offers the approaches and principles of construction of a multilevel securitysystem providing the safe operation of the network control systems.

      4 2007

#   4/2007

Implementing certified safety systems in the industrial enterprises of Russia

The increase in the production volumes in many enterprises of Russia is observed in the last decade, especially in the metallurgical and machine-building industries. It is accompanied by a high level of automation, a fast increase and intensity of machine utilization. The adoption of new technological processes considerably increased requirements for the safety of the equipment operation, because the issues of preventing the service personnel traumatism, protection the expensive equipment from the damages became topical.

      3 2007

#   3/2007

TV monitoring system

The article describes the television system for monitoring the facilities of various applications. This system provides continuous monitoring of the scene, thus enabling the timely detection of the contingencies and reduction of time for their correction.

      1 2001

#   1/2001

Akhtuba automated message delivery system

This article describes a highly informative automated system for delivering secure messages. This system is notable for its increased level of reliability. The system uses digital technology for processing and transmitting information and is built on nodes of industrial computers.

      4 1998

#   4/1998

DPI-SCKD: A System for Centralized Monitoring of the Access to Premises

A system for centralized dactyloscopic monitoring of the access to premises (DPI-SCKD) that allows organizing access to various premises is described.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Automated fingerprint identification system

This article offers a solution for the problems associated with identifying people for the purpose of controlling access to locations or resources.

      1 1997

#   1/1997

Mobile Automation Complexes for Municipal Emergency Services

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Automation of Duty Police Stations

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