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НаименованиеMobile unit for exploring gas-condensate fields


To efficiently operate the wells of a gas-condensate field, the research should be periodically carried out in order to forecast the flow rate of the wells and quality of the produced raw material. Taking into account the periodicity of such research and the necessity of acquisition and processing of data on a large number of the gas production facilities located on a vast territory, a research complex was developed and manufactured as a mobile unit mounted on the Ural truck.

The mobile unit is a set of equipment separating a stream that contains gas, gas condensate, water and mechanical impurities into the components. The separator, valves and transducers are installed on a technological platform. The hardware of the automated monitoring and control system are placed in a heated cabin of the truck.

The design of the Separation Unit was developed by the Central Bureau of the Oil Equipment (the Russian Federation); the technological platforms with the separators were manufactured by DKG-EAST (Hungary), and the automated monitoring and control system was designed by the Scientific and Engineering Company Incotech (Ukraine):

The basic functions of the automated monitoring and control system are:

  • Initial acquisition of data on temperature and pressure of the gas-liquid mixture, flow rate, temperature, pressure, density and level of condensate, and flow rate, temperature and pressure of gas;
  • Numeric real time representation of the measured parameters on a real time basis;
  • Control of the valves;
  • Display of data in the form of  trends and graphs;
  • Warning of the failures and the unallowable deviations of the parameter values;
  • Data archiving, generation of the shift reports, tables and diagrams with the well performance characteristics based on its research results;
  • Efficient and convenient operator’s interface;
  • Implementation of various types of protection.

The automated monitoring and control system is implemented on the state-of-the-art microprocessors.  The upper level of the automated monitoring and control system employs a rugged notebook (Mitac) with the installed SCADA-package ViSA 6.0 (the Scientific and Engineering Company Incotech). The use of the smart transmitters and the HART protocol for the communication at the lower level allowed for eliminating the signal conditioning devices and controller as well as minimizing the number of the communication lines. This reduced the project cost and had a beneficial effect on the reliability of the system. The design of the transducers in accordance with the В-Iа zone conditions, power redundancy, placement of the automated monitoring and control system devices in an IP66 cabinet (Schroff) and their fastening on the buffer pads, short circuit and overload protection, etc. also add to the reliability enhancement.

Such units are currently in use in the gas-condensate fields in the Tomsk Region (the Russian Federation). The possibility for creating and reviewing the database whose storage period of data for each researched well is no less than three years provides the conditions for an  unbiased analysis of the field exploitation prospects.


A Technological Platform with the Separator.

By Vladislav Dubinskiy and Tatyana Ivanova

Vladislav Dubinskiy ,  Tatyana Ivanova