Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2013

#   3/2013

Hydroacoustic visualization tools for unmanned underwater vehicles

The article provides a description of the characteristics of a typical series of sonars, which are developed by the Acoustics Institute and designed for illuminating the underwater scene using remotely operated or autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles. When developing the sonars, considerable attention is given to minimization of the volume of equipment which is basically limited by the size of the antenna which in turn is determined by the requirements for the area of coverage and resolution. All sonars have a unified Ethernet interface and this significantly simplifies their integration into the common data system of underwater vehicles. Also included is an example of incorporation of the developed sonars into a multifunctional sonar system for surveying, navigation and search purposes.

      2 1997

#   2/1997

Automated design of underwater, remote-controlled apparatuses