Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      2 2016

#   2/2016

Introduction of palletizers at food plant

It is impossible to imagine a modern conveyor belt plant without automatic packaging machines. This is particularly significant for the food industry, because the misuse of packaging technology considerably shortens the shelf life of the finished products. The article provides a description of such palletizing equipment which places each layer of the finished product on a pallet.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Upgrade of process control system of the finished product shop

When revamping the existing enterprises, the key requirements are minimization of idle time during the commissioning period and reduction of capital expenditures. The article presents the hardwaresoftware solutions whose implementation allowed for fulfilling these requirements when upgrading the process control system of the finished product shop at a breadbaking complex.

Use of the state-of-the-art automation technologies for the development of process control system for a dairy factory

The article describes an experience in using the Siemens stateoftheart developments (APF TP libraries) for the food industry within process control system project for a dairy factory performed by NPO Elevar CJSC. Also discussed are the main stages of the development, use of the virtual plant model based on PHMIE and the basic hardware/software utilized in the process control system.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

New approach to the automation of the spirit brew production

The article describes a new method of diluting starch to produce spirit brew. The company and industrial experience is summed up, and various methods are compared. The article provides and justifies solutions on how to upgrade the existing process control system in order to introduce and implement a new method based on this system. The special features of the upgraded system operation are shown by describing the tasks that the system performs. In conclusion, the article presents the factors which determine the efficiency of implementation of the approaches described in the article as well as some data which allow an understanding of potential economy.

      1 2010

#   1/2010

Design of the process control system for the production and packaging of margarine

The article describes the design of the process control system for the production and packaging of margarine. The project was carried out during modernization of the margarine production facility at OJSC Fat Production Plant (Saratov). A brand new level of process control was achieved.

Austrian bakers rely on the innovative, fast and efficient PLC technology

In 2005, Fischer Brot, an Austrian bakery, considerably expanded their production capacities. They built a new plant incorporating the mostuptodate process equipment. The process control system is based on the highperformance PLCs from VIPA which provide a reliable performance of the tasks allotted and demonstrate the excellent compatibility with the Siemens software products.

      2 2007

#   2/2007

Complex approach to designing a process control system used in alcohol mash production

The need for a complex approach to updating production objects is demonstrated. The approach described in this paper was applied at the Kozlov distillery to incorporate the control system used in alcohol mash production into the general alcohol-production-controlling system. The alcohol production technology; the software/hardware, structure, and functions of the control system; and the potentiality of the operator interface are described. The final part of the article shows the efficiency of the approaches implemented in practice.

      1 2006

#   1/2006

Production operations management tasks solution at different information structure levels of an enterprise

The consideration is given to enterprise information structure, its components' positioning and interaction, their place in management hierarchical structure, tasks and methods of their integration into industrial environment. Special attention is paid to ERP, MES and the integration of process control systems for production operations management.

Complex approach to the process control systems construction in alcohol production

The article presents the complex approach to the construction of the alcohol production process control system at Kozlovskiy distillery. The components of this approach are: hardware and software tools selection in accordance with the formulated tasks and requirements; control parameter optimization; functional and structural flexibility provision; real time administration; explosive environment consideration; user-friendly interface development, etc.The article presents quantitative indexes proving the effectiveness of the described system.

      1 2004

#   1/2004

Using servo actuators in packaging equipment

The author describes the replacement of asynchronous frequency-regulated electric drives and electromagnetic couplers with servo actuators in the dosing mechanism on a packaging production line. The article analyzes the advantages of using servo actuators with regard to the primary capabilities of the packaging equipment, speed and accuracy of the dosing. The author offers different scenarios for setting up such a control system.

Control system for distilling equipment

The control system described in this article provides an integrated approach to automating distilling equipment, as opposed to the still widely used solutions that are based on setting up unconnected local units for controlling separate parameters. The author demonstrates the advantages of this integrated approach, which, to a large extent, is enabled by the use of WAGO I/O-System controllers in the system, along with contemporary networking and software solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on hardware backups as a way of ensuring the system functions reliably.

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Automated process control system for the production of chocolate frosting

This article presents a project to modernize a control system for a chocolate frosting production line, describing the unit to be controlled, the production process and the hardware and software.

      3 2001

#   3/2001

Solutions for developing and debugging automatic process control system projects

This article describes the components, structure, hardware and software for solutions to test and debug software for automatic process control systems in laboratory conditions using digital models and full simulations of technological processes. The article cites an example of the use of such a solution to create and automated control system for cold smoking of fish.

      4 2000

#   4/2000

Automated Grain Moistening — Сomprehensive Approach to the Problem

Issues of implementation and practical use of automated moistening line at flour-grinding works are considered in the article, exemplified by “Komposit-09/UV-3” automated control system. The system’s structure and functionality, as well as the hardware implementation features are described.

      3 2000

#   3/2000

Object-Structured Mill Factory Control System

An object-oriented information structure of the mill factory's automation control system may help to simplify replication and modernization of similar control systems.

Stock-Taking of Flour and Finished Products at Confectionery Plant

An automated control system at the confectionery plant producing bread and buns is solving the following tasks: stock-taking of leavings of different flour sorts, and remaining free space in silo; monitoring of machinery operation and finished products output; generation of different-level reports.

      1 2000

#   1/2000

Sugar Manufacturing Process Automation Systems

Varied equipment and software are considered, which serve for the monitoring, registration and control of sugar manufacturing process' operation factors.

      3 1999

#   3/1999

Automated Foodstuffs' Weight Monitoring

This automated control system has been installed at the Fat-and-Oil Integrated Works in Odessa. It measures out and doses delivery of vegetable oil during the process at the oil-extraction plant.

      1 1999

#   1/1999

Automated Control System of the Egg Sorting Machine

An electronic control system for egg sorting is considered, which monitors parameters and controls the flow line.

      3 1998

#   3/1998

From Experience of Alcohol Manufacturing

In the article one of practical applications of Trace Mode SCADA and MFK technological controller is described.

      1 1998

#   1/1998

ADAM-4000-based automated temperature control system in elevator silos

      3 1997

#   3/1997

Automated dairy products control and metering system for dairy plants

The article presents an automated dairy products control and metering system for small and midsize dairy plants. The authors describe the operation of the system's first tier at a working dairy plant, and they point out the possibility of adapting this model control and monitoring system for use in other food industry plants.

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Automation of Alcohol Making