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      3 2021

#   3/2021

      3 2013

#   3/2013

High-performance multiprocessor computer for special purposes

This article focuses on a new joint development of JSC Research Institute of Computing Systems [NIIVK] named after M.A. Kartsev and NPF DOLOMANT CJSC – a specialized computer for use in advanced hydroacoustic complexes, which is able to operate in harsh environments.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

High speed telemetry system for an optical-electronic complex

The article covers various options for building a high-speed video/image recording and processing telemetry system for an optical-electronic complex. The article demonstrates the proven option for creating a PC-based system employing the ADLINK digital signal I/O card. This option offers the shortest period of implementation, a relatively low cost and versatility of the solution. Also discussed are the peculiarities of the system operation and a possibility for improvement based on the new ADLINK products.

      1 1999

#   1/1999

A Fast Fourier-Conversation for Digital Signal Processing in Automation Equipment

The article quotes a fast Fourier-conversation program for the digital signal processing on the basis of contemporary personal computers and built-in controllers. It is noted that an optimum programming of the signal processing algorithms in most cases allows doing without additional specialized signal processors.