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      2 2017

#   2/2017

Upgrade of the OSAMA SV4-350-1800 automatic gluing machine

The article describes an automatic gluing machine upgrade project whose purpose was to improve the equipment efficiency and compliance with the required modes of operation. When building the system, cost minimization was achieved through the use of SIEMENS LOGO! PLC and other cost-efficient components. Also discussed are the component selection principles with consideration for process features.

      1 2014

#   1/2014

Automated control system for dolomite powder manufacturing process

This article describes an automated control system for the mineral (dolomite) powder manufacturing process using a tangential hammer mill produced by TYAZHMASH JSC and the closed internal aerodynamic complex. The automated process control system was implemented by CompAS LLC. The proposed solution has no analogues in Russia and allowed the customer to make significant gains.

      1 2013

#   1/2013

Automation system for autoclave treatmentof sand-lime brick

The article presents the results of development and operation of the automation system for autoclave treatment of sand-lime bricks. The autoclave treatment process is controlled by a PC via RS-485 interface utilizing the ADAM-4000 modules. The Advantech ADAMView program is used as supervisory software.

      2 2012

#   2/2012

Automated control system of pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials

The article describes the control system of a pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials in the construction industry. Also included are process diagrams of the automation object and schematic diagram of the control system. The article covers the scope of equipment, design concept and operating principles of the system.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

Automated control system for wet thermal treatment of silica bricks

The automated control system discussed in the article is designed to monitor, regulate and control the wet thermal treatment of silica bricks in autoclaves. The hardware of the automated control system is based on the SIMATIC S7-300 controller with the ET200S distributed I/O stations.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Use of the PCS7 control system and CEMAT application in cement industry

The article describes the control system of a kiln for burning the raw mix and making clinker when producing cement. This system has been introduced at VolynCement OJSC (Zdolbunov, Ukraine).

      1 2010

#   1/2010

Experience in designing the software-hardware complex to control the thermal processes in the production of ceramic bricks

The article covers the architecture, basic functions and technical characteristics of the software-hardware complex to control the thermal processes in the production of ceramic bricks.

      4 2009

#   4/2009

Experience of heat and humidity concrete processing automation

Experience of creating the automated system for the heat and humidity concrete productsprocess control at Spetszhelezobeton plant (Liski, Voronezh region) is described.

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      3 2008

#   3/2008

Automated control system for the wood drying chamber

The article shows the possibilities of using the FX controllers in the wood drying chamber control systems.

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      3 2006

#   3/2006

Process control system for concrete-mixing plant

A process control system for the concrete-mixing plant at the Odintsovo Trading House is described. This system has made it possible to considerably reduce the dosage inaccuracy, control the material consumption, and improve the quality of shipments.

Automated system for controlling the cement level and weight in silos of cement works

The article describes an automated system for control of the cement level and weight that has been advantageously put into operation in cement works. This system allows maintenance staff to take stock of the finished product, optimize the silo load, display archival and current data on the LAN monitors, and transfer data to the automated control system of the works.

Automated system for pottery ware baking

The design and functionality of the automated pottery ware baking system introduced into workshop no. 4 of the Golitsyno Pottery are reported. The goals of automation, as well as the selection of hardware/software and network topology, are described.

      1 2005

#   1/2005

Concrete mixtures manufacturing Process Automation

The Process Automation of concrete and ready mixtures manufacturing at Moscow Tushinkskiy concrete plant JSK DSK-1 is described. The article also reports on certain projects including manufacturing equipment reconstruction as well as functions and characteristics of the control system, its architecture characteristics and hardware&software tools application.

Concrete products steam curing control system

The implementation of described steam curing control system has brought to a significant energy economy and manufacturing products quality improvement. The system has wide process control capabilities. Main operations automation and the developed user interface allow the deskilling effect. Used hardware&software solutions provide high reliability of the system.

      1 2004

#   1/2004

Control system for concrete mixers

In this article, the author discusses a control system for concrete mixers, describing capabilities and features of its user interface. The hardware and software solution described in the article ensure the system's high reliability and allow its functions to be expanded to control all the equipment in a concrete mixing unit.

      1 1996

#   1/1996

A Process Control System for Preparation of Concrete Mixtures