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      4 2019

#   4/2019

Programming the FASTWEL I/O CPM713 modular controller

The article deals with frequently asked questions from FASTWEL I/O CPM713 users. It describes ready-to-use solutions for the connection, diagnostics and programming of the controller.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

Operation with GENESIS64 SCADA: use of the security system’s beneficial features

ICONICS' powerful software GENESIS64 enables building of a fully functional SCADA for industrial automation, which comprises the essential components for visualization, processing of alarms and events, building trends, etc. A distinctive feature of GENESIS64 is the ability to develop a reliable and differentiable security system. It helps to configure user access permissions not only for logging in the system, but also for individual tags, objects and applications processing.

      3 2018

#   3/2018

Working with GENESIS64 SCADA: complex concepts in simple terms

One of the features of a good SCADA is flexibility. The issues addressed in the article clearly demonstrate that GENESIS64 is in complete possession of this feature. Reading the desired bit from a tag, set the display format for date and time and create a pop-up window, to name but a few, can be done with just two mouse clicks.

      2 2015

#   2/2015

MobileHMI software from ICONICS: help for the mobile users

The article is dedicated to the MobileHMI software component which helps the ICONICS users to stay informed anytime anywhere. The article will be useful for those who often travel on business.

      1 2015

#   1/2015

SLIO VIPA PLC configuration with SIMATIC Manager from SIEMENS

This article describes how to configure the VIPA SLIO CPU 015-CEFPR00 processor module with the SIEMENS SIMATIC Manager software. This covers the configuration of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks as well as the use of VSC memory cards (VIPA Set Card) to activate the functionality of the PROFIBUS network and increase the working memory capacity. The guidelines focus primarily on specialists who have practical experience with SIEMENS PLCs and traditionally use the engineering software in their work.

      4 2014

#   4/2014

Energetics will be smarter with Energy AnalytiX

The article discusses the Energy AnalytiX software suite expanding the possibilities of modern technologies of the ICONICS application software. We hope that the article will be helpful not just for beginners but also for advanced users.

      2 2014

#   2/2014

Using ICONICS software for building an efficient automated process control system

The article offers useful tips on how to operate a GENESIS64 system. The tips cover a wide range of issues such as licensing, connection of BACnet devices, generation of alarm signals for an unchanging value and creation of two-dimensional controls. The tips will be helpful for beginners as well as advanced users.

      4 2006

#   4/2006

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA. Part 4

      3 2005

#   3/2005

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA. Part 3

      4 2004

#   4/2004

Microcontrollers LOGO!

      2 2004

#   2/2004

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA. Part 2

      1 2004

#   1/2004

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA

      3 2003

#   3/2003

Forum on the CTA Web site

      2 2003

#   2/2003

Schematic diagram for the NLP65-series AC/DC universal input switch-mode power supplies

      3 2002

#   3/2002


      1 2001

#   1/2001

Q&A about the GENEISIS32

      2 2000

#   2/2000


      4 1999

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      3 1998

#   3/1998

Some issues of radiation hardened DC/DC coverters of Interpoint

      1 1998

#   1/1998

On the use of the Century line of vacuum fluorescent displays from the firm IEE

      2 1997

#   2/1997

A few questions on using the 5B, 70G and 73G modules

This article examines a range of issues connected with the primary challenges and mistakes in using input/output modules in automated systems.

      1 1997

#   1/1997

PLANAR Electroluminescent Displays

Single-Chip Microcontrollers of INTEL MCS-96 Series

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Remote Debugging via Serial Port