Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2021

#   3/2021

      3 2019

#   3/2019

ECDIS navigation and information system

Under current conditions, computing equipment is applied in various areas of activity more often to create comfortable conditions and facilitate labour. Marine navigation has become one of such areas. The article describes possibilities for the suitable application of electronic chart display and information systems on the majority of modern ships and its equipment implementation based on the products by iEi Technology Corporation.

      3 2017

#   3/2017

Passenger hovercraft motion control system

In certain cases, hovercrafts have decisive advantages over traditional vehicles, but controlling hovercrafts and providing their operational safety is no easy task. The article covers the design principles and structure of the automated control system for a hovercraft.

Experience in development and implementation of the state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for marine hydraulics control

The article addresses the issues related to the design and development of the structure of an automated control system for a marine hydraulic system to transport helicopters.

      3 2015

#   3/2015

Development of an integrated monitoring and control system based on FASTWEL industrial controllers

This article describes an integrated monitoring and control system for ship facilities. The system has been implemented on the project PKS-40 passenger paddle ships. Also, the article discusses the system functionality and its distinguishing features as well as the structure architecture of the system and hardware-software implementation based on the FASTWEL industrial controllers and Advantech panel PCs.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Integrated automation system to record the parameters of ship’s hull behavior in sea waves

The article is dedicated to the description of an integrated automation system to record the parameters of ship behavior in sea waves. The system is designed to record the sea waves parameters using an ultrasonic sounding of water surface on board a moving ship and the ship hull responses to sea waves. The article shows the rationale for building the system, its functionality, prospects for development and practical application.

      3 2007

#   3/2007

An Ethernet-based multichannel distributed system for the synchronous hard real-time data acquisition

The article discusses the design principles for the multichannel distributed system for the synchronous data acquisition utilizing the Ethernet technologies in the hard real-time conditions, with emphasis on the methods for compensating the time delay and synchronizing the data takeoff from a great many sources. The system is intended for use as a part of the marine equipment, but its design principles are universal, and they can be employed in variety of industrial applications.