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      4 2018

#   4/2018

Wind turbines today

The article provides an overview of the design and operation of modern wind turbines. The essential element of these units is the control and diagnostic system that collects and analyzes hundreds of signals coming from various sensors. Using the SCM7B34 module as an example, the article discusses the design and advantages of Dataforth signal conditioners for use in harsh environments.

      3 2017

#   3/2017

Potential of IoT technology applications in power consumption optimization tasks

The article discusses the potential applications for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) capabilities to optimize power consumption in industrial equipment. Also included is a rough evaluation of the level of potential use of IoT resources to efficiently handle various optimization problems in production structures of power consumption.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

An integrated utility metering system of an enterprise – the foundation of energy efficiency

The article focuses on the automation of an integrated utility metering system of an industrial enterprise using Energosfera 8 software package developed by PROSOFT-Systems. Also discussed are the operating principles of this software package and examples of implementation.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

Implementation of remote control system for 330 kV Vasileostrovskaya substation equipment

This article is about the implementation of the first phase of the pilot project on remote control system for 330 kV Vasileostrovskaya substation equipment based on the NPT Expert software and hardware complex. Also included is a description of the engineering implementation and its impact on the quality of power plant equipment and power grid mode control, bench and field tests and evaluation of task significance.

      4 2015

#   4/2015

Technological data exchange system at Novo-Salavat PGU-410T

A designed system for technological data exchange with an automated system of System operator was implemented at a power generation facility in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Novo-Salavat Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Unit. In the building this system, equipment of the leading Russian manufacturers was used.

Automated diagnostic system for hydraulic facilities at the Bureiskaya HPP

The article presents the design, hardware and software solutions which have been developed when designing and commissioning an automated diagnostic system for the hydraulic facilities at the Bureyskaya HPP. Such solutions ensure the reliable monitoring of the operation of the hydraulic facilities. This project offers a solution that can resolve the current issues related to the diagnostics section at the hydraulic facilities.

      4 2014

#   4/2014

Upgrade of an automatic control system for turbine generating unit

The article describes an experience in upgrading an automatic process control system of turbine generating unit at No. 11 station at AES Ust-Kamenogorsk CHPP in Ust-Kamenogorsk, the East Kazakhstan Region. The upgrade was performed by Syntetic LLC (Ust-Kamenogorsk). Particular emphasis is placed on the issues related to a high level of reliability and the required security.

How digital is an ARIS EM meter?

The article discusses the results of an independent evaluation of ARIS EM multifunction digital energy meter developed by PROSOFT-Systems. This assessment was obtained through testing conducted by the Digital Substation magazine.

      2 2013

#   2/2013

TPP efficiency improvement with the help of ICONICS analytics

The article presents a description of the experience of R.V.S, a Russian engineering company, in the MES -level solutions for the Thermal Power Plants (TPP) in Russia. Also included is a detailed review of a technical model based on ICONICS software which is able to improve power generation tracking, identify and minimize the effects of fuel overconsumption and production efficiency loss, optimize the TPP operation modes on a fast-response interval and increase the marginal revenue of energy companies as a whole.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Automated control system for general plant systems of the Pravoberezhny Heat and Power Plant-5

The article offers the design, hardware and software solutions adopted when developing and commissioning an automated process control system for the general plant systems of the Heat and Power Plant-5 of the Nevsky Branch at JSC TGK-1. These ensure the reliable operation of gas distributing unit, central pumping station, heating plant, pumping equipment and tankage of the main building. The project implementation presents the current solution of thermal power tasks for the facilities 112 to be built and revamped.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

Process control system of the Yumaguzinskaya Hydropower Plant

The Republic of Bashkortostan, the Bashkiria National Park in the Kugarchinsky District here, in this place, the hydrologists decided to realize their dreams and implement their "hydro thoughts". That is how an idea to implement the high technologies and in future, the process automation equipment for power generation came into being and finally, the Yumaguzinskaya Hydropower Plant was built at the bottom of the hydro engineering complex on the Belaya River.

      4 2006

#   4/2006

Conservation of 300-MW power units using automated chemical control

The results obtained at the conservation of heat-and-power engineering equipment of 300-MW units by using octadecylamine are reported. The associated system for chemical control of heat carrier parameters is described, and a method of determining the conservation completion time is suggested.

      1 2006

#   1/2006

Modernization of Dnepropetrovsk electric power grid automated dispatcher control system operational information complex

Modernization objectives are formulated; the new operational information complex structure appropriate to these objectives and the applied hardware and software description are presented. The applied high reliability measures are listed and the extended features of the improved complex and unified nature of the suggested solutions are shown.

      4 2003

#   4/2003

Yantar energy management control system

In this article, the author describes the development and implementation of an energy management control system for shops at the Urals Electrochemical Plant. The article describes in detail the structure of the system and the hardware and software involved.

      3 2003

#   3/2003

The "ideal" system for controlling a heat and electric supply station

The author describes the experience building a system for controlling a heat and electric supply station based on the SIEMENS S7 controllers, using the WM 1.3 SCADA system. The article lists the general principles for building a proposed system that, the system's developers believe, would be ideal in today's conditions for sites with more than 700 controlled parameters.

      1 2003

#   1/2003

Upgrading an automated dispatch control and administration system for an urban electric power system

The authors examine the hardware and software used to upgrade the automated dispatch control and administration system for the electric power system in the city of Korolyov (Moscow Oblast).

(pdf 294k)
      3 2000

#   3/2000

A Ganged Activation Control System for Surgutskaya GRES-1 Generators

The generators at Surgutskaya GRES-1 Power Station have total capacity 3,200 MW, and the described automation system has been applied to fulfill a ganged control of their activation. The new high-reliable system has built-in adjustment and diagnostics tools, and its modernization requires less time and labor expenditures.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

NEVA Information System for Electric Power Plants

Multifunctional NEVA information system for electric power plants is described. It is intended for comprehensive solution of data acquisition problem at the electric power plants with 110-500 kW output.

      1 1998

#   1/1998

Automated system for controlling and metering the primary indicators of energy consumption at industrial enterprises

The authors examine the hardware and software required for controlling and metering the primary indicators of power users and controllers at industrial enterprises.

The EKOM-3000 data collection and relay device

This article reviews a device for collecting and relaying data for automated systems for controlling and reporting on energy resources.

      4 1997

#   4/1997

Monitoring and control system for a steam generator

This article describes the structure and functions of the monitoring and control system for a steam generator.

Energy-saving information system

The authors propose an integrated solution for controlling energy consumption in industry.

      3 1997

#   3/1997

Automating tumbler ball mills for thermoelectric stations

This article examines an automated system for controlling a tumbler ball mill for a thermoelectric station. The system uses a new self-adjusting regulator/optimizer. The economic impact from implementing the system at one mill, thanks to direct reductions in electricity, is from $20,000 to $80,000 annually, depending on the type of mill and the type of material to be milled.

The PPC1 universal accident monitoring system

The authors cover the features, functions and operation of the PPC1 universal accident monitoring system, which is used at power facilities.

      1 1997

#   1/1997

An Emergency Event Recorder at Energy Plants

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Automated Registration of Power Consumption

A Geographically-Distributed System for Automated Registration and Control of Power Consumption


Implementation Experience of the Power Consumption Registration System at UralElectroMed JSV