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      2 2016

#   2/2016

Cost savings through machinery modernization

The article demonstrates how to optimize the costs at a machine-building plant while maintaining the technological capabilities in circumstances where there is a severe shortage of funds. This is illustrated by the example of modernization of electrical equipment and controls of the 2A656RF11 horizontal boring machine.

      2 2015

#   2/2015

Automated control system for vacuum process equipment

The article focuses on the automation of the Irida vacuum process equipment series from ESTO-Vacuum. This equipment is used for the spraying, etching and deposition of various materials. Also discussed is the software concept that allows the scale-up of the equipment for almost any automated process control project.

Upgrade of control system for hydraulic machines

The article offers an engineering solution to upgrade the control system of a KuASY injection molding machine made in Germany in the 1990s. Such solution significantly improves the efficiency of its use for small-scale production. An example given in the article demonstrates the use of the most popular device of man-machine interface (operator panel) in order to achieve one of the primary objectives of modernization - the visualization of the injection molding process.

Automation of the endless cardboard folding

The article presents a system for automating the folding of the endless cardboard. It is implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art equipment using the advanced industrial automation technologies.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Development of automated control system for line-type vacuum process equipment

The article describes the development of an automated control system for line-type vacuum process equipment. The article covers the features of the process based on such equipment as well as the client's specific requirements. It is shown what impact it has on the control system architecture, operator interface and choice of hardware-software equipment.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

Automatic control systems for gas carburizing processes

The article examines the metal surface impregnation processes, particularly gas carburizing. Also discussed are methods and instruments for measuring the carbon potential of the furnace atmosphere as applied to the development of an automatic control system for the gas carburizing processes. The article presents the hardware of the automatic control system and basic elements of software. The examples are provided to illustrate practical implementation of the automatic control system for gas carburizing processes.

      2 2010

#   2/2010

P-714B plywood press upgrade

In this article, the author describes a plywood press upgrade project utilizing imported and domestic components in an effort to achieve the maximum efficiency of the upgraded equipment operation while minimizing the automation system costs. The article provides a brief overview of the proposals available on the electrical product market and offers an interesting approach for selecting the components for this project.

Development hardware–software complex based on real-time systems

The article discusses the use of the On Time Informatik RTOS 32 real time operating system when designing a numerical control system. The basis for the article is the ООО NPO RubikonInnovatsiya's experience gained when developing the Phoenix numerical control system.

      1 2010

#   1/2010

Comprehensive upgrade of the automatic system of the LEST-1200 saturating machine

The article describes the software-hardware complex of the LEST-1200 saturating machine. The software-hardware complex is designed for continuous monitoring and control of saturation, drying and cutting of the glass fillers into sheets in order to give them the physical-mechanical and technological properties required for the production of dielectric fiber-glass reinforced plastics. The article provides a brief description and technical characteristics of the equipment, architecture and purpose of the hardware and software. Also, the operator interface is briefly reviewed.

      3 2008

#   3/2008

Automated control system for a heat treatment section at the aircraft plant

The system presented in the article is designed for an automated monitoring of the thermal processes in a heat treatment section of the aircraft plant. The article describes the architecture of the system and provides the results of the use of the system equipped with various types of the control elements.

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Needle puncher control system

The article describes the deep modernization of the control system for the needle puncher - a nonwoven fabric machine. This project has been implemented by POISK company employing the advanced hardware/software products.

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      4 2006

#   4/2006

Ob automated detonation complex for applying powered coatings

The article exemplifies an automated industrial detonation technology. A computerized detonation complex intended for applying powdered coatings is described that allows for programmable processing of a variety of machine parts and mechanisms, while automatically preventing hazardous situations and controlling process conditions.

      2 2005

#   2/2005

Numeric control machines modernization: seven practical suggestions

The article provides with practical advice on CNC machine tools modernization and its practical examples. The most common mistakes, which bring loss of efficiency to the CNC machine tools modernization are analyzed, some consequences of ill-developed technical solutions are provided. The connection of equipment with program management (CAM) to automated designing systems (CAD) is shown.

      3 2003

#   3/2003

Building an automated system for controlling explosion-hazardous manufacturing processes

The author examines the issues involved in putting together the hardware and software for an automated process control system for use in areas at risk for explosion.

      3 2002

#   3/2002

NC-2000 digital control system

The authors examine the NC-2000 digital control system, intended for controlling complex, high-efficiency equipment. The system described is one component of a closed-loop production process for modern, flexible computer-aided manufacturing, built around an integrated computing network supported with the necessary hardware. This system is a component of a production-oriented information network for a plant or factory, performing its functions without human intervention.

      4 2001

#   4/2001

Automated rotor balancing system

This article describes an automated system for performing dynamic rotor balancing on a vertical balancing stand with gasostatic bearings.

      3 2001

#   3/2001

Upgrading machines with digital control system

This article describes the structure and features of the DiaNa-SNS digital control system, including the hardware and software components of the system. The article provides examples of how this system has been used to upgrade different types of machines.

      2 2000

#   2/2000

Thyristor Drive Control System

The SU-M1 system, which functionality and features analysis is given, is based on MicroPC 6040 microcontroller and controls the direct-current thyristor drive.