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НаименованиеControl system for technology monitoring and control of rolling mill's speed modes


The system has been developed by the research and development centre “DONIKS” in close cooperation with Donetsk metallurgical plant specialists and implemented in a cogging mill 950/900 of this plant. The main purpose of this system's development was to replace the previously used hardwired logic control system, to expand control functions of rolling technology observance and to provide well-timed diagnostics of slip and its prevention.

At the same time the task of parameter recording system creation has been solved. In case of emergency the system can report on the situation for active error cause removal.

The hardware component of the system consists of AWS-842TB working stations and Advantech industrial computers, Octagon Systems controllers, ADAM-3014 and Grayhill 70G and Analog Devices 5B modules, IEE displays, Hirschmann network devices and in-house designed modules and sensors.

The used QNX operation system provides the real-time processing, multitasking, transparent network access and ample opportunities of long-life reliable graphic interface.

Data backup and parallel recording on different types of devices is widely applied in the monitoring and control system. The signal and power circuit length is minimized, communications and devices protection is provided as well as ergonomic conditions for an operator. All this is intended for reliability improvement.

System main functions:

  • electric drives velocity and velocity restriction signals forming
  • smooth backlash taking up in a power transmission by means of forming nonlinear task signal for electric drives speedup and slowdown
  • speedup and slowdown regulation while rolling process for slipping prevention
  • breaking-down roll gap and cogging process control
  • current error and electric drives' speed control and correction
  • parameter limit monitoring, necessary block signals generation
  • modes display, messages signaling
  • operations execution profile, statistical data storage

During the operation time the system has shown itself as a powerful and flexible instrument, enabling to adopt for new technical changes and increase functional capabilities in a short period of time.

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Mill 900

First post of the mill 950 operator's workstation

By Roman Fedoryak, Konstantin Leikovskiy and Aleksei Svetlichniy

Roman Fedoryak,  Konstantin Leikovskiy,  Aleksei Svetlichniy