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НаименованиеMobile measuring systems for conducting warranty testing on turbine equipment


The economic efficiency of the turbine plant operation is a key criterion for the thermal power stations (TPS) whose equipment has been running over years in the heavy climatic conditions. Among these is the Korba Thermal Power Station in India. It was commissioned - with the participation of the USSR - in 1966.  The equipment of the station experienced several scheduled repair cycles. The quality of the repair and renewal performance and compliance of the turbine plant parameters with the standards always required a careful study and unbiased assessment in order to choose the optimal mode of the plant operation or make a decision as to inexpediency of its further operation. To accomplish these goals, JSC Firm ORGRES developed an automatic condition monitoring and analysis system for the turbine plant and its basic components. In addition to the traditional requirements for reliability and accuracy (DIN 1943, the fundamental error of measurement – 0.1%), the system is compact, mobile and has the capability of quick readiness for operation under the specific test programs in various power-generating units.

The basic functions are:

  • rapid assessment of the condition of a steam turbine and ancillary equipment;
  • acquisition of the source data on the physical parameters of the equipment operation for further analysis and obtaining of the more accurate evaluations;
  • determination of the turbine plant economic efficiency.

The conditions for an unbiased analysis and obtaining of the reliable evaluations are based on the multipoint data acquisition, real-time data conversion and archiving, dataware of the results reprocessing, vast capabilities of the user interface (data visualization – all at the same time, the tabular and graphic representation of data in various colors, selection of data by the specific parameter, graph scaling, etc.).

The hardware of the system are a notebook, the ADAM-5000/485 controllers and the ADAM-4520 interface modules from Advantech, the power supplies manufactured by the same company and Siemens, the Metran and ZOND pressure transducers, thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. The software was developed in the Windows environment for operation in the MS-DOS emulation mode. Provision has been made for the compatibility and possibility for carrying the files to Microsoft Office.

At the Indian Thermal Power Station, the system demonstrated a reliable operation in tropical climate at a temperature of over 60°C on the jobsite with a high level of dust and humidity as well as in the strong electromagnetic fields. The possibility of placing the system in the immediate vicinity of an operating steam turbine has been proved. This can be done quickly without shutdown of the power generating unit. The basic advantages of the system are the high accuracy, small size and a relatively low cost.

The system described here has been certified as a measuring device.

Thermal Power Station in Korba (India)

Aleksandr Garkavi,  Aleksandr Sakharov,  Andrey Sakharov ,  Oleg Fatkov