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Industry 4.0: Communications Essential

Extensive communication between smart devices is the cornerstone of the Industry 4.0 concept. In the article, Pepperl+Fuchs share their ideas and projects that could make building up-to-date automation systems much easier and cheaper.

Face Recognition in Access Control, Management and Others

Biometric identification methods have more or less permanently entered our daily life. The article analyzes the latest tendencies in face biometrics development and presents various ways of implementing them. The authors also describe the major areas of their use, including Russia, using the Biosmart Quasar biometrics terminal developed by Prosoft-Biometrics as an example.

Industrial Networks

Industrial Ethernet Use Trends

Industrial Ethernet is quickly becoming the leading data transfer protocol for IoT and Industry 4.0 projects. However, there is still ambiguity about the use of this protocol family. Belden have been specializing in network infrastructure for industrial facilities for over 20 years; they share their thoughts on improving functional stability and safety of automation systems.

IIoT Age: Network Infrastructure Safety

A developed data transfer infrastructure is vital for automation systems built according to the Industry 4.0 principles. The Ethernet networks that form the foundation of the Internet are the main focus here. However, the tighter are the links between the industrial automation systems and the global network, the more pressing is the issue of protecting the former from cyberattacks.


Modular Digitizers and Signal Generators in Physical Measurements

Modular digitizers and signal generators are powerful tools used in both industry and research. Spectrum GmbH (Germany) are experts in those devices. The article lists examples of digitizers and programmable signal generators' use in automotive equipment testing.

AdvantiX – the Russian Panel PCs

The article deals with various types of industrial computers, their major characteristics and configurations, giving an overview of panel computers' parameters, as well as their distinguishing features and advantages. The main focus is on Russian AdvantiX industrial panel PCs.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

New Goals and Approaches to the Development of Monitoring and Measuring Systems

The article deals with issues related to developing high-efficiency multichannel measurement systems using highway-module architecture.

Underground, In the Sky and at the Factory

The article details the types of secure portable computers, their distinguishing features and upgrade capabilities, listing examples of the successful use of various Getac devices in a number of vertical markets.


The Future of Airports: SCADA-Aided Digitalization

The article presents the latest tendencies in the automation of international airports using smart SCADA made by ICONICS. The authors give an overview of the projects implemented using GENESIS SCADA, and detail the software components underpinning the development of the software.

Extractive Industry

Expanding GENESIS64 Functionality as Illustrated by the Dispatching of an Enrichment Plant

The article describes the functional capacities of an up-to-date automated operating dispatch control system implemented at an enriching plant. The authors give screenshots of conventional automated production control workstation displays as compared to new ADCS user data supply and provisioning solutions developed by ASKO, LLC using ICONICS GENESIS64.

Networking Equipment

Advantech EKI-5500/5600 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

The article gives a brief overview of EKI-5500/5600: the low-end line of industrial managed Ethernet switches made by Advantech.

Power Supplies

Innovative Online UPS Series by CyberPower

CyberPower's Online (High-Density) UPS series was introduced to the global market in H2 2019. To date the new devices have been honored with two prestigious awards: at the end of the year they were included into the innovative products list and given the Tech Innovator Award 2019, also winning the 2019 Product of the Year title bestowed by Russian distributors started offering the devices in February 2020, so it's time we take a closer look at them.