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НаименованиеRadiation monitoring of an apparatus for the processing and disposal of radioactive wastes of radioactive wastes


The government of the Russian Federation adopted a program according to which a set of regional stations for utilization and reprocessing of metallic nuclear waste is to be swept throughout the Russian territory. To provide safe operation of these stations, engineers at the ZAO "SNIIP-ASKRO" developed an ASKRO-3 automated radiation monitoring system by order of ZAO "Ekomet-S".

The system has 20 certified measuring channels each containing a radiation detector, and data processing and display tools. ASKRO-3 provides remote control of the atmosphere in the rooms of the station with BDMG-08R-03 gamma dose rate detectors and in the air of ventilation systems with BDAS-03P-01 beta-active aerosol detecting units. The arrangement of the detecting units meets the waste reprocessing cycle with regard to radiation monitoring data for the metal remelting equipment used.

Information on the radiation level over the entire set of stations is displayed on the host computer of the system using user-friendly screens with sound and color signaling, which allows the operating personnel to fast take adequate measures.

The Advantech PLC-745B interface card allows connection to the host computer through the RS-485 interface of the UNO-84P data acquisition and processing devices, which are built around an Octagon Systems 6020 microcontroller. UNO-84P devices contain modules and units of original design for switching signals from the detecting units and for data acquisition and processing. The devices are placed into CONCEPTLINE EMC packages (Schroff Co.), which ensure IP66 safety standard. The signals are applied through WAGO terminals.

The software of the system is aimed at minimizing requirements for the host computer and can be used in both the Windows and MS-DOS environment. Three basic programs are employed: the program for data acquisition from detecting units, the program for data exchange between the host computer and UNO-84P devices, and the program for data processing and display. Application of advanced circuit technologies and general-purpose hardware and software tools in the ASKRO-3 design makes it possible to improve the reliability of environmental monitoring and cut the cost of the necessary facilities.

BDMG-08R-03 gamma dose rate detectors

UNO-84P data acquisition and processing device

By Aleksandr Agapov, Andrey Borzunov, Vladimir Buntushkin, Aleksei Nester, Victor Paryshev, Lydia Parysheva, Valentin Skatkin, Vladimir Taratushko and Aleksandr Troshev

Aleksandr Agapov,  Andrey Borzunov,  Vladimir Buntushkin,  Aleksei Nester,  Victor Paryshev,  Lydia Parysheva,  Valentin Skatkin,  Vladimir Taratushko,  Aleksandr Troshev