Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Situational awareness system based on ICONICS software solves water supply problems

The article deals with the situational awareness system of Scottish Water, which is the leading organization in the water supply system of Scotland. The system was created based on ICONICS GENESIS64™. It helps to respond to customers' requests swiftly, to warn and to eliminate emergency situations, as well as to minimize the consequences for the consumers.

MAQ20 increases heating efficiency

By its many parameters, the data acquisition and control system Dataforth MAQ20 found its application in many industrial automation systems. Today, an unusual project will be discussed – the project for the automation of heating boilers for private residence. Notwithstanding their moderate system size, MAQ20 modules used in it ensured considerable advantages both at the stage of design and during its operation.

      1 2015

#   1/2015

Smart grid water

The global trends in developing the industrial automation for the next five-ten years show the transition from the traditional/ classical control systems to a new level of smart solutions in industry. Such changes are visible in many areas. This article covers the smart water networks. First of all these smart solutions open up huge opportunities for public utility companies to improve productivity and efficiency as well as quality of services to consumers.

      3 2014

#   3/2014

The control system for highway lighting in Imereti lowland

The article presents the lighting control system within the framework of infrastructure development project for the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Also included is a brief description of the system, its hardware and software components. The article discusses new approaches to the implementation of the operator interface using the modern services.

      2 2013

#   2/2013

SINVIK energy efficient hardware/software complex for pumping stations

The article presents the SINVIK hardware/software complex designed by SINETIK CJSC. The SINVIK complex significantly reduces energy consumption, increases the equipment turnaround cycle and decreases the fault rate at the networks of water supply and water discharge facilities in public utilities. Also included is a description of the structure of hardware solutions and examples of implementation. The article gives the actual data on the recoupment of the SINVIK complex through example specific projects.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

Arrangement of the reliable communication channels for transmission of process data

The article discusses a software solution to control data transmission channels in a distributed control system. The program is able to provide simplex or duplex exchange between two or more remote points with wireless communications. Also included is a description of a reliable data exchange mechanism between two remote objects over unreliable communication channels. The article takes a look at a real water pump station automation project which verified the required validity and reliability of this program when transmitting the process data for synchronization of two SCADA-systems.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

Efficient use of resources and safety during the local arrangement of an intelligent process control system of the water pumping station

The article describes an integrated automated system of GUP Vodokanal-St. Petersburg based on the example of process control system of the Volkhonskaya Booster Water Pumping Station. The system offers adequate solutions in terms of the efficient use of the resources as well as process safety in operation of the water pumping stations.

      3 2010

#   3/2010

System for acquiring and processing data from the heat energy metering units at SKAUT-Teplo Company

The article describes the system for acquisition and analyzing the data from the heat metering devices and shows the system architecture, the equipment used and the developed software. Also, the article analyses the experience of introduction and operation of the system in several managing companies in Kaluga Region.

      2 2010

#   2/2010

Energy-saving automated control system for outdoor and art lighting

The article provides a description of the supervisor control system designed for the geographically distributed facilities. Examples of real projects demonstrate the functional capabilities of the system in various applications. The described benefits of the system - energy savings and energy efficiency improvements - show its applicability for outdoor lighting control systems.

      1 2008

#   1/2008

Concept of use of the LED luminaires along with the traditional light sources

The article describes the basic aspects of the use of the LED luminaires in the lighting systems of the residential buildings, public places and industrial facilities. Also, the article gives assessment of the economic efficiency of their use as compared to the traditional light sources.

Automated control system for the outdoor lighting: current issues of design and operation and prospects for development

The article discusses the specific features of the automated control systems for the outdoor lighting and the system requirements. The comparative assessment of various design options for these systems is made. The article shows the prospects for the development of the systems as to the enhancement of reliability, maximum centralization of monitoring, remote fault localization, improvement of power consumption accounting and implementation of the energy-saving technologies.

      4 2007

#   4/2007

Automated system for monitoring quantity and quality of the municipal services provided to the urban population

The article describes the implementation of a system for monitoring quantity and quality of the municipal services furnished to the people of a small city near Moscow. The main objectives pursued when designing the system were to improve quality of the municipal services as well as provide a possibility for prompt response to various emergencies and a case study of the emergencies occurred based on the historical data on the behavior of an object before and during an accident in order to prevent the similar situations in the future.

Environmentally friendly car wash project

The article gives rationale for the necessity of a comprehensive approach to the development of a car wash project which is a mass-produced product meeting the environmental safety requirements while maintaining its efficiency as a business project. The article shows that the main component of such approach is the design of the centralized automatic car wash control system. The selected hardware for the system is described.

      3 2003

#   3/2003

Developing an automated process control system for a water intake using the MK-4xx series modules

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Remote site monitoring and control system

This article examines a system for remote site monitoring and control built for a network of heating stations in Kaliningrad. The authors describe the system's structure and its functional capabilities, and they cite certain details regarding the application of cellular communications channels and microcontrollers from Advantech.

Automated system for controlling a water screen

The authors describe the development of an automated system for controlling a water screen at a holding storehouse for liquid chlorine at the Severnaya Water Station in St. Petersburg. The article devotes particular attention to the issues of how to ensure high reliability and the necessary level of safety in the system.

      1 2002

#   1/2002

Setting up an automated control system for a water works

This article briefly describes the history, implementation, prospects for improvement and technical features of the Sludinskaya Water Works in Nizhniy Novgorod. The system was built using remote data collection and control modules.

      4 2000

#   4/2000

Automated Monitoring and Control of Diversion Unit

The article reports about the automation experience of a typical diversion unit at Khimki-3 water treatment plant in Moscow region.

      1 1998

#   1/1998

Automated process control system for sewage pumping stations at water treatment stations

The system described in this article is in operation at working water treatment stations in Nizhevartovsk.