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Open Source Vein Recognition Platform. Part 2

The first part of the article describes palm vein biometric authentication and explores related software tools. Its second part places greater emphasis on how to apply this technology and offers some case studies of contactless authentication implemented in different sectors.

Advantech’s Wireless Solutions for IoT

The debates on whether the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is helpful or not are over since a well-designed IIoT system could pay off many times over its lifetime and ensure equipment efficiency, predictive maintenance, monitoring and substantive oversight. As demand for data and analytics increases, manufacturers and users must understand that IIoT is emerging today, and they should be ready to tackle any related problems.

Li-Fi as Future Technology

The article discusses Li-Fi - state-of-the-art wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data. It explains how it works and what makes it different from conventional Wi-Fi and outlines areas of application where the technology would be most required. It also describes the technological partnership between pureLiFi and Getac in the realm of secure mobile devices.

Industrial Networks

5G: Just Another Standard or the Breakthrough to Industry 4.0?

In recent times, there has been no other technology-related issue – other than the ongoing 5G deployment – to gain such great attention from the public and media. Although individual users pin high hopes on the new wireless network standard, the expectations of sectoral stakeholders are even higher.

L2 Technology of Industrial Networking Redundancy as Illustrated by the Example of EtherWAN Equipment

The article describes basic redundancy technologies from EtherWAN which allow for a significant increase in the flexibility of industrial Ethernet networking.


Impact-Response Testing

Testing electronic devices by delivering signals of a certain shape, frequency and amplitude to their input, with further response analysis provides the most comprehensive information. Such tests are easy to conduct with the use of hybridNETBOX AWGs manufactured by Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH. The article gives some practical examples to explore the capabilities of these devices.

Solutions for Intrusion Prevention Systems

The paper explains how the high-performance scalable ADLINK CSA-7400 platform helped NSFOCUS to create new generation 100G+ intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), which offer more secure, reliable and stable data transmission solutions.

Getac Upgrades: the 10th Generation of Intel Processors Has Arrived

The article gives a detailed account of Getac's gradual transition to 10th Gen Intel Core processors and explores new generations of some popular models. Besides, it contains true stories of how Getac's equipment has been applied by the users.

Oil & Gas Industry

Innovation in Road Construction

The paper presents the experience of integrating advanced technologies to automate modern bitumen terminals for the storage and production of high-tech bitumens used in road construction.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Advantech Machine Vision Solutions

Following successes in the field of artificial intelligence, machine vision is becoming a feature of automation systems highly sought after in both industry and public security. The article highlights several success stories of deploying machine vision systems powered by Advantech.

ICONICS Products in Present-Day Automation

For over three decades, ICONICS has been developing HMI/SCADA solutions for real-time visualization and management. Today, the company offers a wide range of features and an array of analytical solutions within its products. In this article, we will dive into several success stories of real-world deployment to demonstrate how ICONICS products help to address challenges of automation up to date.


AI as Healthcare Assistant

Since the early 2010s, under the impact of impressive successes in the application of multilayer neural networks (primarily, convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks), artificial intelligence has commanded keen attention among academia and engineers, as well as investors. Currently, no industry leaves the implementation of such systems unattended. Thanks to the joint efforts of SmartCow and Aetina, AI is applied for the benefit of humankind in efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Air Quality Assessment as the Critical Factor of Healthy and Flourishing Cities

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about serious consequences for the life and work management and slightly lessened the human impact on the environment, but will this effect last long? Experts believe that it is now when we should focus on the issue of air pollution as the most significant factor of widespread respiratory and chronic diseases caused by viruses. The article outlines the causes and effects of air pollution and discusses the comprehensive solutions Libelium offers to monitor environmental conditions.


Overview of IVD Vibration Sensors by Prosoft-Systems

The article overviews the product line of IVD vibration sensors manufactured by Prosoft-Systems. Together with the branded controller, they are used to build integrated systems aimed at controlling and protecting equipment in potentially explosive areas against vibrations. The article also lists those systems that have been implemented with the use of such equipment.