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НаименованиеAkhtuba automated message delivery system


The research and development centre AI” in association with Voronezh institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs RF has developed a digital automated system Akhtub” for fire and unauthorized room access signals transmission.

Akhtub” is regarded among modern fire alarm systems excluding human factor from security operation and data processing.

The system is highly reliable industrial equipment based and includes the following:

  • central surveillance panel
  • retransmitters
  • industrial facilities

The central panel consists of two computers with 10-channels modems embedded, uninterruptible power suppliers and color printer. The industrial working stations AWS-825B/825PB or AWS-843HT/T from Advantech with a clock round duration are used as a system computers. The retransmitter consists of 2 local area network connected multiplexers and 1-40 concentrators. It makes the information acquisition, processing and interchange with the central panel computers. There is a possibility to connect up to 10 retransmitters to one panel.

In return, every retransmitter can support 4 separately located panels simultaneously, which can be in different security offices, police and fire stations.

One can use retransmitters in security systems of small factories and offices as well.

Multiplexers and concentrators are Advantech PCA-6145B/L single board computer based. They have a back up power supply unit, formed from the secondary power supply NLP40 and BXA40 converter from Artesyn Technologies.

The equipment of the object includes direct-to-home filters and terminal units, which can control up to 6 alarm system loops programmed in any combination from panel.

The number of objects, controlled by one central surveillance panel amounts to 10-320000.

All control operations, self-diagnostic and system recovery are automated to the utmost.

The automatic tuning in accordance with the changing connection provides a reliable protection from false operation and the special interconnect and encoding protocols improve the system protection from the possible replacement of slave units by alternative equipment.

The Akhtuba system has all necessary certificates and it is recommended by Ministry of Internal Affairs RF for private security organizations and it has already been successfully used on a wide range of facilities.

Six loops terminal unit

Concentrator block

By Nikolai Shurevskiy, Vladimir Zarubin, Aleksei Zhdanov

Nikolai Shurevskiy,  Vladimir Zarubin,  Aleksei Zhdanov