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НаименованиеControl of Oilfield Objects by Using Combined Communication Channels


The oil industry requires a SCADA system that is inexpensive enough that it can be deployed on numerous oil well sites and that uses short-distance radio signals to solve the "last mile" problem of connecting wells to central control points without cable. This new system is made possible by the open network protocol for transmitting telemetry, so both low-power controllers and powerful MicroPC-based controllers can be used. This allows for the retransmission and routing of data over various channels, including via short wave to connect with distant control rooms. Additional requirements include easy process configurability by end users and data transparency within the system.

The Mega system was designed for remote monitoring (from a central control room) and alerting, and for controlling distributed equipment such as oil well pumps and oil and gas pumping stations. The system provides automated process control, remote control, process and status displays, alert signaling and data archiving.

The system includes a central server and interconnected controllers. The Mega controllers, deployed onsite, perform the initial data processing work. The server that controls the network of controllers is deployed at the central control station or the plant operator's room. The server unit includes an industrial computer, UPS and software for configuring the controllers and for displaying and controlling processes. The computer usually works with a network of field controllers via a communications controller supporting packet data exchange through wireless or wired channels.

The basic controller system employs the Mega controller, an inexpensive, multipurpose unit that can be deployed directly with a piece of equipment because of its ability to withstand severe conditions. It can also be used as a metering unit. For sites with a large number of signals or where additional data processing is necessary, the Mega system uses controllers based on Octagon Systems' MicroPC, with a 6000-series microcontroller card. The choice of peripheral cards will depend on the input/output requirements, and all network interactions take place via the Mega communications controller connected to the standard COM port. This solution allows up to 200 signals to be processed through the remote controller; much of the data processing is done locally, so the network channels will not be clogged with raw data; and the controller's support for the packet communications protocol through the COM port makes it addressable and accessible from any point on the Mega system. The casings for the controllers are from Schroff.

The Mega system's advantages, including the general applicability of its controllers, the open communications protocol usable across five different channels, the up-to-date software that fully exploits the power of SCADA systems and the HMI packets, all at a low price, make it suitable for use not only in oil drilling but also in other industries.

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Oil well outfitted with control
and communications equipment.

By Vasiliy Dudnikov, Marsel Gazizov, Damir Nabiyev and Timur Nugmanov

Vasily Dudnikov,  Marsel Gazizov,  Damir Nabiev,  Timur Nugmanov