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Overview of IVD Vibration Sensors by Prosoft-Systems

The article overviews the product line of IVD vibration sensors manufactured by Prosoft-Systems. Together with the branded controller, they are used to build integrated systems aimed at controlling and protecting equipment in potentially explosive areas against vibrations. The article also lists those systems that have been implemented with the use of such equipment.

      1 2021

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Regul R500S Programmable Logic Controllers for Building EAP Systems

In some industries, it is extremely important to provide reliable protection of people, process equipment and the environment in case of an emergency at the controlled facility, the development of which may lead to an accident. In these areas, the standard means of the distributed control system are not enough for the automation of production processes. In addition to this, an independent system must be built for emergency automatic protection - EAP. Russian and international standards impose very high requirements on EAP systems and on the controllers based on which they are built. The article describes the line of Regul R500S controllers produced by a domestic company – Prosoft-Systems, who hold a SIL 3 certificate for building EAP systems.

Industrial Controller: from Elementary “Building Blocks” to the “Brain” of Automation Systems

Progress in microelectronics has influenced the development of programmable logic controllers, transforming them from highly specialized automation tools into multifunctional devices adapted for the Industrial Internet of Things. An example of such multifunctional devices is Advantech PAC solutions.

InnoAGE SSD: Innodisk’s Innovative Approach to the Internet of Things

Billions of new devices are connected to the Internet of Things every year, which means that device protection is now more important than ever. InnoAGE SSD with Azure Sphere support helps ensure your data and infrastructure security, as well as privacy and physical safety. This integrated solution for IoT devices is based on years of experience in hardware, software, and cloud technology from Innodisk and Microsoft.

      4 2020

#   4/2020

Benefits of Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

Remotely controlled interactive systems often require provision of real-time video feed to the operator. Without this, in particular, it is impossible to effectively control drones, robotic complexes, autonomous deep-sea vehicles. Unfortunately, the real-time video transmission can be limited by the low bandwidth of communication channels. This article discusses the capabilities and benefits of hardware video stream compression.

Touchscreen Kiosks: Classification and Prospects

The article discusses touchscreen kiosks, which have become common equipment that have come into our lives. The current classification of these devices, the main growth factors and development trends of the Russian and Western markets for this equipment are given; the prospects of using biometrics, which will make it possible to move to a fundamentally new level of services provided, are also discussed.

      3 2020

#   3/2020

Advantech EKI-5500/5600 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

The article gives a brief overview of EKI-5500/5600: the low-end line of industrial managed Ethernet switches made by Advantech.

Innovative Online UPS Series by CyberPower

CyberPower's Online (High-Density) UPS series was introduced to the global market in H2 2019. To date the new devices have been honored with two prestigious awards: at the end of the year they were included into the innovative products list and given the Tech Innovator Award 2019, also winning the 2019 Product of the Year title bestowed by Russian distributors started offering the devices in February 2020, so it's time we take a closer look at them.

      2 2020

#   2/2020

Intelligent power system based on the EZA TDK-Lambda bidirectional DC/DC converter

The EZA bidirectional DC/DC converter is a special type of TDK-Lambda converters that enable the control of the direction of active voltage rectification. It is designed primarily for renewable energy and energy storage systems. The article describes these products, their main features, and operating principles.

Batteries for data center: time for lithium-ion

Lead-acid batteries for data centers are a time-tested solution. However, even the most reliable technologies become less modern, sooner or later, only to be replaced by more advanced developments.

      1 2020

#   1/2020

Regul R500 – domestic PLC with full redundancy support

The article discusses the commercially available Regul R500 programmable logic controller developed by Prosoft-Systems engineers - a domestic product with unique characteristics that meets the highest requirements for industrial automation equipment. The article gives the controller's specifications and description and discusses its redundancy capabilities.

MICRO PLC: great capabilities in compact size

The article presents an overview of a compact distributed I/O system based on the new MICRO PLC series from YASKAWA VIPA CONTROLS. Controller, communication and I/O module characteristics are discussed.

Premium batteries for data processing centers

The market for industrial batteries can be roughly divided into design and mass. When equipment is purchased to solve a business problem (creating a new backup power system, upgrading an existing system or service replacement), it is worth discussing a special level of equipment for the design tasks. We bring to your attention an overview of six professional design series of DELTA Xpert batteries. The article also discusses a solution for data processing centers.

Features and application of two-quadrant DC power supplies

Bidirectional two-quadrant power supplies are a special type of equipment that many industrial test benches cannot do without today. The article describes these devices, their operating principle and applications.

      4 2019

#   4/2019

Ethernet with a single twisted-pair cable is already a reality

The article presents a new standardized technology of Ethernet data transmission over a single-pair cable, which will actually allow to reconsider the organization of the physical layer of OSI models.

Cybersecurity technologies in the IoT era

With the advent of IoT, cyberthreat protection and network infrastructure management are becoming extremely relevant tasks. ADLINK offers an optimized concept of the modular construction of network protection devices, which improves the efficiency of the custom application development and reduces the cost of their operation and modernization.

DELTA smart lead-acid batteries

Unforeseen errors in equipment operation can be one of the causes of a sudden power failure. DELTA smart lead-acid batteries DTM-I and GEL reduce the risk of human influence. The batteries are equipped with an LC display that shows the status of the operation; it can be easily monitored and necessary measures can be taken in time.

Rack power backup

There is always the possibility of a power failure due to man-made or natural external factors, so the issue of the redundant power supply of critical equipment in order to improve the reliability of the system is important. Depending on equipment class, capacity, application and location, the redundant power supply implementation may vary. In this article, it is proposed to consider an economical solution for organizing the redundant power supply of single-phase server rack equipment using ATS CyberPower.

Reliability technologies for IoT

Essentially, any IoT smart device is a computer, and no computer in operation can do without a storage device. The more we become dependent on intelligent devices around us, the more serious the problem of ensuring the reliability of storage and confidentiality of information becomes. Innodisk already has the answers to many of your questions. This article will cover some of Innodisk solutions for AIoT.

      3 2019

#   3/2019

Cable technologies for industrial networks from BELDEN: soldered twisted pair

The technology for the soldered twisted pair by Belden, which allows the improvement of the quality of the industrial Ethernet physical level, is described in the article.

Memory can never be damaged by bit

Apacer engineers have carried out a huge amount of research resulting in their success to create an integrated solution for programme applications, which are especially critical for data storage reliability. The article deals with the features of industrial class solid-state drives produced by Apacer, which distinguish these devices from a number of the analogues.

      2 2019

#   2/2019

Industrial unmanaged EKI-2000 Advantech Ethernet switches

Building of Ethernet networks involves different types of switching equipment. It is worth highlighting the unmanaged switches, which are simple devices enabling to arrange the operation of a small Ethernet-network in fast and efficient way. This article provides a brief overview of Advantech unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches of entry-level EKI-2000 series.

Pepperl+Fuchs industrial linear motion sensors and systems. Part 2

The second part of the article continues reviewing sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs, a German electrotechnical company, intended for linear motion control. This part describes inductive sensors, optical cameras with a code tape, laser distance sensors, optical systems with code rail, lidars and radio sensors. The article represents capabilities and specific features of devices and illustrates examples of sensors application for production automation.

TDK-Lambda’s Latest Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's power supplies have long been known as reliable, highly efficient and multifunctional solutions for various sectors of domestic industry. Every year the company introduces new or updated devices to the market. Here, we will review updates to the most popular series of power supplies: programmable, for DIN rail mounting and for general purpose industrial use.

Errors in the use of lead-acid batteries and their consequences

Storage battery manufacturers are required to provide users with official recommendations for the use of their batteries. This information represents an actual tool that increases the equipment's efficiency. It is important to comply with the technical parameters specified in the instructions, especially when it comes to high-budget high power facilities, where the battery replacement implies significant costs. The authors of the article draw readers' attention to errors in battery operation and analyze their consequences.

      1 2019

#   1/2019

Pepperl+Fuchs industrial linear motion sensors and systems Part1

The article offers an overview of state-of-the art products from Pepperl+Fuchs, a German electrical engineering company as well as basic specifications of these devices designed to control linear movements and measure linear dimensions and distances, both very short (microns) and very long (kilometers). Also discussed are the overall capabilities of sensors for measuring linear movements, the advantages and design features of each type of the device. Also, the article gives the examples to illustrate the use of sensors in industrial automation.

Genesys programmable power supplies with Power Sink option

Energy recovery is an important issue for all types of electrical installations with electric motors. A change in voltage or current at the output of the power supplies during a braking action can result in tripping and even failure of the power supply source. Another task no less important is simulation of different voltages. Modern TDK-Lambda's Genesys series power supplies successfully meet the challenges due to the Power Sink function.

BMS increases battery life time

The era of the Internet of Things and Big Data imposes new requirements and sets stringent standards for computer power supplies. A large number of computers and other powercritical IT equipment concentrated in data centers can no longer be supported by using the traditional non-smart UPS. In such cases the BMS systems - one of which is described in this article - can be helpful.

Maximum surveillance-recording stability with RECLine firmware optimization

As the performance of solid-state drives (SSDs) gets higher and the cost gap between hard disks (HDDs) and SSDs continues to shrink, SSDs are becoming more popular on the video surveillance market. To delete from/write data to the flash drive, specific features would be required in the drive firmware but this might reduce the capacity, and as a result, the video quality might deteriorate and frames might be lost. Innodisk's RECLine technology is a specially modified firmware of SSDs for video surveillance applications providing a video stream recording at a constant rate (minimal frame loss).

      3 2018

#   3/2018

AU Optronics: technologies of the leaders

The article covers AU Optronics display solutions, shows some technological features of the product family and provides an overview of liquid crystal display applications. Also discussed is the AU Optronics operation in the green energy industry.

      2 2018

#   2/2018

Industrial video interface of the future

The article briefly describes basic modern video data transmission interfaces, requirements for 4K UltraHD LCD displays or larger format LCD displays and the stages of development of Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) as the best interface for ultra-high definition display applications. Also included are examples of equipment with eDP-interface from the leading display device manufacturers.

Modern Advantech HMI as a mirror of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The widespread use of personal electronics transforms the concept of the industrial operator interface. The proper industrial HMI can become a central element of intellectual production, an optional tool to increase the efficiency and capacity of an enterprise. The new HMIs from Advantech have taken this transformation into account.

      1 2018

#   1/2018

WAGO 750-880 programmable controller in Master mode

The Modbus protocol has been in use for many years. However, the Modbus protocol, while old, is still widely used in many modern PLCs. The article shows how to arrange data exchange between WAGO 750-880 controllers through the Modbus TCP protocol employing a special WAGO ModbusEthernet_04.lib library.

Litemax: LCD displays and LCD monitors

The article describes Litemax liquid-crystal displays and monitors. Also discussed are the key features of DURApixel high brightness displays, ultra-wide SPANpixel displays and NAVpixel marine monitors. The article gives a brief overview of technologies improving the perceived quality of images (high brightness, color and contrast enhancement). It also contains the description of a form to order Litemax monitors specifying all items.

      4 2017

#   4/2017

Interactive displays in automation and not only that

The article focuses on interactive displays, their features and applications in various spheres of human activity. Also included is a description of the benefits that can be employed after their implementation.

      1 2017

#   1/2017

ndustrial VDSL-modems for extending the industrial Ethernet boundaries

The extension of the Ethernet network is an essential task for many customers. The use of high-speed VDSL-modems is one of the ways to resolve this problem. The article provides an insight into the VDSL and Ethernet over VDSL technologies that allow data transmission over a copper two-conductor wire which is used as a transmission medium. Also discussed are the new EtherWAN solutions that offer an Ethernet line up to 2,600 m in length.

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      4 2016

#   4/2016

Hirschmann managed switches: safety first

The article discusses the key features of managed switches used to provide network security. This is illustrated by the example of Hirschmann products. The functions and usage of the managed switches described in the article will help operators of industrial enterprises to protect the industrial IT-system more efficiently.

      3 2016

#   3/2016

Next-generation REGUL RX00 PLC

The article is about the new developments of PROSOFT-Systems, an engineering company, in the field of industrial automation. They are the Series R400 and R200 REGUL programmable logic controllers, which are part of the REGUL RX00 PLC family.

Power supplies for next-generation CompactPCI systems

Over the 15-year history of CompactPCI standard, it has proven itself as an ideal platform for building the embedded computer systems. It also retains its popularity because the parallel bus architecture has been changed to high-speed serial buses. However, an increase in capacity and computing power has resulted in the increased power supply requirements. The article covers the issues related to the arrangement of power supply in CompactPCI systems.

Pepperl+Fuchs transducers. Lineup update in 2016

The article presents the brand new products of two Pepperl+Fuchs divisions: series LVL vibration sensors and the proximity sensors using Industry 4.0 technology.

A developing trend in the solid state drive market

The article focuses on the main trends in development of the industrial solid state drive (SSD) market and technologies. This is illustrated through an example of products from Apacer Technology, one of the leading SSD manufacturers in the industry. Also included is an analysis of the key differences between the industrial and household solid state drives.

      2 2016

#   2/2016

Network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220

The article presents the network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220. This module limits the high-energy surge voltages of 220V and 50Hz power supply network in line-to-neutral, neutral-to-casing circuits within the specified levels. It disconnects the network from loads under maximum pulse and sustained overvoltage conditions. The module is intended for use in critical systems and computer and communications equipment.

      4 2015

#   4/2015

Innodisk industrial flash storage: special technologies and related services

The article explains the key differences between industrial solid state storage drives and flash storage devices for the consumer market. Their functionality, data security methods and customization flexibility are shown through the example of Innodisk products.

      3 2015

#   3/2015

A domestic controller for critical applications

The article presents the REGUL R600 programmable logic controller developed by PROSOFT-Systems engineers. The serial production of this PLC commenced in 2014. The characteristics of the REGUL R600 PLC make it a unique domestic product that meets the strictest requirements for industrial automation equipment. Also included is a description of the controller, its functionality and specifications.

Development of Industrial Ethernet technology through an example of brand new communication equipment

The article examines the basic trends in the development of the Industrial Ethernet technology illustrated by the examples of the new Hirschmann and EtherWAN products. These examples vividly demonstrate the functionality and peculiarities of application of the modern network devices.

Mobile onboard power system

The article describes a mobile controlled power source used in the special wheeland track-mounted vehicle manufacturing process. The mobile controlled power source offers a high quality power supply and the ability to simulate the operation modes of the onboard network when carrying out adjusting works and check tests of on-board electrical equipment and instruments in harsh conditions. The article shows the possibilities for integration of the mobile controlled power source into a computer-aided manufacturing system.

Specific features of Apacer industrial storage product line

The article provides the history of the creation and development of Apacer Technology and highlights the major technologies used by the company when producing the industrial storage drives available in cased and caseless form factors.

      1 2015

#   1/2015

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 3. NIM745-02 – a compact MODBUS TCP slave node

This article provides a description of the functionality of probably the smallest non-programmable controller of the MODBUS TCP NIM745-02 slave node as well as application features for integration of FASTWEL I/O modules into the automated data acquisition and control system.

Stereoscopic vision technology for accurately counting numbers of people

The article deals with the applications of the Eurotech DynaPCN 10-20 smart counter designed to measure the number of people in public transport vehicles and public places. The use of this counter offers the radical new possibilities for the developers of the automated control systems to ensure efficient savings in energy, material and human resources.

Connection of an incremental encoder to PLC

The article explains how to connect an incremental encoder to PLC using the SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC and the TIA Portal programming tool as an example. High-speed counters are used to process the signals from the encoder. This allows for counting the pulses from the encoder at the high output frequency (1000 pulses per revolution and over). The article provides a summary of information on the types of the encoder output signals, the signal processing techniques and calculation of the measurable rotation speed.

      4 2014

#   4/2014

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 2. Communication capabilities

The article focuses on the specific features of implementation and use of the MODBUS and MODBUS TCP communication protocols in FASTWEL I/O controllers.

Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation products. Overview of the models based on the PRT technology

The article presents a brief history of Pepperl+Fuchs. Also included is a description of the achievements of Factory Automation Division specializing in the design and development of sensor systems for monitoring as well as the new products employing the Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) for measuring distance using the impulse signal travel time.

Comparison between transformer-based UPS vs transformer-less UPS

Currently there is growing interest in using transformer-free UPS systems. However, many users have no clear idea what UPS architecture (transformer-based or transformer-free) is best suited for the particular tasks. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and the possible applications. Also discussed are the factors to consider when determining which one to choose.

      3 2014

#   3/2014

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 1

This article discusses the evolution of the FASTWEL I/O programmable controllers from the date of a series of articles "FASTWEL I/O Inside" published in 2007-2008 up to the present date. Also included is a detailed description of some functionalities to see the difference between the FASTWEL I/O controllers and the controllers of other manufacturers.

ARIS C303 controller test drive

The article sums up the results of ARIS C303 controller testing performed by the Digital Substation magazine staff. The controller was designed by PROSOFT-Systems, an engineering company. During the test, the following parameters were evaluated: appearance and design of the device, its functional features and the technical specifications, IEC 61850 standard implementation and ease of parameter adjustment.

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 3

The third part of the article is devoted to the new SLIO processor modules which transform the distributed input-output system into a fully programmable controller.

      2 2014

#   2/2014

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 2

The second part of the article contains a description of the SPEED7 technology developed by VIPA and first implemented in their own System 300S PLCs in 2004.

      1 2014

#   1/2014

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 1

The article is devoted to the new VIPA SLIO programmable logic controllers. The first part offers a description of a distributed input/output system of the same series. This system is one of the design and technological fundamentals for the new products.

      4 2013

#   4/2013

SINUS PENTA frequency inverter for industrial application

This article examines the SINUS PENTA industrial drive from Santerno, its main characteristics and application.

      3 2013

#   3/2013

Security concepts based on EAGLE system

The article discusses the advantages and the operating features of the Hirschmann EAGLE family of hardware and software. Also included are examples of typical schemes of EAGLE equipment connection into the existing network of an enterprise. The main functions, modes of operation and nuances of adjustment are described.

CRANE Electronics DC/DC-converters: radiation test results – an exam is passed

One of the most important tasks of building spacecraft with a long active life is to ensure the required resistance of the on-board equipment to ionizing radiation effects. The article addresses general issues on the development of the converters for space use, gives a brief overview of the results of a test of the radiation-hardened DC/DCconverters commercially available from CRANE Aerospace & Electronics (Interpoint™) for their resistance to single event effects. Such tests were held when preparing the modules for use in the onboard equipment of the Mars Science Lab, Curiosity. Also included are the results of tests for resistance to ionizing dose effects when exposed to low-dose-rate and low-intensity gamma radiation which are present in some components of DC/DC-converters with a two-switch structure. The article is based on information provided by CRANE Aerospace & Electronics.

      1 2013

#   1/2013

PXI Express: a substitute or a new member in PXI team?

PXI which is currently a dominant standard in the market of virtual instrument solutions has not stopped, and the new technological trends have been already implemented in PXI Express. What is PXI Express? Is it a successor improving the existing solutions or an "outsider" which has come to take their place and fully replace them? The article writer tries to answer this question and also familiarizes the readers with the new off-the shelf ADLINK developments.

A new ET200SP distributed high-speed peripheral station

The article describes a new Siemens ET200SP distributed peripheral station. Also discussed are the design features, functions of advanced diagnostics and network capabilities. Particular emphasis is placed on the increased data transfer rate and possibility of readjusting the equipment during operation.

      4 2012

#   4/2012

Embedded switches: is it time to get on the bandwagon?

The article describes the practical advantages of using the embedded switches and offers a brief excursion into the redundant Ethernet technologies. Also discussed are the technical features of Hirschmann embedded module EES20 and its possible applications.

      1 2012

#   1/2012

Radiation-tolerant film hybrid DC/DC-converters – the standard components of power supply systems of space vehicles

The article describes the design features of the film hybrid DC/DC-converters offered by International Rectifier (USA), various methods for building the power supply systems of the space vehicles and effect of the system requirements on technical parameters of the power modules. Particular emphasis is given to the radiation resistance and quality control requirements when manufacturing such modules. The article presents some popular models of DC/DC-converters and promising products of this class.

      4 2011

#   4/2011

EtherCAT I/O: a new era of automation

The article gives a brief overview of history and development of the modular Beckhoff I/O systems based on K-bus and E-bus. Particular emphasis is put on a comparative review of characteristics and advantages of EtherCAT - the leader among the I/O systems based on the real time Ethernet.

TELEOFIS wireless data transfer systems

Modern technologies offer a wide range of wireless data transfer solutions. The commercial systems covering vast areas widely use the GSM/3G modems as well as radio modems.

      3 2011

#   3/2011

Radiation hardened linear ultra low voltage dropout regulators for rocket and space equipment

The article describes the new RUH3301 series radiation hardened linear regulators from International Rectifier (a division of High Reliability Products - HiRel). The integrated hybrid regulators feature an ultra low voltage dropout of 0.4V with a load current of 3A. They are designed for use in the distributed power architecture (DPA) of the space vehicles and transport spacecrafts as the point-of-load regulators as well as for an additional regulation of voltage after the DC/DC converters.

Schaefer versatile power supply

The article presents products from Schaefer, who specialize in the design and manufacture of power supplies for critical applications. Also included are options of comprehensive tailor-made solutions for secondary power supply systems developed using standard Schaefer products and intended for implementation of an uninterruptible power supply of various loads. The article considers a topology for building modern Schaefer power supplies.

      2 2011

#   2/2011

New horizons of the wireless Ethernet: 300 Мbit/s from the air

The article provides a historical overview and covers the advantages and specific features of WiFi IEEE 802.11n standard. Also included is a review of the industrial equipment that meets the family of IEEE 802.11 standards.

      4 2010

#   4/2010

Explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment based on the sliding monitoring

The current international standards specify the explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment. A risk of explosion can occur when the drive and the output device of the system are interlocked. The article analyses the potential consequences of such interlock and evaluates the potential ignition sources. Also discussed are the explosion protection solutions based on the rotational speed monitoring in order to identify the signs of sliding, an indicator of occurrence of a dangerous situation. The article covers the commercial modules for implementation of such solutions.

Buoy or guided wave radar?

Today the buoy level gages are one of the most common devices that can be used to measure levels of any liquids in industry. When using these devices, the instrument engineers face the maintenance problems. What is an alternative solution to reduce costs and optimize the measurement process?

      3 2010

#   3/2010

Flash technologies attack hard disk drives

The article describes the types of data storage in the modern computer systems. Also discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of both hard disks and NAND Flash-drives.

(pdf NaNk)
      2 2010

#   2/2010

HART Loop Converter as a bridge between the digital and analog world

Maintaining a safe production process often depends on the right information at the right time. The new HART Loop Converter from Pepperl+Fuchs uses the full potential of HART enabled field devices. It serves as a bridge between the digital and analog world and provides access to vital process data, which were not available until now.

      1 2010

#   1/2010

FX3G: a new controller in the FX compact family PLCs

The article presents a new series of the inexpensive singleblock controllers from Mitsubishi Electric for the middlelevel automation tasks.

      3 2009

#   3/2009

Replacement must be made in time! How Metran-150 differs from traditional pressure sensors

The pressure sensors Metran-150 have been operated in more than 1000 enterprises in Russia and CIS for three years. Tough laboratory and polygon tests are permanently conducted. Confident in the superior technical characteristics, wide functionality and high operational reliability, the management of Metran industrial group made the decision to recommend the customers to use Metran-150 instead of its predecessor Metran-100.

GOT1000 operator terminals: from the simple control panels to the platform solutions

The article presents the new models and the benefits of the GOT Series operator terminals from Mitsubishi Electric.

      1 2009

#   1/2009

New ruggedized LCD displays from i-sft for industrial applications

I-sft GmbH develops and manufactures the TFTdisplays for industrial applications and is one of the leading European producers of the modern TFTdisplays for the extreme conditions. In 2008, isft GmbH considerably renovated its product line. The company offered to the consumers the displays designed for the extended temperature ranges. They are environment resistant and feature a long MTBF andhigh brightness of the screen.

Redundant controllers System Q for continuous process automation

The article describes the advantages of the redundant control systems of different architectures based on Mitsubishi Electric System Q controllers.

On the new possibilities of LOGO! modules

The possibilities of a new series of LOGO! 0BA6 modules and some examples of their application are shown in the article. Their technical characteristics and innovative solutions are described. Automation of different small systems can be implemented with LOGO! modules using PIregulator, analog calculations and many other functions.

      4 2008

#   4/2008

Use of the LXI standard for the control of the programmable power supplies

The LXI standard-based Ethernet technology continues to grow in popularity when solving the tasks of control of the secondary power supply sources. The use of this standard in the Gegesys series programmable power supplies from Lambda provides some additional competitive advantages such as an easy control and configuration, possibility of integration via LAN, and reduction in the modernization costs.

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New players in the Magelis XBT graphic terminal family

The article describes a few series of the graphic terminals from Schneider Electric: an early version – Magelis XBT GT and two recent versions – Magelis XBT GK and Magelis XBT GTW. The fundamental difference between the early version of the product and those newly launched is that they have been built on a new technological platform.

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      3 2008

#   3/2008

Conquer the forces of nature

The article focuses on the features of the Schneider Electric pressure transducers which are employed to control the engines of the compressor and pneumatic equipment.

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      2 2008

#   2/2008

Brief review of the new TDK Lambda power supplies

The article presents the new power supplies from TDKLambda specializing in the development and manufacturing of the highly efficient power supplies for industrial applications. Brief information on the structure of TDKLambda and its position at the world market is provided. The article analyses the basic tendencies in the improvement of the modern highcapacity power supplies.

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New series of the XP Power DC/DC converters

This article gives an overview of a new series of the XP Power DC/DC converters. Their specific features and main competitive advantages are shown.

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Schneider Electric presents the new Modicon M340 PLC

The article provides a brief description of a new Micro programmable logic controller added to the family of the Schneider Electric instrumentation, its features and capabilities. The applications of this PLC in various industries are discussed.

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Lexium PAC: automation technologies and motion

The article describes the Lexium PAC servosystems offering the ready combinations of motion control and automation products which enable the design of applications and the implementation of all motion control functions.

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      1 2008

#   1/2008

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 5

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail

      4 2007

#   4/2007

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 4

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail

The solid-state disks are the reliable solution for the mission-critical applications. Part 2

The article provides a comparative analysis of the efficiency of data storage on the solid-state and hard disks and offers an overview of the existing formats of the solid-state disks. The article investigates the problems typical for the NAND-memory and shows how these problems can be handled utilizing the TrueFFS® software thus making the NAND-memory advantages as to capacity, efficiency, reliability and cost available to the users.

      3 2007

#   3/2007

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 3

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.

Advanced automation technologies. The LEXIUM servosystems

The solid-state disks are the reliable solution for the mission-critical applications. Part 1

The article provides a comparative analysis of the efficiency of data storage on the solid-state and hard disks and offers an overview of the existing formats of the solid-state disks. The article investigates the problems typical for the NAND-memory and shows how these problems can be handled utilizing the TrueFFS® software thus making the NAND-memory advantages as to capacity, efficiency, reliability and cost available to the users.

      2 2007

#   2/2007

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 2

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.

      1 2007

#   1/2007

Fastwel I/O inside

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.

      4 2006

#   4/2006

Inexpensive and small-sized controllers for building automation systems

The basic characteristics and potential of DirectLOGIC programmable logic controllers widely used in building automation systems are considered.

      3 2006

#   3/2006

DPHarp — advanced technologies in pressure, flow-rate, and level measurement

Some time ago, Yokogawa Corp. (Japan) made a breakthrough in the pressure sensor technology with its DPHarp approach to pressure measurement. Recently, Yokogawa has announced pressure sensors of the EJX series, which signifies a great stride forward in industrial automation facilities.

      2 2006

#   2/2006

New products from Prosoft-Systems for nondestructive check

New developments intended for solving the topical problem of nondestructive check are presented. The performance specifications of the new devices, as well as their functionality, commutation, and design features, are described. The advantages of the new devices over the earlier versions are emphasized. The potential and domain of applicability of the devices are exemplified.

TeSyS U smart starter from Schneider Electric

Emergency protection systems built on BAZIS Controllers from Ekoresurs

The article presents a review of BAZIS series multifunctional Zener-barriers protected controllers. Their potential, performance specifications, and applications, as well as related I/O devices, are described.

New player at the Russian market of industrial communications

A product line from Korenix, an industrial information network equipment manufacturer, is described.

      4 2005

#   4/2005

Wiring without a screwdriver

The article describes the evolution of the spring-loaded Cage Clamp terminal connectors invented by WAGO company. It shows the examples of engineering solutions of this company, which allowed it to take up and hold the leading positions among the largest terminal clamps manufacturers.

      3 2005

#   3/2005

Low-profile programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda: combination of power and intelligence

The article reports on Genesys programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda (Israel), defined for their high energy features, reliability, precision, weight and sizes. Devices are remotely programmable and can be easily connected to serial line communication interfaces. The possibility of connection with universal interface bus GPIB allows easy products integration into the test systems' equipment.

      4 2003

#   4/2003

Local automation devices. Microcontrollers.

This article is devoted to technology that can be used to address relatively simple automation problems. The author uses practical examples to illustrate the broad applicability of the LOGO! logic modules from Siemens.

New technology for continuous data transmission

The author explains the primary advantages of using GPRS technology in automated process control systems, describing the popular MC35 Terminal series of GPRS modems, which were designed for industrial applications.

      1 2003

#   1/2003

Accessories and options for radar level-measurement instruments

One of the most important trends in level-measurementtechnology today is the growing popularity of radar. As more radar instruments with enhanced capabilities become available, plant operators have a greater choice of brands, features and options.

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      3 2001

#   3/2001

Weidmueller — your partner for industrial electrical connectivity and cabinets for electrical equipment

      2 2001

#   2/2001

Weidmueller — your partner for industrial electronics and electric wiring tools

Industrial encoders: classes and some features

      1 2001

#   1/2001

Modern connecting equipment

CAGE CLAMP COMPACT is another step forward in perfecting spring terminal blocks.

Weidmueller — Your partner for electric switching modules

      4 1999

#   4/1999

Planar FP-Displays' Application Scope

      1 1996

#   1/1996

Technology of Wire Junction by Using WAGO Spring Clamp

Electroluminescent Display ICEBrite™ Series

Flash Memory Standardization in PCMCIA Cards