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НаименованиеECOM: A Solution for Metering and Controlling Energy Resources


This article describes the use of current automation technology in unified systems for metering and controlling enterprises' energy resources, using as an example the ECOM solution.

The market today offers no shortage of equipment for metering heat and electricity, all with RS-232/RS-485 interfaces, and many with software for controlling equipment and displaying and printing information. These are adequate for small, local units, but they are inadequate for setting up an enterprise-wide system in even a midsize business.

If we look at a "virtual" enterprise, the main users of this type of system, the power systems chiefs, typically want to know how much power and other resources (water, heat) are coming into the enterprise as a whole and into individual units, and the cost of those resources, as well as how much power is being generated within the enterprise. They also want to be able to control power systems and equipment and overall consumption, and to integrate any "local" metering systems.

In addition, local power systems personnel want to monitor and control consumption and equipment within their units. Also, an enterprise solution must combine real-time control with historical analytics capabilities. And, finally, the systems must be certified by government regulators for measuring energy consumption.

The ECOM solution is certified for these purposes and is the first solution of its kind in Russia. The solution typically includes an EnergoCOMputer ECOM-3000, supporting software, an input-output server to exchange data between the ECOM-3000 and SQL databases, an SQL script for the SQL server and various applications, such as MS SQL 7.0 clients.

The ECOM-3000 works in real time to collect, process, archive, display and transmit measurements information to an enterprise's network. The device works with a wide variety of different measurement transducers and sensors. In essence, the ECOM-3000 is a configurable, modular PC-compatible industrial computer that can include any technically feasible combination of different I/O modules. The use of modules for remote I/O, such as the ADAM-4000, allows the unit to form the foundation of a scalable system with a distributed structure. The unit comes in either a RegloCard enclosure from Bopla, with 72 I/O channels and three ISA slots for I/O modules, or a steel industrial cabinet from Schroff with 300 I/O channels and seven ISA slots.

The software has a built-in library of more than 300 algorithms for measuring different physical parameters. The I/O server software allows for integration with several databases, supporting MS SQL, Oracle, Dbase and Paradox. Software called Configurator-3000 makes it easy to configure the system for particular nodes, sensors and transducers. The system also includes M-Systems DOC 2000 flash memory cards. Finally, the system allows for the creation of reports using standard MS Office resources such as Excel.

ECOM-3000 in the compact RegloCard enclosure from BoplaECOM-3000 in the steel industrial cabinet from Schroff

ECOM-3000 in the compact
RegloCard enclosure from Bopla

ECOM-3000 in the steel
industrial cabinet from Schroff

Alexander Rasputin,  Ivan Fedotov