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НаименованиеAutomating the testing of linear electric motors on the Moscow Monorail


LLC Laboratory AS has developed the ASTest Software Complex, a universal tool for the automation of the experimental studies and test stands. The Complex can be operated by a specialist, not necessarily a programmer, in the field of application.

The Complex runs under ОСWindows. The core of the Complex is an integrated environment that allows for adjusting an experiment, searching for the required scenario in the database, launching the experiment software, viewing and analyzing the results.

The Complex operates based on an IBM PC compatible computer. The different projects employ the industrial, mobile or office devices of a diverse design with a variety of external interfaces from various manufacturers (Fastwel, Advantech, National Instruments, etc.).

A linear electric drive for the Moscow Monorail was tested at the test site.  This required the use of a self-contained recorder in conjunction with the Complex. The recorder is designed for operation within a wide range of the temperatures (−20...+70°C) and has a high resistance to the shocks (up to 16g) and vibrations (up to 5g). This recorder was developed using the devices from Octagon Systems, Advantech and SanDisk. The heart of the recorder is the CPU686E processor board from Fastwel as well as the multichannel input/output modules, analog-to-digital converter and multiplexers from the said company.

The testing involved the simultaneous measurement of the alternating, impulse and direct currents in the range up to 500 А, voltage up to 700 V, forces up to 10,000 N, temperature in the range from −50 to +250°C, speed up to 100 km/hr, clearances and displacements. The measurements were made both in a test building at the test site and when a railway car was moving on an experimental railroad.

The operation of the Complex included four stages:

  • adjustment of the measuring system,
  • generation of an experiment  scenario,
  • real-time measurement and visualization of the results,
  • processing and analysis of the results.

As a result, a complete cycle of tests (static and dynamic) was accomplished to test run the design and confirm the design performance of the linear electric motor for the Moscow Monorail. The traction and speed characteristics of the motor were determined, the thermal tests were performed, and the off-normal situations were tried out. The Complex allowed for promptly processing the obtained results, making changes in the test program, adjusting and improving the test object as well as receiving the required set of the reports.

The Complex is currently used, on a regular basis, for the certification tests of the serial linear electric motors.

The ASTest Complex was awarded the medal Guarantee of Quality and Safety as a result of the National Security Contest. The self-contained recorder was given a diploma of the Laureate of the Moscow International Industrial Forum (MIIF).

Moscow Monorail


Mikhail Pertsovskiy,  Aleksei Rtishchev,  Aleksandr Yakovlev,  Ivan Miroshkin