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      1 2012

#   1/2012

Integration of devices using the non-standard protocol into SCADA GENESIS32

The article examines the traditional methods for integrating the devices into OPC-compatible SCADA and the problems occurred during implementation. The article offers an alternative option to connect the devices with the non-standard protocol to SCADA GENESIS32.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

Tool system for scheduling of data exchange through a channel with centralized control

The article discusses a tool system supporting an automatic scheduling of data exchange through a channel with centralized control (MIL STD-1553B). Also included are a list of the system requirements, description of the system functionality and technology for its use. The article gives examples of industrial applications of the system, including the development of marine onboard systems.

      3 2010

#   3/2010

OPC Unified Architecture: changes in popular data exchange technology from an engineer's point of view

The article provides the basic principles and specific features of a new unified architecture – OPC UA. This technology allows the use of benefits of the universal interface for interaction between the hardware and the upper level of automation at the enterprises.

      2 2009

#   2/2009

Use of VCRWorX32 tool in GENESIS32 V9

The article examines the possibilities of time backoff of the operator's graphicsscreen created by GraphWorX32 tools available in the GENESIS32 suite andpresentation of all screen form data starting from the time chosen.

      1 2009

#   1/2009

Multimedia alarms in ICONICS GENESIS32 SCADA

The article familiarizes the readers with the AlarmWorX32 MMX software from ICONICS which enables the multimedia management of the alarms and events. In addition to the description, the article presents the practical work which gives an idea of the AlarmWorX32 MMX interface.

      3 2008

#   3/2008

Programming tools of the shipboard information-control complexes under QNX real-time OS

The article describes the design, debugging and simulation system of the software for the shipboard automatic process control systems. This is the Dlogic v. 2.0 system which meets the IEC 61131-3 requirements. It is an integrated suite of the develop ment software which allows for developing under QNX real-time OS a distributed automatic process control system of a ship as a single project. The integration of the systems comprising the automatic process control system is implemented based on the MIL-STD-1553B (GOST R 52070-2003), Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces using the communication protocols embedded in the Dlogic v. 2.0 system.

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      1 2007

#   1/2007

New approaches of operation with OPC data

Basic advantages of operation of SCADA systems with OPC data are outlined, and features and disadvantages of the existing data communication protocols are considered. The potential of this approach and available solutions are demonstrated using a new version of Iconics GENESIS32 V9 HMI/SCADA.

      4 2006

#   4/2006

HOMAG woodworking machines: the result of adherence to IEC 61131-3 and CoDeSys

In the past, integration of automation components from various producers was a difficult and even dangerous deed. Only those companies ready for much debugging were able to automate their sophisticated equipment using programmable components from various producers. The activity of HOMAG AG, a German machine-building company, is an excellent example of using the idea of platform-independent design based on IEC 61131-3, which offers new prospects for equipment unification. With IEC 61131-3 and the CoDeSys complex, machine-building companies become free in selecting programmable devices without bewaring of their integration.

VXI-11 Server on the QNX Neutrino platform

The client-server architecture is discussed as applied to distributed measuring systems. The role of VXI-11 specification in developing an embedded software for instrumentation is demonstrated. A manual for creating a software making it possible to control instrumentation via Ethernet by meeting a special standard is given.

      4 2005

#   4/2005

BridgeWorX: automatic data exchange server

The article represents the functional capabilities of the BridgeWorX universal data server, which is a part of Iconics BizViz software package. The article gives practical exercises, which allow to become familiar with this software quickly.

      2 2005

#   2/2005

GENESIS32 8.0: what does the system update and maintenance give?

There are new performance capabilities of 8th release GENESIS32 SCADA system described in the article.

      4 2004

#   4/2004

Let's start working with ReportWorX.NET

Some simple operations which allow to start working with ReportWorX.NET immediately and get acquainted with its basic facilities such as template setup, data filling, time schedule setting up and reports redirections are described in details.

      1 2004

#   1/2004

ReportWorX.NET: a universal control system for reports

      1 2003

#   1/2003

Advantech Studio — SCADA with Web technology support

This article examines the basic features and characteristics of the Advantech Studio suite, a basic SCADA system that affords users additional capabilities thanks to its support for current Web technologies.

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      4 2001

#   4/2001

Universal software and hardware solution for an automatic process control system for chemical water treatment

This article analyzes the development and implementation of an integrated software-hardware solution for automating processes based on an automatic process control system for chemical water treatment at the Yuzhnouralsk City Electric Station.

      4 1999

#   4/1999

SCADA Systems: Issue of Choice

      2 1999

#   2/1999

SmartPlant P&ID: Implementation of the "Correct Working Process"

      4 1998

#   4/1998

Laboratory-2D: A Control System for Flexible Technological and Research Stands

Laboratory-2D is a hardware-software complex for the automation of acquisition, processing, representation and exploration of experimental and theoretical data arrays.

      3 1998

#   3/1998

What a SCADA system must know

Introducing RTWin

Till recently there existed an opinion that the Russian market of the integrated automation packages is empty. The article considers some aspects of choosing the base software by solving manufacturing automation tasks. A software package for creation of the distributed monitoring and control systems in QNX operating systems is introduced.

New Version of TRACE MODE for Windows NT

The article describes features of SCADA-system TRACE MODE 5 for Windows NT that allows creating of the distributed automated process control systems.

GENIE 3.0: Harmony of Simplicity and Efficiency

The article describes functional capabilities of GENIE 3.0, a software tool for developing the upper level of automated process control systems in a part of data visualization and operative supervisory control.

GENESIS32: Something Greater than just a SCADA-System

The article contains general information about GENESIS32 – a complete software tool set of firm ICONICS for developing the upper level of automated process control systems, which is based on OPC (OLE for Process Control), the newest open standard of interaction of the equipment and software supplied by different manufacturers.

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Using UltraLogic in Designing Heat Engineering Equipment Control Systems

Practical application of UltraLogic software tool-kit is considered on the example of the control system for a large heat station.

      3 1997

#   3/1997

ULTRALOGIC - A system for producing programs for industrial controllers

The authors examine a system for programming industrial controllers based on the recommendations of the International Electrotechnical Commission's IEC-1131 standard.