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      4 2014

#   4/2014

Features of mathematical support of hybrid co-processors using the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system

This article is devoted to the current issues of supportability of the latest scientific achievements in the field of memory management units and mechanisms as well as hybrid technologies using the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system. The authors examine the most interesting approaches to solving tasks both in the world practice and domestic industry. They also demonstrate the achievements in this area and unveil the features of their implementation.

      2 2012

#   2/2012

QNX Neutrino test results

The article shows the test results for QNX Neutrino real-time operating system efficiency on various hardware platforms and compares it with other operating systems. Also discussed are the delay in switching between threads, timer interrupt processing time, capacity of synchronization mechanisms, etc.

      3 2009

#   3/2009

Standard QNX Neutrino mechanisms to provide the fault tolerance hard real time computing systems

Reliability is one of the most important characteristics of industrial control systems.The article provides an overview of the basic QNX Neutrino RTOS mechanisms which enablethe system integrators and designers of the automatic process control systemsto build the distributed computing complexes with the specified fault tolerance level.

      4 2007

#   4/2007

Using resources integration technology to design the fault-tolerant military systems

The network military technologies depends to a great extent on the interconnected platforms, weaponry and communications as well as the sensor systems, each containing the smart capabilities and thus, making it vulnerable to the software errors, huckers' attacks and simply erroneous code. One of the methods for guaranteed protection of the global information network from the effect of the faults of its individual systems is to utilize the operating systems featuring the resources integration functions. Using patented QNX adaptive decomposition technology provides the guaranteed runtime for real time applications, neutralizes the threats and protects the system.

      3 2007

#   3/2007

Secure real-time operating system

The article reveals the secret of success of the QNX secure hard real-time operating system, tells the story of its creation and certification to meet the Russian requirements for the information security and technological independence.

      1 2007

#   1/2007

Cheapening of industrial control system design by using adaptive decomposition of system resources

As the complexity and volume of codes increase, so does the probability of processor time shortage at the final stage of system development: the process of debugging and integration of the system becomes more sophisticated, and detection and removal of faults become more time-consuming and expensive. The risk that the processor resources will be spent on executing failure-inducing programs is eliminated by using a patented adaptive decomposition technology that assures real-time processor resource allocation between applications. Debugging expenses due to processor resource shortage are cut, and the final product becomes more reliable and protected and comes into the market faster.

      3 2004

#   3/2004

QNX: Cluster calculations

In this article, by the example of particular run-time programs, it is shown how you can easily organize the parallel work of several net points on the calculation process, using specific features of the real-time operation system QNX. Such organization can be used for a significant growth of the computer system's performance and for wide range of practical tasks. One can state a common for QNX absence of priority inversion in the distributed system, which is especially important for the reliable operation of the real-time system.

      3 1997

#   3/1997

Genesis for Windows: Graphic SCADA system for developing automated process control systems

This article reviews the architecture, basic capabilities and components of the Genesis for Windows application.

      2 1997

#   2/1997

Real-time software from On Time Informatik GmbH

OPTOSOFT - real-time data collection and control system

This article describes the OPTOSOFT real-time system.

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Windows-Based Components of Trace Mode v.4.20

PHOTON Graphical Shell: a Revolution in the World of Interfaces

Technological Programming Language for IBM PC-Compatible Controllers