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Open Source Vein Recognition Platform. Part 1

An affordable toolkit for vein vascular bed pattern recognition is one of the main requirements in industrial applications and research. Currently, the most complete toolkit for limb vein recognition is available in the PLUSOpenVein Toolkit software package.

Industrial Networks

How to Choose the Right Antenna for Industrial Wi-Fi Applications

The article provides an overview of the main types of industrial Wi-Fi antennas. It also discusses cases of using wireless technology to control the loading of sand and gravel, to track the process of filling fuel tanks, and to create a complex coverage area of a production workshop.


Versatile Protected Notebooks: Durabook Z14I and Panasonic CF-31

The article provides a detailed overview of two protected notebooks from two world leading companies – Durabook and Panasonic. Both computers are positioned by their manufacturers as protected mobile computing systems for a wide range of field tasks, including critical applications. The article focuses on the results of operational tests of both notebooks.

For All Occasions: Industrial Input Devices for Extreme Conditions. Part 2

Computer equipment is increasingly used in human activities where unprotected devices are inadmissible; there is therefore a growing demand for devices specially designed to operate in harsh environments. The requirements imposed on such devices are also getting tougher. Continuing the article on protected input devices, we will illustrate this with several models of keyboards, mice, trackballs, and joysticks for industrial use.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Sensorik 4.0 Solutions Change the Approach to Automation

The practical implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept requires testing many engineering and process solutions. Pepperl+Fuchs is developing the business line known as Sensorik 4.0. This initiative to create smart automation solutions is already paying off. The article describes two of the company's new projects.

SCAIME: a Weighing Expert

Sensors for measuring various physical parameters are the basis of industrial automation systems; their precision and accuracy determine the quality of the entire system. Sensors of force, weight, momentum, deformation, displacement and acceleration from SCAIME are used in virtually all sectors. The article provides a brief overview of the company's products and their areas of application.

Railway Transport

Railway Rolling Stock Modernization in Partnership with Schroff

The article discusses special solutions from nVent SCHROFF for compact installation of electronic equipment on railway rolling stock as part of large-scale modernization and digitalization of railway infrastructure using 5G wireless communication technology and the Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT. The article emphasizes the leading role of modular structures with a high level of electromagnetic fields shielding in ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

Industrial Controllers

Regul R500S Programmable Logic Controllers for Building EAP Systems

In some industries, it is extremely important to provide reliable protection of people, process equipment and the environment in case of an emergency at the controlled facility, the development of which may lead to an accident. In these areas, the standard means of the distributed control system are not enough for the automation of production processes. In addition to this, an independent system must be built for emergency automatic protection - EAP. Russian and international standards impose very high requirements on EAP systems and on the controllers based on which they are built. The article describes the line of Regul R500S controllers produced by a domestic company – Prosoft-Systems, who hold a SIL 3 certificate for building EAP systems.

Industrial Controller: from Elementary “Building Blocks” to the “Brain” of Automation Systems

Progress in microelectronics has influenced the development of programmable logic controllers, transforming them from highly specialized automation tools into multifunctional devices adapted for the Industrial Internet of Things. An example of such multifunctional devices is Advantech PAC solutions.

Flash Memory

InnoAGE SSD: Innodisk’s Innovative Approach to the Internet of Things

Billions of new devices are connected to the Internet of Things every year, which means that device protection is now more important than ever. InnoAGE SSD with Azure Sphere support helps ensure your data and infrastructure security, as well as privacy and physical safety. This integrated solution for IoT devices is based on years of experience in hardware, software, and cloud technology from Innodisk and Microsoft.

Measurement of Effective Voltage and Current Values

In some cases, measuring effective voltage and current values, especially with high accuracy, can be a nontrivial task. The article provides theoretical information that explains the subtleties of such measurements, and describes industrial measurement modules from Dataforth.

Temperature Measurement Using a Thermocouple

The article discusses the basic operating principles of a thermocouple, its advantages, drawbacks and limitations. Using Dataforth devices as an example, the article shows how to accurately take temperature measurements using a thermocouple.

Temperature Stabilization System Using the Regul R200 PLC

The article describes a temperature stabilization system using the Regul R200 PLC and demonstrates the simplicity of setting up the control software.

New Reality with ICONICS: Connect 2020 Virtual Event

Fastwel Solutions Day: Summary