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НаименованиеThe Khortitsa system for pipeline transfer


Khortitsa system was developed by Khartron-YuKOM Co. on the requirements specification of AO Gasprom and PO Ukrgasprom and put into operation at the objects of OOO Mostranszas and its affiliated company Kievtransgas. It is an open distributed multilevel multiprocessor information--measuring system with modular hardware and standard interfaces. The software of this system allows for its adaptation to various objects of control, such as crane units, commercial accounting units at gas-distributing and gas-measuring stations, cathode protection units, gas production objects, heat and power plants, boiler-rooms, etc.

The basic functions of the system are as follows:

  • continuous cyclic conversion of signals from process parameter sensors and their processing by certain algorithms,
  • continuous cyclic scanning of equipment status sensors,
  • control of manufacturing equipment according to the instructions of the dispatcher,
  • calculation of the flow rate, volume, and heat capacity of the gas,
  • trouble-shooting of sensor and communication channel,
  • transfer of information about process parameters and equipment state to the corporate level.

The system consists of a central control station; one or two intermediate control stations; and up to 255 controlled stations, each checking up to 97 parameters. The central control station is linked to the upper level through RS-232 or RS-485 interface and to the controlled stations through a radio channel or a physical four-wire communication line.

The relative inaccuracy per measuring channel is within 0.1%, and the relative error of gas volume calculation is no more than 0.2%.

The central control station includes a PC, a communications controller, a USB-station, and uninterruptible power supplies. The controller is based on Octagon Systems modules, and its input and output blocks are protected by Telebyte lightning guard devices.

The controlled station provides direct interaction with an object to be checked or controlled. In essence, it is an IBM PC-compatible industrial controller based on Octagon Systems or Fastwel modules with the use of normalization and optical isolated devices from Grayhill and Analog Devices, as well as WAGO and Telebyte lightning guard devices. This controller has passed the whole set of state testing and has been entered into the State Register of Measuring Means (No. U1066-00).

The computing power and high configurability of Khortitsa system make it promising for automation of any objects and systems used in pipeline transfer.


Appearance of the controlled station based on Fastwel CPU188 microcontroller


Aleksandr Romanovskiy,  Aleksandr Grinenko,  Gennadiy Solodovnikov,  Vladimir Kuzminov