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НаименованиеNew options for process control in oil extraction


Mega control system developed by Intek Co. is intended for a variety of applications, oil extraction among them, and solves the following problems:

  • local automation of technological objects,
  • automatic control of the process as a whole,
  • data acquisition and data representation in the user-friendly form,
  • open data access via standard interfaces.

The system has a hierarchical multilevel structure. Level--level interaction is provided with standard interlevel interfaces; hence, the components of the system are replaceable and its architecture is expandable. The OPC interface used on each level makes it possible to expand the functionality of the system by using application-specific components. The componentwise approach to designing the system is supported by GENESIS32 SCADA. Object-oriented programming provides a wide reconfigurability of the system's software.

On the object level, one can use any controller supporting the PTM-64 protocol of packet data transfer via COM port. In the projects implemented, Advantech ADAM-5510 controllers, Fastwel RTU188 or RTU186 controllers, Octagon Systems 6000 microcontrollers, or controllers of in-house design were used.

The PTM-64 open protocol allows for designing sophisticated hybrid communication systems that can cover large distances and bypass mountains. In addition, this protocol allows any modem operating in the addressless mode and using RS-232/485 interface to be applied.

The controller network is controlled by a supervisory computer (as a rule, Advantech IPC-6908 or IPC-610 industrial computer). Controller polling and setup are accomplished using the ROTOR program.

The control server may be installed on any network computer. The input data for the server are information coming from different sources (OPC tags, database fields, constants, variables, parameters being calculated, etc.); the output data are objects' properties.

Engineering workstations are provided by GENESYS32 SCADA environment, where the screen forms are generated. A separate application performs the function of a dispatcher's workstation with wide possibilities of visualization, control, and optimization of processes.

Mega control system has been successfully introduced into the oil-and-gas production enterprises that are part of the ChekmagushNeft' and Oktyabr'skNeft' departments.


Oil well

Group gauge unit equipment

Vasiliy Dudnikov,  Damir Nabiyev ,  Vlad Gareyev