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НаименованиеPyrometric Measuring System for Stationary Monitoring of Pulverized-Coal Furnace


The pyrometric measuring system PIK-3 was developed by the Opened Joint Stock Company “Irkutskenergo” for the E-820 boiler unit, which is in the Novo-Irkutskaya steam power plant. The system provides the information about the temperature distribution inside the furnace and makes possible to solve the following technological tasks with its help:

  • absolute pyrometric flame temperature measurement
  • the real-time and the hindsight determination of the flame jamb in a furnace
  • the amount of heat estimation for furnace elements, their remaining life calculation, maintenance and repair works set-up
  • setting the flame position and the temperature for special operating regimes of a furnace, including the “ecological regime” with a low nitrogen oxide content

The PIK-3 system allows to perform all the above listed operations, avoiding the dangerous and sometimes inexact visual test.

The system includes the following software and hardware tools:

  • the in-house developed pyrometric sensors
  • I/O ADAM modules
  • cable circuits (RS-232, RS-485)
  • computer terminal in a dust-proof Schroff case
  • secondary power suppliers and UPSs Back-UPC 400
  • Windows software

Besides, a new maintenance device was developed which allows to compare the work of an operating pyrometric sensor with a certified reference one. The balancing of the operating and the reference sensors' readings puts the scattering within the 0.5% limit. This is the level, which determines the precision of the inspection system in general.

The software of the system performs the following operations:

  • incoming data verification, sorting, cleaning and smoothing - digital data conversion into temperature measure units
  • on-line inspection and visualization of received data in the form of digital tabulations, trends and diagrams
  • pyrometric data archiving, history processing, and its retrospective presentation
  • the most radioactive zones of the furnace's water wall surface determination
  • reference and setup parameters editing

The PIK-3 system is being successfully used not only for the E-820 boiler unit, but also for the quadrangular furnace E-500. The system can be constructed in a mobile variant, and have the universal software for any boiler unit maintenance.

Novo-Irkutskaya steam
power plant

The general view
of the sensors comparing device

The general view of the PIK-3 administrative computer's display

By Andrey Borovsky, Leonid Gerasimov, Sergey Druzhinin,
Dmitri Myadzelets, Alexander Sidorenkov and Vitaly Filippov

Andrey Borovsky,  Leonid Gerasimov,  Sergey Druzhinin,  Dmitri Myadzelets,  Alexander Sidorenkov,  Vitaly Filippov