Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      1 2014

#   1/2014

The control system of the MRK-47BT mobile robotic complex for military applications

The article describes a multi-level hierarchical control system of mobile robotic complex for military applications. The top-level control system (operator control station) was implemented as a virtual control panel on a Getac CA-35 touchscreen tablet PC. The functions of a smart controller are performed by ADAM-5510M. The low-level control system comprises 8200 Motec frequency inverter controllers and a distributed system based on a PIC microcontroller.

      2 2012

#   2/2012

Educational environment to control lifecycle of mobile robots

An educational environment to control the lifecycle of mechatronics systems was developed at the faculty of electronics and instrument engineering of the Saratov State Technical University. Modern technical facilities were created for research in mechatronics. The educational environment allows the students to gain practical skills when building the complex technical systems. It also helped them to become prizewinners of many All-Russian and international contests in 2011.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Multi-processor distributed control systems for intelligent mobile robots

This article is devoted to the problems associated with creating intelligent mobile robots capable of functioning autonomously in conditions hazardous to humans.