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НаименованиеAutomated Process Control System for the Kompozit-2M Mixed Feed Plant


This article describes a distributed control system for mixed feed production used at the Zhabinkovskiy Feed Factory in Belarus. The massive feed factories built in the past, in a time when they produced a single formula based on government orders, now have to contend with producing different formulas to fill as many as eight different orders a day. In addition, the plants have vertical equipment configurations and kilometers of conveyers, elevators and dispensers, requiring a high degree of manual control.

The plant receives its raw materials at rail and auto terminals. The grains are loaded into distributing bins and go through a milling line, while the mineral, vitamin and protein supplements go through a dosing machine before being mixed and added to the grains, along with preservatives and oils, in a dosing apparatus for final output.

The higher control level of the Kompozit-2M is a complex, integrated production control system that handles ongoing operations and connections with external systems. This higher level includes the production manager's personal computer, lab equipment for quality control and recipe planning computers.

The system's lower level comprises the workstations that directly control the plant's equipment. This lower-level equipment is built into control panels, with dust- and moisture-resistant casings protecting MicroPC modules from Octagon Systems. The modules employed include the 5025A and 6012 central processors; 5700 and 5710 I/O; 5648 analog/digital interface; 5750 octal DAC card; 5500 Ethernet adapter; 5420 video card; and 5554 quad/octal serial port card. Signal converters and normalizers, relay units, power units, sensors and connection terminals are situated on the openside of the control panel.

The system's user interface was developed using contemporary methods of visual design, and video control screens display information and allow users to control processes. Depending on the level of detail in the display and the tasks to be addressed, the control panel could be one of several types, including the main panel, a detailed production line panel or a dialog window to input tasks and operating parameters.

The dialog windows were developed in accordance with the appropriate feed production regulations. All the dialog windows include "buttons" to print the screen and execute input commands, as well as an emergency "hot button" to go to the main system screen.

Emergency alerts allow for shutting down the necessary equipment and provide the operator with recommended actions.

Development of that part of the operator station software that involves processing large volumes of tabular data was done in C++ Builder, while the software for the mid- and lower-level stations was written in Borland Pascal 7.0.

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The main production building
at the Zhabinkovskiy Feed Plantt

By Nikolay Pochinchuk, Vasiliy Volk, Anatoliy Pakhomenko, Konstantin Romanovskiy,
Vladimir Zyablitsev, Sergey Shipitsin and Nikolay Borodin

Nikolay Pochinchuk,  Vasily Volk,  Anatoly Pakhomenko,  Konstantin Romanovsky,  Vladimir Ziablitsev,  Sergey Shipitsin,  Nikolay Borodin