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      4 2018

#   4/2018

An old friend is better than two new ones

While implementing a long-term program for construction and operation of the International Space Station (ISS), the Aviation Equipment Research Institute JSC worked in close collaboration with PROSOFT to solve many complex engineering problems that occurred while building state-of-the-art space onboard equipment. The article focuses on the history of their cooperation that dates back to the 1990s and has turned into true friendship.

      3 2017

#   3/2017

Use of general-purpose industrial standards for building space computers

The COTS technology actively used in special-purpose foreign and domestic developments is an excellent way to reduce financial and time costs. The article describes the experience of using the COTS technology in building on-board computers for space vehicles.

      1 2017

#   1/2017

CompactPCI – standard for building computers for space applications

The CompactPCI Serial-based computer systems have already proved themselves in space technologies, particularly, in the Mars exploration program. However, the technological advances and new research programs require further development of the standard. The article describes a new Space CompactPCI Serial standard and the core features of the CompactPCI Serial incorporated into the new standard.

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      3 2013

#   3/2013

Control system for the equipment of umbilical tower of the Angara versatile launch complex

The article presents the fundamentals determining the specific requirements for a new launch complex which, for the first time in world practice, carries out the launch of a family of boosters from one launch facility. Also discussed is the rationale for choosing the hardware base. The article includes the description of the general scheme and principles of building the control system for the umbilical tower of the Angara versatile launch complex.

Power supply system for testing the electronic equipment of rocket and space complexes

This publication presents the results of work on building a few options of a standard power system simulator for testing and qualification of electronic equipment as well as rocket and space equipment.

Controllers correlating the measurable parameters with the universal time

The article presents an experience of development of hardware and software complex of a world time server based on the FASTWEL CPC30401/LNX processor module. Also included is a description of the purpose, a block schematic diagram, the principles of operating the equipment and the performance features of the processor module.

      1 2013

#   1/2013

Automated facility for testing the control systemsof space-rocket launch complexes

The article discusses experience in building an automated facility for testing the control systems of the space-rocket launch complexes. Also included is a description of the typical structural elements, arhitecture and functions as well as the capabilities of the facility's hardware and software.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

Experience of using Schroff cabinets based on Varistar platform when developing automated test systems

The article discusses the design concept and experience in developing automated test systems to control complex high-tech facilities based on the Schroff's Varistar cabinet platforms. It is demonstrated that the use of these cabinets is justified from the point of view of their reliability and failure-free operation.

Distributed control system for antenna complex

The article presents a hardware-software complex to control a multi-channel radio complex in real-time mode. Also included is a description of the hardware and software architecture and specifics of implementation.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

Automated control system for the process equipment of the Soyuz spacecraft launch pad at Guiana Space Centre

The automation of the launch pad is an example of the innovation solutions in modern space industry. The article describes the newest control system for the ground process equipment of the launch pad implementing the basic principles of integration of hardware and software complexes into a common information space.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

Dome shutter control system of a ground-based optical-laser center

The article reviews a technical solution for a dome shutter control system of a ground-based optical-laser center located in the Altai Territory. Also discussed are the problems and the main principles used to select an element base of the domestic producer (FASTWEL) to build this system.

      1 2006

#   1/2006

Software component model for space vehicle onboard systems testing

The problems related to complex engineering systems testing are stated in this article. The tasks of presentation and processing information concerning the technological processes of testing such systems are described. The article includes tried and tested solutions to the above-mentioned difficulties.

      3 2005

#   3/2005

Automated control system for jet thruster stand test-firing

The article reports on automated control system development for jet thruster stand test-firing. The system is MicroPC solutions based and supported by MAIS-2000 software. The described solutions allow to raise the quality of performed tests and to increase the precision of measurements by means of highly reliable hardware application. The system is being implemented at the NIIMash test base (Nizhnaya Salda city, Sverdlovsk region).

On-board spacecraft retransmitter digital equipment testing complex

The article reports on the stages of on-board spacecraft retransmitter digital equipment testing complex creation based on ADAM-4000 modules. The principles of testing complex creation as well as its engineering data are presented. The modular approach applied by the author allows to reduce time and expenses on required tests of equipment.

      4 2001

#   4/2001

System for monitoring and controlling scientific-technical experiments in space

This article describes the structure and components of a system designed for the real-time monitoring and control of crystallization processes using a zonal heating process in crystal-growing equipment in space. The basic components used ensure that the system is highly reliable when personnel tasks are carried out effectively.