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НаименованиеMonitoring and processing equipment for non-contact controlling of solid fuels quality


In the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as in many other countries, the studies are underway to find the instrumental methods and develop the devices for the express-control of coal and coal conversion product quality. The most efficient yet the most hard-to-perform methods are the continuous non-contact control methods which are conducted simultaneously on various parameters in the same points of a process stream.

Amongst the on-stream express-control methods, the nuclear-physical methods offer the highest accuracy. Based on these methods, JSC Kazchermetavtomatika developed a radioisotope monitoring and processing complex RIVK-1 to measure the ash content and bulk density of coal on a conveyor belt and produce the results in a standardized form. The Complex features high reliability, safety, easy operation and maintenance and a relatively low cost. By the metrological parameters, the Complex meets the requirements of the current standards. This allows for making settlements with the consumers based on its readings. The range of ash measurement is 5...35%, and the range of bulk density measurement is 800...1,300 kg/m3. The error limit in the main measurement subrange is ±0.8%. The Complex comprises two basic units: the GDZ-7683 gamma-ray ash detector  and the UOU-7683 processing device.  

The gamma-ray ash detector has a dust- and moisture-proof case (800×400×400 mm). It houses the detectors on a rotary frame, fixed collimator with a radioisotope source, movable collimator with the collimation holes, amplifier, discriminator module, calibration unit and power source. The GDZ-7683 detector is installed over the belt conveyor (the belt length:  800-1,200 mm) on a special portal supplied with the Complex.

The UOU-7683 device is designed to receive the gamma-detector signals, process the signals using the set algorithms, generate the control signals for GDZ-7683 and send the results of the ash, bulk density and “detector-material” air gap measurements to the control system and secondary instruments. The heart of the processing device is an industrial computer from Advantech and the parts from Octagon Systems and Fastwel.

The fields of application of the RIVK-1 Complex are the by-product coke and blast-furnace processes, coal-cleaning plants and heat and power stations. The ash control does not only improve efficiency of the equipment operation, but also significantly reduces the ash emissions into the atmosphere.

The Complex has passed the state tests successfully and has the certificate of measuring device, state licenses for calibration and manufacturing.

As an example, the Complex has been introduced at the Shubarkolsky Coal Field (Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan) to control the quality of salable coal released to the consumers. During the first year, the economic benefit from the RIVK-1 Complex introduction was $86,000.


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Tleukhan Namazbayev,  Vladimir Savyolov,  Sergey Kim ,  Vladimir Parafilov