Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Smart farming: future or today's reality

The article discusses the application of modern Internet of Things technologies in agriculture. This is illustrated by the example of projects in different countries. They show how advanced automation technologies can help a conservative area like agriculture. The following are just a few examples of areas where the Internet of Things now helps farmers: disease prevention, crop yield increase, irrigation and data monitoring in poultry farms, fisheries and livestock industry, as well as others.

      2 2010

#   2/2010

Use of LED lights for greenhouses: reality and prospects

The article presents the concept of the use of lightemitting diodes (LEDs) in agriculture and demonstrates the possibility of its implementation for lighting the greenhouse plants. Also discussed are the results of the experiments using the LED lights to grow the plants in laboratory environment. The article evaluates the economic efficiency of LED use compared with the traditional light sources at the agricultural facilities.

      1 2008

#   1/2008

Automated temperature monitoring systems for the elevator silos

The article provides information on the automated temperature monitoring systems for the elevator silos. The authors demonstrate the benefits of the system based on the digital transmitters. The article details the state-of-the art ASKT-01 system employing the digital thermal suspensions (TUR-01) and the temperature monitoring devices (UKT-12).

      1 2007

#   1/2007

      1 2006

#   1/2006

Mixed fodder production process control system based on Fastwel RTU188-BS controller

The article describes the automated process control system for fodder mixing and dosing at the hog-raising farm of the Siberian Agrarian Group. The functional capabilities and hardware/software implementation of the control system are described. The performance and accuracy requirements of the customer were exceeded as a result of its implementation.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Automated Process Control System for the Kompozit-2M Mixed Feed Plant

Distributed control system for manufacturing of mixed fodder is described. System is implemented at Zhabinkovsky factory of mixed fodder (Belarus).

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Automated control system for hothouse growing concerns

This article describes the control and registration of technical parameters for a hothouse growing concern based on the ADAM-4000 module from Advantech.