Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      2 2020

#   2/2020

Advantech IoT for roads and parking

The number of vehicles on roads of megacities is on the rise, causing many negative consequences. That is why the optimization of the functioning of transport networks is very relevant today. Advantech offers system integrators to use ready-made developments in the field of robotic parking and major city transport infrastructure management in their automation projects.

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Mobile charging stations under control

The gateway Eurotech IoT and the cloud platform Everyware are used by FreeWire Technologies for the control of mobile intelligent systems for charging the electric motor cars. The task of creating of a scalable intelligent solution for power storage was solved successfully in the course of development.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Bus stories

The environmental and logistics problems of megacities are getting worse from year to year due to population growth and rising traffic congestion. Let's have a look at transport infrastructure, for example. In many cities the roads were designed for considerably less traffic and it is now extremely difficult to upgrade them in densely-built urban areas. Thus, experts need to seek solutions taking into account many external factors and limitations. One of the promising ways to reduce traffic jams and increase passenger traffic is to develop intelligent urban multi-transport systems. Buses - the most common form of public transportation - may act as a part of such system. The article offers some successful examples of the creation of automated control systems for a bus depot.

      1 2018

#   1/2018

Automated fare collection and ticket inspection systems for public transport

Automated fare collection and ticket inspection systems (AFCTIS) are an integral part of transport infrastructure in large cities. The modern AFCTIS system is not only a means of fare collection in certain types of transport; it is also a multi-purpose complex that analyzes the passenger traffic and provides flexible tariff plans as well as other transport-related services. The article discusses some specific features of the state-of-the-art AFCTIS system using Moscow’s transport system as an example.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

SCADA RTEC control system for the traction substations of the municipal electric transport

The article describes the SCADA RTEC system developed by SoftCom S.A. This system is a comprehensive solution offering an advanced automatic process control system for the municipal public electric transport enterprise RTEC (Kishinev).

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      3 2003

#   3/2003

Automating the testing of linear electric motors on the Moscow Monorail

This article examines methods and tools for automating experimental testing and test rigs, including for tests conducted in extreme, extraordinary conditions, and in dynamic and static modes. The authors briefly describe a measurement system for testing linear electric motors on the Moscow Monorail.

      2 2000

#   2/2000

Municipal Traffic Control System

The article describes the structure and features of the automated control system for urban transport and pedestrian traffic, as well as its hardware implementation.

      2 1999

#   2/1999

Radiotelemetric Systems in the Municipal Services

Creation of an integrated radiotelephone and radiotelemetric system for supervisory control of the passenger traffic and an automated guard system is considered in the article.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Telecontrol System for Traction Substations

Implementation of the telecontrol system for traction substations using non-intelligent radio-modems is described. Methods of organizing the network and reliability improving are considered.