Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      1 2009

#   1/2009

Use of the Fastwel I/O controller in the gas treatment control systems at the by-product coking plants

The article deals with the practical aspects of the development of an automatic control system for the SAU FRIR 800х2 double bag filter for the dust free-coke discharge units of the coke-furnace batteries nos. 5 and 6 at the OJSC Alchevskkoks. The system is based on the Fastwel I/O controller employingthe HMI5056T operator panel from Maple Systems as a workstation.

      3 2002

#   3/2002

Automatic control and monitoring system for a rotating kiln

This article describes the issues associated with optimally controlling the kilning process for raw materials in a rotating kiln, as well as ways to address these issues using a heat regulator based on the automatic control system deployed at the Magnezit plant in Satka, Chelyabinsk Oblast.

      3 1999

#   3/1999

A Process Control System for the Heat Treatment

The described system implements bimodal automated control of the heat treatment plant.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Using a TORNADO-30 digital signal processor to control an electric drive

This article describe a system for controlling a 20-megawatt synchronous electric motor using a TORNADO-30 digital signal processor.