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      1 2019

#   1/2019

Ready for the energy revolution

Biogas plants are gaining popularity across the world because they generate cheap heat and electricity, and they help protect the environment. The article discusses successful automation projects for biogas stations using VIPA equipment and technologies.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Automated power consumption management system of high-octane gasoline compounds production complex at KINEF

The article provides the solutions obtained during the design and commissioning of the automated control system for the electric facilities of the high-octane gasoline compounds production complex at KINEF LLC as well as when upgrading the existing control system of electric facilities. These solutions have been implemented using SIEMENS SICAM PAS software and hardware complex.

      1 2016

#   1/2016

Use of SCADA ICONICS GENESIS32 at JSC Gazprom power plants

The article provides examples of how ICONICS GENESIS32 software can be used to create the visualization system of the automatic process control system at power plants at some Gazprom gas compressor stations. Also included is a description of the software inner structure and the organization of data exchange between the SCADA components.

      2 2015

#   2/2015

Automated control system for the utilities at LLC ZGPN KINEF

The article presents an automated control system for the utilities at LLC KINEF deep oil conversion plant. The system is based on the SICAM PAS software-hardware complex. The general concept includes a wide range of issues related to the supervisory control and data acquisition system at the refinery utilities.

      1 2014

#   1/2014

Automated process control system for a multi-fuel boiler

The article presents an automated process control system for E-16-21-350 GMDV multi-fuel boiler with a vortex firebox with a horizontal axis of rotation. The developed system is based on a FASTWEL CPM713 controller. Also included is a description of CPM71X FASTWEL I/O controller programming features as well as the use of frequency inverters in the boiler's automated process control system.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

The electrical part of steam turbine regulation and protection system

The article describes the software-hardware complex of the electrical part of regulation and protection system designed to automate the functions of the regulation system for new or rebuilt steam turbines. Also included are the architecture, operating principles and special features of the system as well as a brief description of the simulation model of a steam turbine.

      1 2013

#   1/2013

Automation of power supply system at “Nadezhda” metallurgy plant

When this article was being prepared, the works on implementation of the automated operational-dispatch control system for power supply at "Nadezhda" metallurgy plant were almost complete. Some of the main features of this system are the territorial remoteness of the monitoring and control points, the use of various interfaces as data transfer channels and collection of data from electric meters via Modbus serial channel.

Dispatch system for modular boiler houses at Torzhok Wagon Works

The article takes a look at an example of implementation of dispatch system using Siemens S7-200 Series PLC. The said system serves 18 modular boiler houses at Torzhok Wagon Works. Also included is a brief description of an option of this system based on the Omron hardware for another facility.

      3 2012

#   3/2012

Automated control system for E50 steam boiler

The article describes an automation system of a 50-ton steam boiler E50 employing the Siemens S7-300 controller and MP 377 operator panel based on which the process visualization system offering a wide range of features has been built.

Automated measuring system for TP-35 boiler

The article addresses one of the ways to enhance efficiency and reliability of major equipment which has been in operation for many years without upgrade. Also included are technical solutions and software approaches to the TP-35 boiler automation under the limited funding conditions. It is shown that many solutions have been implemented due to the use of Omron Series CJ1G controller.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

Upgrade of the telemechanic system in the Surgutskaya SDPS-2, a branch of OGK-4 OJSC

The article describes the structure and function of the telemechanic system introduced in the Surgutskaya State District Power Station2, a branch of OGK4 JSC. Also included is illustrative material that gives the full picture of the system. The similar Siemens hardwarebased complexes are widely used in Russia.

      1 2011

#   1/2011

Automation and the alternative energetics: a promising alliance

The article shows world experience in using renewable energy sources. Also included is a comparative analysis between traditional and alternative methods of energy generation and a review of modern analytical systems and portals in energetics as well as methods of integration with SCADA and GIS.

      3 2010

#   3/2010

Automated control system of the power complex comprising the PS-110/10/6kV substation and Series Enegromash GT TETs-009 gas-turbine heat and power plant

The article describes software and hardware tools, architecture features, algorithms, application software, visualization and control features of the automated control system of the power complex comprising the PS-110/10/6kV electric substation and Series Energomash GT TETs-009 gas turbine heat and power plant located in Krymsk. The power complex has an electrical capacity of 18 MW and heat capacity of 40 Gcal/hr. Some practical issues related to the operating experience are covered in the article. Also discussed are the prospects for the development of the automated control systems of the power complexes.

      2 2007

#   2/2007

Projects of mechanical-draft cooling tower automation

Modern water-rotation equipment-cooling systems based on mechanical-draft cooling towers are considered. Factors crucial for the service life, reliability, and efficiency of the cooling towers are analyzed. Appropriate circuit-design and algorithmic approaches to automation are suggested. The results of modeling and operation of automated ventilator cooling towers are presented.

      3 2006

#   3/2006

Generator temperature measuring system

A multichannel system from the NIPS Co. measures the temperature at points of reference along the turbogenerator of a 100- to 300-MW power-generating unit.

      4 2005

#   4/2005

Automated control system for makeup unit of VAZ heating and power plant

This article describes the development of the chemical water treatment process automated control system at VAZ heat and power plant in Togliatti City. The objectives of the control process are formulated on the basis of the detailed description of the workflow and are targeted on improvement of its reliability, effectiveness and quality of water purification. The structure, characteristics and main features of hardware and software of the system are presented.

Implementation of a water-chemical conditions monitoring system

The article presents the description of the automation object, defines project requirements taking into account the features of the information systems in use at JSC "Permskaya GRES" (Permskaya thermal power plant).The structure diagram of the water-chemical conditions chemical-engineering monitoring system as well as the utilized equipment are presented in the article. The project special features are described, which the specialists faced during implementation. The article includes the description of the project results and their analysis along with the chemical site specialists' reports and opinions on the implemented system.

Automated heat-transfer materials accounting system for Naberezhnochelninskaya heat and power plant

The article describes the automated heat-transfer materials accounting system, introduced at Naberezhnochelninskaya heat and power plant (Tatarstan Republic, RF). In the system development process the designers not only aimed at affordable and reliable solution, but at the same time tried to create a universal, user-friendly and scalable system.

Small-scale automation of electric power units based on “NIPS” software-and-hardware complex

The article describes application of "NIPS" complex in development of small-scale automation systems using the process control system for 200 MW electric power units of Surgutskaya thermal power plant (GRES-1) as an example.

      1 2005

#   1/2005

The application of various power resources metering equipment in the integrated system of data acquisition

The first step towards energy saving is its consumption records organization. The solution of this task at different times formed a nonhomogeneous variety of measuring devices. The article reports on experience of different thermo-meters integration into modern data acquisition system. The process of their connection to the system's structure, which allows to minimize additional equipment costs and use the existing possibilities of an enterprise at most are described.

      4 2004

#   4/2004

Drive modernization at row coal feeding device

The choice and application of frequency-regulated drives at row feeding devices of steam generating units are described in this article. The economic indicators analysis of DC drives substitution by modern asynchronous regulated drive with variable-frequency control is made. Reliability of the conclusions and recommendations described in the article is proved by successful experience of similar solutions.

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Control system for a steam heat-recovery boiler

The author discusses an automated process control system for a steam heat-recovery boiler. The system was built using an IBM PC-compatible industrial controller, and it was implemented at the Krasnokamsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

      1 2002

#   1/2002

Automated control system for KVGM-100 hot-water boilers in a thermal power plant

This article explains and demonstrates the benefits of combining upgrades for obsolete equipment at thermal power plants with the implementation of a multi-level integrated automated process control system based on contemporary microprocessor equipment to achieve a qualitatively new level of technology.

      4 2000

#   4/2000

A Process Control System based on “Om-Mega” Program-Technical Complex

The process control system for technological equipment of the heat power plant’s boiler unit has been implemented at Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper plant, on the base of OMRON controllers.

      3 1999

#   3/1999

Fully Automated Calculation of Power Consumption at Enterprises and Works

A problem of integrated calculation of power consumption, which begins with the primary instrumental calculation of different energy resources, and ends with the data processing on the level of senior engineering specialist, its basic ideas and existing approach are considered.

Nizhnevartovsk Power Station's Process Control System

A process control system for the Block 1 of Nizhnevartovsk Power Station: its development experience, system structure, and specific software for the automated process control are described.

Modernization of the Hot-Water Boiler's Control System

A state-of-the-art microprocessor system is used for control of the hot-water boiler of TETS-5 heat power plant in Kiev.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Universal Automated Control System for Heat-Engines and Units on their Basis

The experience of development and operation of the control system for 1000 kW diesel- generator set based on Advantech equipment is analyzed.

      1 1998

#   1/1998

Automated control system for upper water level and water discharge through a hydraulic turbogenerator unit

The control system for upper water level and water discharge through a hydraulic turbogenerator unit described in this article allows for more effective use of water resources, increases the generator's efficiency and automates the metering of the daily, monthly and annual flow of water through a hydroelectric station.

      3 1997

#   3/1997

Commercial metering of energy resources

This article examines the hardware and software used in building the Delta solution, a system for the commercial metering of energy resources and dispatcher control of energy consumption at industrial facilities.