Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2020

#   3/2020

Expanding GENESIS64 Functionality as Illustrated by the Dispatching of an Enrichment Plant

The article describes the functional capacities of an up-to-date automated operating dispatch control system implemented at an enriching plant. The authors give screenshots of conventional automated production control workstation displays as compared to new ADCS user data supply and provisioning solutions developed by ASKO, LLC using ICONICS GENESIS64.

      2 2016

#   2/2016

Control and protection system for the mine hoisting unit ZKDR.4

The article presents the design concept and features of the commercial off-the-shelf automated system for control, integrated protection, registration and visualization of the operating modes of the mine hoisting unit (ZKDR system). This system is designed for use in the mining industry. Also discussed is the importance of creating an additional modification of ZKDR.4 system. This modification is intended for use as a ZKDR system. A backup control and protection system of the mine hoisting unit can also be built on its base.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

Shaft alarm system for a mine

The article offers a brief description of the design concept, properties and performance characteristics of standard commercial shaft alarm system for mines. The arguments given in the article show the importance of building such systems. Also discussed are the requirements for these systems, examples of implementation, the software used, functionality and the further development of the system.

Automation technology for the equipment of nonmetallic mineral quarries

The article focuses on automation engineering solutions for crushing and screening plants at nonmetallic mineral deposits – the most important sector in construction industry. Also included are recommendations on how to upgrade the control system of the processing line at such plants and an example of implementation of control hardware & software for the equipment.

      1 2015

#   1/2015

Experience in developing the multithreaded QNX software for diamond separators

The article describes the use of QNX RTOS for the implementation of pattern recognition (machine vision) system on the X-ray-absorption (transmission) diamond separators in a hard real-time environment at NPP "Burevestnik" JSC.

      4 2014

#   4/2014

An automatic system for monitoring and recording the performance parameters of mine winding units

The article presents a solution for building an infrastructure for the collection of data on the operational parameters of mine winding units. This is illustrated with an example of the project implemented at the JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel mines. The system offers a single tool to monitor and analyze the operating parameters of mine winding units for the specialists of all levels of management of the mining operations at JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

Separator for concentration of diamond-bearing material based on QNX RTOS software

The article covers the principle of the operation of the X-ray fluorescence separators. Also included is a description of the process of development of the XRF separator control system based on QNX Neutrino RTOS. The starting point is a review of the prototype solution with an analysis of its major disadvantages.

      1 2010

#   1/2010

Control of the mine conveyor transport at Production Association Belaruskali

The article presents the control system of a branched conveyor transport of mines utilizing Siemens equipment. The article shows the system architecture, describes the principles of operation and capabilities and reviews the development prospects. The system has been introduced and is now in operation in the mines at RUP PA Belaruskali.

Ore quality monitoring at an ore-dressing plant

The article describes the ore quality monitoring at an ore-dressing plant. The system operates in automatic mode and generates data for the records management and technological metering of ore and metals. The goal of the system is to significantly improveoperability and reliability of incoming information on the ore quality and enable the personnel to receive such information in an easy-to-use form.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

Coal mine personnel monitoring and warning system

The article describes a coal mine personnel monitoring and warning system (SNiOP) for emergencies. The system was developed by the Design and Technological Institute of the Computer Engineering, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KTI VT SO RAN, Novosibirsk). The basic tasks of the system are the continuous monitoring of the location of the coal mine personnel and prompt search in the rockfalls in case of an accident.

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Mine hoist monitoring system

The article presents a mine hoist monitoring system based on the Fastwel and Pepperl+Fuchs industrial equipment. Also discussed are the architecture of the system, its capabilities and principles of operation. The experience of implementation and operation is analyzed. The article covers the prospects for modernization and development of the system.

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Automation of the ore reduction and flotation product density monitoring

The article reviews various densimeter designs, their advantages and disadvantages as well as experience of development and implementation of the density monitoring system featuring a reliable operation and accuracy of measurement. The system employs the stateoftheart transducers and a highly reliable logical programmable controller.

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      2 2005

#   2/2005

Mine winding plant control and complex protection system

The article reports on the actuality of the control system creation and its principal description as well as mine winding plant complex protection, operating regime registration and visualization. On the basis of automation object features, there have been stated certain requirements to the system and given the reasons for basic software complex and technological tools preference for system development. The article also touches upon system's real-time operation architecture solution and rate calculation method. You can find hardware solutions description, the list of performed functions, technical characteristics, application and development experience for the purpose of its further modernization.

      3 2001

#   3/2001

Automating X-ray diamond separators

This article examines the automation of X-ray separators for diamond-bearing ores. The article devotes particular attention to the analysis of signals based on analog-digital conversion and monitoring of the state of the separators in the automated process control system.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Automated Control System for MMC 105*54 Overflow-Type Self-Grinding Mill

Automated control system for autogenous overflow-type mill for enriching factory № 14 of Aikhal is described in the article.