Modern Automation Technologies Professional Magazine

      2 2013

#   2/2013

Automatic control system for trolleys supplying the assembled pallets to wrapping machine

To optimize the major process equipment load is always one of the key problems at any plant. In our case, it was combined with the need to ensure careful supply of unstable finished products placed on a pallet for further packaging with polyethylene heat shrink film. The article offers a simultaneous solution of both tasks and demonstrates our method of automation of the corresponding processes at one of the glass bottle plants in the Tver Region.

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Controlling the glass melting process using the GENESIS32 suite

This article was prepared based on the experience of creating a system for controlling a glass-melting furnace. The authors explain the reasons for using a system developed in-house based on integrating highly reliable hardware, and they describe the technological process, present a detailed electrical schematic and demonstrate the capabilities made possible by using GENESIS32 SCADA suite.