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НаименованиеMulti-function controllers as the foundation for mass automation of model oil drilling sites


Tatarstan is one of the oldest oil regions in Russia, because of which most oil fields here feature production rate decline and a high well stream watering. Under such conditions, a further development of oil production technology and introduction of new methods aimed at raising the oil recovery seem to be the most challenging problems. Solving these problems is impossible without invoking advanced automation means. From the automation standpoint, the objects of oil-producing complexes have much in common, from the number and list of controlled parameters to service conditions. With this in mind, engineers of Shuttle Co. have arrived at the idea of designing a reconfigurable controller intended for automation of oil-production facilities that is built on a unified set of units and modules.

Such a controller has been designed based on a Fastwel RTU188 microcontroller. It other components are a radio modem, power supplies, temperature-controlled system, input galvanic isolation board, RS-485 bus protection modules, as well as a wiring board, a cable board, and a front panel with operator's terminal. The controller is placed in a CONCEPTLINE dust- and damp-proof cabinet. The software is written in C++ language.

The controller thus designed turned out to be sufficiently reliable, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and upgradeable. It represents a universal tool making it possible to rapidly solve typical problems encountered in oil production automation with minimal costs. For example, in the automation of the Ashalchinsk oil field, eight versions of such a unified controller configured for special purposes were used, namely, a producing well controller, a group gauge unit controller, a clustered pumping station controller, a data-concentrating controller, etc.

When put into operation, the controller reinforced the validity of designing a unified controller that can be reconfigured for special purposes (objects). The efficiency of the controller is in many respects related to its extended functionality and computing power of the RTU188 microcontroller board.

Subsequently, the list of configurations was extended and a system of automatic reconfiguration of the basic version to meet a given set of control parameters was developed.


Aktis Plant

Appearance of well controller

Sergey Baltser,  Grigoriy Bushkanets,  Aleksandr Derkach,  Vladimir Krasnykh