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НаименованиеNeutron-measuring and computing apparatus for controlling the moisture content and density of blended materials


A new system of burden materials components batching with moisture content and density control was developed by JSC “Kazchermetavtomatika” for blast furnace productivity and smelted cast iron quality improvement by means of burden materials preparation procedure updating. The central unit of the system is Advantech industrial computer based which has an enhanced configuration, complete set of communicating devices and Pentium processor board.

The system allows simultaneous 4-technological channels control, while each of them can operate separately.

The key element of the system is VNS-7652M measuring and computing complex meant for furnace coke moisture, water content and bulk density measuring while batching.

The used neutron method is recognized as one of the most advanced indirect moisture content measuring methods in industry.

A neutron coke humidity sensor DVK-7652M and an information-handling unit BOI-7652M have been developed for measuring complex construction.

The DVK-7652M sensor is performed as an immersion probe protected with a durable shell, which has special devices inside making emission, detection and neutron flux conversion into electric signals.

There is a special method patented, which allows to reduce the sensor calibration time. And there is a set of metrological equipment and control gages developed and constructed especially for DVK-7652M.

The BOI-7652M unit is Advantech industrial computer based, as well as Octagon Systems and Fastwel equipment. It has a unified building block construction and meets the requirements of equipment embedding into standard racks and cases.

The VNS-7652M complex provides the humidity measuring range from 0 to 13%, bulk density from 400 to 500 kg/m3. The pink limits of absolute uncertainty (Р=0,9) are no more than ±0,5% by humidity and ±30 kg/m3 by bulk density.

The application of such neutron complexes as VNS-7652M on some Russian and Kazakhstan steel works allowed to stabilize the smelting process and increase the blast furnaces’ yield on 1,0-3,0%. The annual economic effect from the complex implementation, taking into account investments, depreciation cost and maintenance service for one furnace averaged 118,000 US dollars.

Blast furnace

DVK-7652M neutron sensor

By Tleukhan Namazbayev, Anatoliy Polevoy, Vladimir Savelov, Aleksandr Kolesnikov,
Aleksandr Ananyev, Victor Mayevskiy and Agiy Makhnev

Tleukhan Namazbayev,  Anatoliy Polevoy,  Vladimir Savelov,  Aleksandr Kolesnikov,  Aleksandr Ananyev,  Victor Mayevskiy,  Agiy Makhnev