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НаименованиеAutomated Safety and Traffic Control System for Subway Trains


A brand-new centralized running to schedule safety system “Dvizhenie”, applied for train performance and passenger transportation control has been developed and introduced in the course of the integrated underground railway reconstruction program in St. Petersburg.

Together with a large number of associate contractors the main two engineering companies are the Research and Development Institute of Fine Mechanics and the St. Petersburg underground railway administration.

The “Dvizhenie” system performs the following functions:

•  automatic control of normal and emergency train movements and braking operating regime; voice messages and door control;
•  normal trains performance and high traffic capacity regulation by means of centralized control system, train-driving system optimization and extended braking precision;
•  continuous control of the situation in a train, maintenance factor and display system performance;
•  train-driving process simplification; operator only controls the readings and the environment

The implementation of the system allows to decrease the total number of trains due to the driving time reduction. The train-driving system automation allows to avoid the unnecessary braking thus optimizing the process of power consumption. The safety of railway operation is ensured even if there is a system breakdown or an improper operating personnel's performance.

“Dvizhenie” controls the main station, the line and the whole train equipment.

The train equipment consists of two subsets, both including two independent on-board computers with a real-time QNX operating system installed. The required reliability of the train equipment is provided by means of such approaches as the majority decision-making logic multiprocessor usage together with redundancy sensors, interface devices, data transfer and control channels. The equipment is based on reliable MicroPC modules and installed into the 19” cases with IP32 or IP54 degree of protection. If needed, the train equipment can be adjusted to any type carriage.

The system can operate at a temperature of +50 ° С without air conditioning no less than 20 hours, demanding only one-hour break and can ensure the safe operation at the environment temperature from –50 to +50 ° С after the train stops.

The train equipment has passed all necessary tests and it has the certificates of conformity to all standard acts and norms of railway automation.


Underground railway in St. Petersburg

Cabinet for electric equipment used in trains

By Sergey Kuznetsov and Viktor Polovinkin

Sergey Kuznetsov,  Victor Polovinkin