Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      3 2015

#   3/2015

Upgrade of the control system at the VARTA production lines

The article describes a successful experience in upgrading an automatic control system for the VARTA battery production line. Due to the software and hardware compatibility of the VIPA PLCs with the previous SIEMENS S5/S7 series, a new automation system has been implemented in a very short time, and the best VIPA equipment cost/performance ratio has brought the economic benefits.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

Resistance spot welding machine

The resistance spot welding machine is designed for welding the structural components and parts of electronic devices. The welding operations can be carried out with the welding head, weld gun and welding stick. The unit is used for resistance spot welding of ferrous/ non-ferrous metals and its alloys.

      4 2004

#   4/2004

Automated system of extrusion line control

The article is dedicated to automated system of extrusion line control, which supports the high isolation quality of cables manufacturing. Such result is achieved by the application of safety industrial computer, SCADA-system based software as well as PID control implementation developed by the authors of the article.