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      4 2020

#   4/2020

Meet: Soft Gold

This is a short essay about the Tula-based company Soft Gold, which withstood economic periods difficult for the whole country and occupied a worthy niche in domestic and foreign construction design software markets.

      2 2016

#   2/2016


The article is about PROSOFT's business today. PROSOFT is a market leader in industrial automation in Russia. The company celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. The new lines of business, expansion of production, implemented projects and innovations all add up to PROSOFT's stability and huge growth prospects.

      1 2014

#   1/2014

Industrial measurement systems

This article is about SCAIME, one of the leaders in the field of strain gauge measurement and measurement of weight, force and torque. The SCAIME products manufactured near the Mont Blanc, France are widely known in more than 60 countries of the world. Recently the company expanded its product line by adding a range of sensors and data acquisition systems based on fiber-optic technology.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

MEN Mikro Elektronik: solutions for critical applications

The article presents MEN Mikro Elektronik Gmbh as one of the leaders in manufacturing the reliable systems and components for harsh environments. The business indicators given in the article, information on the partners as well as description of the recent developments and unique solutions are provided to show the innovative activity of MEN Mikro Elektronik Gmbh, fundamentals of manufacturing high quality and reliable products, and a comprehensive approach to developing the reliable control systems for critical applications.

      2 2010

#   2/2010

Thermokon – a reasonable choice for a modern house

The purpose of this article is to describe Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH both in technical and humanitarian aspects by covering the company's history, social programs, economics, partnership policy and environmental issues. The information presented in the article gives readers the full pictureof a successful and reliable business partner and a fastgrowing company realizing its potential on the basis of the LON and EnOcean innovating wireless and energy saving technologies and the highquality products for the building automation systems.

      1 2009

#   1/2009

Sharp Corporation: sincerity and creativity

The article presents Sharp Corporation as a global leader in the LCD technologies, particularly, in the area of the liquid crystal displays for the industrial and embedded applications. The historical facts, the corporate philosophy provisions, business statistics, information on the partners, production capacities and plans as well as the description of the new products given in the article aim at demonstrating the innovating activity of Sharp Corporation and the foundations of the high quality of its products.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

Performance Technologies – a guide to the world of the embedded modular communication systems

It is the aim of this article to familiarize the readers with the businessmodel and products from Performance Technologies (USA). The article shows the historical milestones in the development of the company, its achievements and the key economic figures. Also included is an overview of the products and examples of its use in telecommunications, industry and safety systems.

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      1 2006

#   1/2006

XP Power — power electronics expert

      2 2005

#   2/2005

10 years anniversary of PLCSystems Company professional growth

      1 2005

#   1/2005

New image of I-SFT Company

      3 2004

#   3/2004

Dataforth: new quality standards

      2 2004

#   2/2004

10 years of Albatros company

      1 2003

#   1/2003

VMIC: perfect solutions for critical applications

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      2 2001

#   2/2001

      1 2001

#   1/2001

Pepperl+Fuchs = Reliability

This article introduces Pepperl+Fuchs, a manufacturer of equipment and materials for low-level systems for automating general industrial sensors for physical parameters in technological process, as well as equipment for representing and registering information. The article gives readers an overview of the company's corporate history, philosophy, operations and objectives, describing the firm's structure and its products.

      4 1999

#   4/1999

Belden: Superiority in Technology

      1 1999

#   1/1999

Intel: The Origin of Everything

      3 1998

#   3/1998

Firm Siemens in the World of Automation

      2 1998

#   2/1998

Advantech — Towards the Coming Millennium

      1 1998

#   1/1998

Hoffman & Schroff - an indivisible partnership

      3 1997

#   3/1997

WAGO: Cage Clamp - technology for the third millennium

      2 1997

#   2/1997

The Grayhill philosophy: Be the best

      1 1997

#   1/1997

M-Systems: Technologies of Future

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Octagon Systems