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      2 2021

#   2/2021

Innovation in Road Construction

The paper presents the experience of integrating advanced technologies to automate modern bitumen terminals for the storage and production of high-tech bitumens used in road construction.

      1 2020

#   1/2020

Import substitution experience in the gas industry – CASCADE ACS

The article presents the localization experience for the General Electric MS5002E gas turbine unit automatic control system based on Regul R600 programmable logic controllers. Issues related to the methods and procedure for import substitution of the foreign produced specialized control system element base are described. The project for gas turbine unit automatic control system implementation at the Gazprom facility PJSC is described.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Gas driven compressor automation system based on Neman-R hardware-software complex using FASTWEL equipment

In most cases, the control systems of PJSC Gazprom gas engine compressors are now obsolete or no longer built or supported by the original manufacturers. Due to thesereasons, it is important to upgrade the control systems to meet the current requirements. The article reviews the specific features of implementation of the internal combustion gas engine control system based on the Neman-R hardware-software complex developed by Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika LLC using FASTWEL I/O modules.

      3 2018

#   3/2018

FASTWEL I/O in distributed control systems

The article describes the structure and functions of a distributed information management system based on a FASTWEL I/O controller at gas distribution stations. Also discussed are the advantages of distributed systems over centralized ones.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Automated control system for asphalt plant

The article describes an automated process control system for the asphalt plant, which has been implemented at the oil refinery. Also included is information on the structure and characteristics of the automated process control system and basic functions and technical solutions that have been employed when building the system.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Practical aspects of integration between MES and automated process control system at petrochemical plants

The extremely competitive petrochemicals market requires greater transparency in production. To accomplish this, MES-systems should be integrated with existing process control systems. The article covers the practical experience of integration between MES and automated process control system that has been gained at some petrochemical plants in Russia.

      1 2017

#   1/2017

Automated fuel and lubricant warehouse

The article provides a description of the automated process control system for the fuel and lubricant warehouse at the VPK-Oil LLC refinery located in the settlement of Kochenevo, Novosibirsk Region. Also discussed are the architecture and characteristics of the automated process control system, the basic functions and technical solutions that have been implemented in the system.

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Automated control system for the equipment of NGV-refueling compressor station

The article describes the development and implementation of the automated control system employing the domestic FASTWEL I/O PLC for the equipment of NGV-Refueling Compressor Station. Also discussed are the preconditions for the system's development, the major criteria for the selection of equipment, the system's structure and architecture. The article also contains a detailed description of the system's operation.

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Telemechanics system for valve stations of the external gas supply pipelines at Yakutsk State District Power Plant-2

The article reviews the implementation of the project for the telemechanics system for valve stations of the external gas supply pipelines at Yakutsk State District Power Plant-2, which is under construction. The article covers the specific features of the control systems for the pipelines as well as basic requirements for reliability and availability of the similar systems. Also discussed are its major technological solutions, the selection of software and hardware, its operation algorithm, visual display system and telemechanics system implementation issues.

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Burner management system for combustion of gas–liquid mixtures

The article discusses the use of FASTWEL I/O controllers in the automatic control system of the burner management system for the combustion of gas-liquid mixtures.

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      2 2016

#   2/2016

Smart wireless system to control process variables using the WirelessHART Protocol

The article investigates an optimal and cost-effective solution during the automation of AkCPPN in Electric Desalter-2 at Bashneft-Dobycha LLC. The economic analysis of the project based on the wired and wireless technologies shows that the wired systems are more expensive than the wireless ones. The complexity of installation, time input and maintenance costs of the entire system have been taken into account.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

System to automatically control the methane number at a gas treating unit

There has been increasing attention for the necessity to utilize associated petroleum gas, e.g. via power generation, due to the higher fees paid for emissions from gas flaring. But the poor gas quality requires special gas treating units which ensure a high level of monitoring and control. This article presents one such facility, and it describes the control system designed for this unit.

      3 2015

#   3/2015

Aspects of implementation of the crude oil custody transfer metering system

This article describes the new GC Argosy hardware and software solutions based on the SIMATIC products, ASP.Net and Silverlight technologies which have been used when implementing the data processing system for crude oil custody transfer measurements.

      2 2015

#   2/2015

Automation of the oil product loading/unloading rail rack

The article describes an automated control system for loading the oil products into the rail tank cars at the oil product loading/unloading rail facility of Ilsky Oil Refinery LLC (a partner of KNGK-Group Investment and Engineering Holding). Also discussed are the actuality of the system, its purpose and functions. The article presents the system architecture, shows the hardware and software used, offers a detailed description of the automated process control system as well as the process of the operation through an example of fuel oil loading process, and covers the results of introduction.

      3 2014

#   3/2014

ABB frequency drivers in oil and gas industry

The article focuses on the basic systems of an oil and gas complex where the use of frequency drivers is suitable. Also discussed in detail are the ABB frequency drivers' models which are most appropriate for use in industrial applications. The article offers some examples of the use of this equipment in real projects.

      2 2014

#   2/2014

Remote monitoring and control system for wells and complex gas treatment unit

This article describes an information, measurement and monitoring system of the gas wells implemented by VOTUM LLC (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine) upon request of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited in one of the gas-condensate fields in the Poltava Region. The objective of the system development was to improve the efficiency of personnel actions in order to optimize gas withdrawal from each well.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

Training and laboratory complex for the use of automated systems to study transport phenomena in porous media

This article describes a training and laboratory complex for use of automated systems to study transport phenomena in porous media. This complex was built by the Department of Radioelectronics at the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. The complex is used to train automated process control system specialists for the oil industry. The basis of the complex is the modular FASTWEL I/O PLC and GENESIS32 SCADA.

      3 2013

#   3/2013

Automated control system of the special state primary standard GET 195-2011

The article covers an automated process control system of the special state primary standard of gas/liquid mixture mass flow rate GET 195-2011. Also discussed is the necessity of establishing the standard, service, structure and functions of the control system. The article shows the requirements for the equipment used when creating the standard and describes the system architecture, hardware and software.

      2 2012

#   2/2012

ICONICS software and Sintek solution – Transneft’s choice for a new oil pipeline

In October, 2011, Transneft JSC launched the oil pipeline Purpe - Samotlor. The article describes the basic software modules and technologies which provide a flexible and reliable solution to integrate the automated process control system of the new oil pipeline to the central dispatching system.

Automated process control system with additional functionality for gas treatment unit

The article describes the implementation of the automated process control system based on the Siemens hardware/software platform. Also included are the system design concept, architecture, operator interface and primary functions.

S7-400H fail-safe automation system for gas treatment unit

The article presents an automated system introduced and used in gas treatment unit at Severneft-Urengoy LLC gas-condensate field (Novy Urengoy). The automatic process control system utilizes modern hardware as well as Siemens S7-400H fail-safe automation system and WinCC 6.0 SCADA.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Experience in upgrading process control system at the oil sludge processing unit

The article describes a technological process employed in the Oil Sludge Processing Unit at Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC. Also discussed is an upgrade of the process control system of this Unit based on the modern hardware and software. The article gives reasons for preference of these means and presents the architecture and functionality of the upgraded system.

      1 2011

#   1/2011

Design of process control system employing the partition function concept

The article discusses specific design features of a process control system for field oil treatment units based on the function partition principle. The implementation of this principle allows for reducing time of design, installation and startup of facilities. The article provides a list of requirements for designing automation sections and describes the softwarehardware for typical sections for various applications. Also shown are operator interface capabilities. The article demonstrates the use of products from Rittal, Siemens, VIPA as basic equipment.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

Problems and solutions on the upgrade of Sputnik and Mera AGMU in the oil industry

The current stage of the technology development in the oil industry is characterized by working out the ways to upgrade the automatic group measuring units now in operation and the new ones by using moisture meters. The article describes the architecture, operation algorithm and evaluation of the accuracy of measuring the flowrate and relative content of crude oil in the products from the oil producing wells by means of Satel RVVL radiowave moisture meter specifically designed for this purpose. Also included are the performance characteristics and the results of the certification tests.

      3 2010

#   3/2010

Use of the modern hardware-software solutions by example of the process control system for the automobile gas-filling compressor station at LLC Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg

The article is dedicated to the control system of the automobile gasfilling compressor station developed by LLC Krona. The system employs highperformance and highly reliable MicroPC controllers from FASTWEL (ОС Linux 2.6) and the universal, IEC 61131-3 compatible software ISaGRAF 5.

      4 2009

#   4/2009

The automated control system for the associated gas preparation unit

The automated system controlling the basic processes of associated gas preparation unit isdescribed. Issues of field automation equipment choice, use of IBM PC compatible controllersin the hot sparing mode, as well compatibility with modern software are considered.

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      2 2009

#   2/2009

Automation system for the city gas-distribution network based on the Kaskad-SAU software-hardware complex

The article describes the supervisory control system for the telemechanics facilitiesof the city gasdistribution network. Also discussed are the technical characteristics,hardware architecture, composition and functional capabilities of the systemsoftware. Particular attention is given to the data display and backup tools as well asthe embedded diagnostic and supplied development tools.

Gas compressor units control: problems occurred and solutions

The article covers the problems occurred when designing the control systems forthe gas compressor units. GTK104 control block for a gas compressor unitdeveloped by NPK LENPROMAVTOMATIKA is presented here as one of the solutions.

      2 2008

#   2/2008

Automated process control system for the gas gathering

The article describes the automated process control system for the gas gathering station of the underground gas storage facility. The system provides reliable and efficient operation of the gas injection, formation pressure maintenance and gas offtake equipment.

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Automation of the gas distribution station network

The article describes a system comprising the local process control systems of the gas distribution stations integrated into the SCADA system. Also discussed are the characteristics, hardware design, structure and functions of the system software.

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An adaptive automatic control system for the electric

The control system of the preservation bench for the electric centrifugal pumps used in oil production does not only allow for carrying out the entire operation cycle in an automatic mode but is also capable of adapting for the capacity of pumps of various types. This system is quite flexible for changing the time parameters of the preservation cycle. The introduction of the control system has let to a substantial increase in the stand performance.

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Use of the Mitsubishi Electric System Q controllers

The article shows the advantages of the control system based on the Mitsubishi Electric controllers as applied to the processes in the oil refining industry.

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      2 2007

#   2/2007

On-spot loading rack rated at 3 million tons of petroleum products a year

The article describes an automated clock filling plant that has been put into operation in the oil refinery at OAO Salavatnefteorgsintez. The plant is designed for direct weighing of petroleum products and filling of tank cars through two telescopic filling pipes, as well as for removal of vapors from the filling area or their recuperation.

Automated systems controlling gas, oil, and water heating

The systems described in this article are intended to control various gas jets, keep a product being heated at a desired temperature, meet safety requirements, and detect malfunction. Remote control is also provided. The heater-controlling systems allow designers to unify circuit, hardware, and software solutions and also simplify the equipment adjustment during operation and updating.

Automated system for controlling a flow gauge calibration bench

An automated system for controlling a flow gauge calibration bench is described. Hardware and software tools constituting a basis for this process control system are presented, and the operation of the bench is outlined.

      2 2006

#   2/2006

Corrosion-monitoring system for oil primary refining plant

An automated corrosion-monitoring system installed on the AVT oil refining facility at the OOO Lukoil-Volgogradneftepererabotka oil refining plant is described. The system is intended for prevention of corrosion processes via automatically controlling the delivery of anticorrodants to the interior of the AVT facility.

Kanal Kvant software-hardware complex for estimating the composition and flow rate of the oil-well fluid

To determine the water content in and the flow rate of oil being recovered from a well is a technological challenge. A Kanal Kvant hardware-software complex, a part of oil-field equipment automation facility, is designed to serve this purpose. The article gives an idea of its hardware and describes in detail the functionality and components of its software. Pilot operational tests show the reliability and a sufficient accuracy of measurements.

      3 2005

#   3/2005

Teleautomatic complex SupeRTU-4

      2 2005

#   2/2005

Oil-field automation: from simplicity to complexity

The following article reports on modern oil-field control system, as well as its features and prospects. The automation of this industry is considered on a specific example of maximum complete borehole's automation. The GPRS usage for remote objects control is shortly touched upon.

Signal and data communication solutions for the linear part of cross-country gas pipe-lines

The article contains a description of problems with signal connection and data reports about the linear part of cross-country gas pipe-lines condition transmission. One can also find a short overview of existing systems, their application experience, as well as signal and data communication TeRaNet system application.

Distributed hardware-software complex for process automation visualization and control

The article provides its reader with a description of hardware tools structure, software structure and functional capabilities, aimed for controlled devices performance analysis and control algorithm debugging and development. As an example one may find complete circuit diagrams of hardware configuration of a complex module and the whole system.

Submersible electric motor hydro protection exerciser automated system

The author keeps on describing about the exercisers, designed for oil-production equipment components control and about the control system development for these exercisers. This time there is a submersible electric motor hydro protection exerciser presented designed for electric-centrifugal pumps apparatus. There is a detailed description of exerciser's components, testing process and also software and hardware part of the control system.

      3 2004

#   3/2004

Automated system of submersible electrical equipment exercisers control

The article reports on development and exploitation experience of automated system of submersible electrical equipment exercisers control. This equipment is used in oil industry. Much attention is paid to the hardware-software solutions for electric-centrifugal pump exercisers and submersible induction motor.

      2 2004

#   2/2004

Process control system for oil acceptance and displaying information based on OPC and Web technologies

This article describes the building of a process control system, as well as a data acquisition and information display system by using of GENESIS32 SCADA and OPC router, exemplified at PSP-Mikhaylovka by RITEC company.

A distributed process control system for refinement of sour oil

The authors detail their experience of building of a process control system for refinement of sour oil at Aktashskiy oil fleet. In the course of the project, developers were faced with some difficulties while trying to integrate existing measuring equipment into the new system. The proposed solutions have significantly lowered the overall cost of the system implementation.

      4 2003

#   4/2003

Upgrading the distributed control system for a gas pipeline

In this article, the authors address the issues involved in using a PC-compatible controller to upgrade the distributed control system for a gas pipeline.

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Automating oil processing: "Customs approves!"

The authors describe building an automation system at an installation for the integrated processing of oil at fieldslocated in the former Soviet republics.

Process control system based on the GENESIS32 SCADA suite: a pilot project

This article examines the use of the GENESIS32 SCADA suite and demonstrates the broad functionality of this suite. The authors describe the architecture of a process control system for an oil-gathering station. The system collects data and exercises control using an industrial microcontroller.

System for collecting and displaying information using OPC and Internet technologies

The authors detail their experience building the eXtenderOPC hierarchical system for collecting and displaying information using GENESIS32 SCADA. As an example of an implementation site, the article examines the oil-metering unit at Sibnefteprovod, which is a division of Transneft. The piece demonstrates the flexibility and new capabilities of the system thanks to the use of OPC and Internet technologies.

      2 2002

#   2/2002

Multi-function controllers as the foundation for mass automation of model oil drilling sites

The authors describe the creation of a model multi-function controller and its application in automating oil-drilling sites at the Ashalchinskiy oilfield in Tatarstan.

New options for process control in oil extraction

This article examines the Mega automated control system. The article describes the structure of the system and the functions of its primary elements, and the authors cite those of the system's functions that are important for the oil extraction industry.

Gaz-6 gas content control system

The authors examine the issues associated with automating separate sites along a gas pipeline using the Magistral-2 technologies. The article provides a description of the Gaz-6 gas content control system, along with the structure of the system. This system is capable of functioning both as a component in a larger system or autonomously.

The Khortitsa system for pipeline transfer

This article describes a monitoring and measurement system intended for remote monitoring of parameters and control of equipment on gas and oil pipelines.

Automating bases for the storage of gas-filling stations

The authors examine automated systems for controlling level, volume and mass of liquefied gases at a tank farm for the storage of gas-filling stations. The system is also capable of tracking the transfer of gas from a storage tank into tanker trucks and cylinders.

Automated system for dispensing liquefied gas at filling stations

The author discusses the specifics of automating the retail and technical cycle of automobile filling stations, as well as the system developed for this purpose and the experience using the system. Particular attention is devoted to the metered dispensing of liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

      2 2001

#   2/2001

The development and implementation of an automated process control system for oil processing

This article describes an approach for developing and implementing an automated process control system created as a result of the implementation of a range of projects involving automated systems for oil processing. The key to this approach is the specialization of the hardware and software solution and the standardization of different phases in the creation of an automated process control system at various sites.

Control systems for tank farms for the processing and storage of oil products

This article describes a new system for monitoring and controlling a tank farm for processing oil products and its phased implementation at an oil processing plant without halting production and in a compressed time period.

Automated process control system for an oil processing enterprise

Providing for information collection and remote control functions at gas pipeline facilities

This article describes the Magistral-2 information and measurements solution, designed to create a telemetry system for geographically dispersed facilities. The article examines the structure of a control system for a gas transportation facility, created using the tools provided by the Magistral-2 solution.

Automated systems for metering energy usage, using a Gamma 55 computer

This article examines approaches for resolving commercial and technical aspects of metering an enterprise's use of energy (natural gas, compressed or super-heated steam, heat energy from hot water).

      3 2000

#   3/2000

Process Automation Experience: Oligomerization of Olefine-Containing Gas

This process control system was created on the plant producing a component for a motor fuel. The plant's high-performance operation is conditioned by implementation of the state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.

      2 2000

#   2/2000

Control of Oilfield Objects by Using Combined Communication Channels

Problems in the area of distributed remote control systems for the oil field equipment are considered and exemplified by MEGA Measuring Computing System.

Regional Gas Equipment Control System

Issues of building a process control system for gas supply in a region, and its linking to corporate database management systems are described.

Gas Turbogenerator Control System

Mobile electric power stations using gas turbogenerators are needed for compressor plants at gas-main pipelines, on oil and gas fields. A gas turbogenerator control system is considered in the article.

      4 1999

#   4/1999

Microprocessor Control for the Long-Stroke Pumping Unit

The structure and contents of a microprocessor control unit, which is a part of the long-stroke pumping unit for extraction of oil is described. This control unit implements different operation modes considered in the article.

      2 1999

#   2/1999

Automation of Gas-Compressor Station as an Example of Complex Industrial Works Automation Experience

Systems Based on Acoustic Meters and Fluid Level Indicators

The new high-precision acoustic meters and fluid level indicators, as well as the systems on their basis are described.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Modernization of the CAM System for Complex Gas Preparation Plants in the Far Northern Region

Contemporary level of automation of complex gas preparation plants (CGPP) in the Far Northern region is analyzed. A brief list of problems to be solved by CGPP is considered, as well as the issues of modernization of CGPP CAM System.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Upgrading the automated process control systems for oil mains

This article discusses the development and implementation of an automatic process control system for Sibnefteprovod's Uraiskoye Oil Pipeline Department.

Monitoring gas control points

This article examines a system for monitoring gas control points that provides real-time, accurate information both on current parameters and on accidents in the gas supply system.

      2 1997

#   2/1997

The Kosmotronika automated process control system

The author examines the Kosmotronika radio-controlled process control system used in the energy sector and in oil and gas extraction.

Automating petroleum tank farms

Control system for a gas compressor unit

Automated processes for dehydrating crude oil

The author describes the automation of processes for dehydrating crude oil at stations for the preliminary disposal of deposit water.

      1 1997

#   1/1997

A Gas-Flow Regulator