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      3 2021

#   3/2021

      3 2020

#   3/2020

Innovative Online UPS Series by CyberPower

CyberPower's Online (High-Density) UPS series was introduced to the global market in H2 2019. To date the new devices have been honored with two prestigious awards: at the end of the year they were included into the innovative products list and given the Tech Innovator Award 2019, also winning the 2019 Product of the Year title bestowed by Russian distributors started offering the devices in February 2020, so it's time we take a closer look at them.

      2 2020

#   2/2020

Intelligent power system based on the EZA TDK-Lambda bidirectional DC/DC converter

The EZA bidirectional DC/DC converter is a special type of TDK-Lambda converters that enable the control of the direction of active voltage rectification. It is designed primarily for renewable energy and energy storage systems. The article describes these products, their main features, and operating principles.

Batteries for data center: time for lithium-ion

Lead-acid batteries for data centers are a time-tested solution. However, even the most reliable technologies become less modern, sooner or later, only to be replaced by more advanced developments.

      1 2020

#   1/2020

Premium batteries for data processing centers

The market for industrial batteries can be roughly divided into design and mass. When equipment is purchased to solve a business problem (creating a new backup power system, upgrading an existing system or service replacement), it is worth discussing a special level of equipment for the design tasks. We bring to your attention an overview of six professional design series of DELTA Xpert batteries. The article also discusses a solution for data processing centers.

Features and application of two-quadrant DC power supplies

Bidirectional two-quadrant power supplies are a special type of equipment that many industrial test benches cannot do without today. The article describes these devices, their operating principle and applications.

      4 2019

#   4/2019

DELTA smart lead-acid batteries

Unforeseen errors in equipment operation can be one of the causes of a sudden power failure. DELTA smart lead-acid batteries DTM-I and GEL reduce the risk of human influence. The batteries are equipped with an LC display that shows the status of the operation; it can be easily monitored and necessary measures can be taken in time.

Rack power backup

There is always the possibility of a power failure due to man-made or natural external factors, so the issue of the redundant power supply of critical equipment in order to improve the reliability of the system is important. Depending on equipment class, capacity, application and location, the redundant power supply implementation may vary. In this article, it is proposed to consider an economical solution for organizing the redundant power supply of single-phase server rack equipment using ATS CyberPower.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

TDK-Lambda’s Latest Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's power supplies have long been known as reliable, highly efficient and multifunctional solutions for various sectors of domestic industry. Every year the company introduces new or updated devices to the market. Here, we will review updates to the most popular series of power supplies: programmable, for DIN rail mounting and for general purpose industrial use.

Errors in the use of lead-acid batteries and their consequences

Storage battery manufacturers are required to provide users with official recommendations for the use of their batteries. This information represents an actual tool that increases the equipment's efficiency. It is important to comply with the technical parameters specified in the instructions, especially when it comes to high-budget high power facilities, where the battery replacement implies significant costs. The authors of the article draw readers' attention to errors in battery operation and analyze their consequences.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Genesys programmable power supplies with Power Sink option

Energy recovery is an important issue for all types of electrical installations with electric motors. A change in voltage or current at the output of the power supplies during a braking action can result in tripping and even failure of the power supply source. Another task no less important is simulation of different voltages. Modern TDK-Lambda's Genesys series power supplies successfully meet the challenges due to the Power Sink function.

BMS increases battery life time

The era of the Internet of Things and Big Data imposes new requirements and sets stringent standards for computer power supplies. A large number of computers and other powercritical IT equipment concentrated in data centers can no longer be supported by using the traditional non-smart UPS. In such cases the BMS systems - one of which is described in this article - can be helpful.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

Power supplies for next-generation CompactPCI systems

Over the 15-year history of CompactPCI standard, it has proven itself as an ideal platform for building the embedded computer systems. It also retains its popularity because the parallel bus architecture has been changed to high-speed serial buses. However, an increase in capacity and computing power has resulted in the increased power supply requirements. The article covers the issues related to the arrangement of power supply in CompactPCI systems.

      2 2016

#   2/2016

Network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220

The article presents the network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220. This module limits the high-energy surge voltages of 220V and 50Hz power supply network in line-to-neutral, neutral-to-casing circuits within the specified levels. It disconnects the network from loads under maximum pulse and sustained overvoltage conditions. The module is intended for use in critical systems and computer and communications equipment.

      3 2015

#   3/2015

Mobile onboard power system

The article describes a mobile controlled power source used in the special wheeland track-mounted vehicle manufacturing process. The mobile controlled power source offers a high quality power supply and the ability to simulate the operation modes of the onboard network when carrying out adjusting works and check tests of on-board electrical equipment and instruments in harsh conditions. The article shows the possibilities for integration of the mobile controlled power source into a computer-aided manufacturing system.

      4 2014

#   4/2014

Comparison between transformer-based UPS vs transformer-less UPS

Currently there is growing interest in using transformer-free UPS systems. However, many users have no clear idea what UPS architecture (transformer-based or transformer-free) is best suited for the particular tasks. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and the possible applications. Also discussed are the factors to consider when determining which one to choose.

      3 2013

#   3/2013

CRANE Electronics DC/DC-converters: radiation test results – an exam is passed

One of the most important tasks of building spacecraft with a long active life is to ensure the required resistance of the on-board equipment to ionizing radiation effects. The article addresses general issues on the development of the converters for space use, gives a brief overview of the results of a test of the radiation-hardened DC/DCconverters commercially available from CRANE Aerospace & Electronics (Interpoint™) for their resistance to single event effects. Such tests were held when preparing the modules for use in the onboard equipment of the Mars Science Lab, Curiosity. Also included are the results of tests for resistance to ionizing dose effects when exposed to low-dose-rate and low-intensity gamma radiation which are present in some components of DC/DC-converters with a two-switch structure. The article is based on information provided by CRANE Aerospace & Electronics.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

Radiation hardened linear ultra low voltage dropout regulators for rocket and space equipment

The article describes the new RUH3301 series radiation hardened linear regulators from International Rectifier (a division of High Reliability Products - HiRel). The integrated hybrid regulators feature an ultra low voltage dropout of 0.4V with a load current of 3A. They are designed for use in the distributed power architecture (DPA) of the space vehicles and transport spacecrafts as the point-of-load regulators as well as for an additional regulation of voltage after the DC/DC converters.

Schaefer versatile power supply

The article presents products from Schaefer, who specialize in the design and manufacture of power supplies for critical applications. Also included are options of comprehensive tailor-made solutions for secondary power supply systems developed using standard Schaefer products and intended for implementation of an uninterruptible power supply of various loads. The article considers a topology for building modern Schaefer power supplies.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

Use of the LXI standard for the control of the programmable power supplies

The LXI standard-based Ethernet technology continues to grow in popularity when solving the tasks of control of the secondary power supply sources. The use of this standard in the Gegesys series programmable power supplies from Lambda provides some additional competitive advantages such as an easy control and configuration, possibility of integration via LAN, and reduction in the modernization costs.

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      2 2008

#   2/2008

Brief review of the new TDK Lambda power supplies

The article presents the new power supplies from TDKLambda specializing in the development and manufacturing of the highly efficient power supplies for industrial applications. Brief information on the structure of TDKLambda and its position at the world market is provided. The article analyses the basic tendencies in the improvement of the modern highcapacity power supplies.

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New series of the XP Power DC/DC converters

This article gives an overview of a new series of the XP Power DC/DC converters. Their specific features and main competitive advantages are shown.

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      3 2005

#   3/2005

Low-profile programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda: combination of power and intelligence

The article reports on Genesys programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda (Israel), defined for their high energy features, reliability, precision, weight and sizes. Devices are remotely programmable and can be easily connected to serial line communication interfaces. The possibility of connection with universal interface bus GPIB allows easy products integration into the test systems' equipment.